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November 2013
White out! Winter driving tips - on and off the job
Motor vehicle incidents in Ontario account for more than 38 percent of all worker traumatic fatalities 

Planning to travel and visit relatives over the holidays? Here's one winter driving scenario you could experience: First, there's a moment of incomprehension when your steering wheel suddenly refuses to do your bidding. Panic starts to set in, your vehicle skates along the road - you're no longer steering but praying you don't veer into oncoming traffic. You see the faces of happy families blur by in the opposing lane of holiday traffic, oblivious to a potential imminent...

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Workplace cancer prevention guide released

Quebec research institute estimates 2 to 8 percent of cancers are work-related, depending on country and cancer

Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail


Developing occupational cancer is a real risk that is often trivialized, as was too long the case with tobacco, partly due to the fact that it may take 10 to 40 years between exposure to a...

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Northern Ontario safety group shares in $1.4 million rebate


Workplace Safety North is pleased to report that the Northern Ontario Safety Group (NOSG) Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) rebate for the 2012 program year is 4.12 percent (out of a possible 6 percent), which totals $1.4 million...


WSN website now mobile-friendly

Health and safety information on the go. Any device. Anytime. Anywhere.


Workplace Safety North now has a mobile-responsive website that works on any mobile phone or platform. To view the site, simply type "workplacesafetynorth.ca" into your device's browser...


Flu and your workplace

Your health and safety rights during flu season

Ministry of Labour


An outbreak of flu does not affect your workplace rights. As a worker in Ontario, you always have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. The Occupational Health and Safety Act gives you certain fundamental rights, including: your "right to...


worker standing beside large truck loader
Yard Loader Safety Training 

Informative safety video for loggers and lumber workers


This video helps provide workers who operate a variety of different types of log- and lumber-moving mobile machines, commonly referred to as yard loaders, with the knowledge and...

Combustible dust alert: Increased risk of dust explosion during winter months

Low humidity levels make dust easy to disperse and ignite


With the number of new and reopening sawmills in Ontario, this is an important reminder that the risk of a dust explosion increases when low humidity levels - like those seen in winter months - make dust easy to disperse and ignite. In fact, industrial...  


The road less travelled: Safe winter driving on winter logging roads
On low-traffic roads it's easy to be lulled into a sense of security

The following real-life logging road incidents show a sampling of winter driving scenarios you might run across. In each case, it was a typical day at work until the driver was confronted with a sudden...

Global mine rescue conference wraps up with field trip to Sudbury
First time Canada hosts conference

Workplace Safety North President and CEO, Candys Ballanger-Michaud, welcomed delegates to the sixth biennial International Mines Rescue Body (IMRB) conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario...

Putting people and tools in place

Cyanokit creates training obstacles for Canadian gold miners

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum


A 2011 Health Canada decision is forcing gold mining operations in Canada to adopt a new cyanide poisoning treatment kit. Miners must do away with traditional cyanide antidote kits (CAKs) as...


2013 Mining Health and Safety Conference
Save the date: WSN Mining Health and Safety Conference in Sudbury April 8-10, 2014

Call for papers issued for popular event


Ontario's premier Mining Health and Safety Conference will be held April 8 to 10, 2014, at the Holiday Inn in Sudbury, Ontario.

Feature speakers, program details and information regarding...


Prepared for mine inspection blitz on hoisting?
Register now for free WSN-MOL November 29 webinar Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants


In January and February 2014, the Ministry of Labour will be conducting a mine safety inspection blitz focused on locking and tagging in mine hoisting plants. It's important for Ontario mining...


Perception vs. Reality: Survey helps company transform health and safety culture
Jerry Traer, WSN Program-Training Specialist, tells the story of Strathcona Paper's inspiring journey
I have seen many firms over the years try to implement a new system of safety that they were convinced was going to lead them...
Why your health and safety dashboard should include both lagging and leading indicators
Take a trip with WSN Consultant-Trainer Dan Suess as he reveals tips for your best workplace health and safety dashboard

It's the start of a vacation and your long awaited trip is about to get underway. Have we got all the gear? Have we missed anything...

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