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September 2013
Moose crossing highway
Oh, deer! How to avoid highway collisions with wildlife

As peak season approaches, learn about new wildlife bridges, tunnels, and detection systems, plus important driving tips   


Fall brings beautiful autumn colours and more wildlife onto Ontario's roads - and a need for drivers to be extra vigilant. 

The number of animal strikes on Ontario roads has increased from 8,964 in 1999 to 12,791 in 2008, according to the Ministry of Transportation. This represents a 42 percent increase over a 9-year period. Crashes involving animals - mainly moose and deer - are a growing problem. October to January is a peak time for vehicle....


Screenshot of man sitting by side of road
Werner Herzog documentary on distracted driving receives more than 2 million YouTube views

Award-winning director creates moving documentary for Texting & Driving - It Can Wait campaign


Taking your eyes off the road - even for a second - can change your life forever, and the Werner Herzog documentary "From One Second to the Next" uploaded on August 7, 2013 has...


Worker hugging child
WSN 2012 annual report now available
Statistical information on worker injuries and fatalities

This year's annual report theme is "expanding our reach" - through stakeholder involvement, through community and sector-specific service, through events, and through technology - Workplace Safety North spent 2012-13 doing different things in...


worker standing beside large truck loader
Yard Loader Safety Training  

Provide workers with knowledge and information to operate this machinery in a safe manner 

This 27-minute video is intended to be used in conjunction with formal and on-the-job training, and is offered as a free tool for companies to use in an effort to continuously improve their

forestry sawmill worker and supervisor

New growth for Ontario forest products industry

Timing is right for Ontario mills to update health and safety training for Bill 160 compliance


After a decade-long slump, the Canadian forest industry is coming back to life thanks in part to a steady recovery in the U.S. housing market and the developing markets of China and Asia.

Ontario is well positioned as a leading global forest jurisdiction... 

Mosquito biting person
FAQ: What can you do to protect yourself from West Nile virus?
What to do if you're exposed to the virus in your workplace
Ministry of Labour

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers and workers are responsible for ensuring that their workplaces are safe. Your employer must take every precaution reasonable in...

Resolute Wood Products
Company offers lumber to Lac-Mégantic community to assist with reconstruction efforts
Rebuild of downtown core after train derailment and explosion
Resolute Forest Products

Resolute Forest Products Inc. has offered the municipality of Lac-Mégantic a significant volume of lumber to help rebuild the...


Texting activity on New Year's EVe
A-twitter about workplace health and safety?
Social media, interactive technology and workplace safety
by A.J. Boulay, Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health  

From political uprisings to natural disasters, social media programs like Twitter and Facebook have more than proven their worth in times of crisis - helping make people aware of developments and resources, and connecting them on a global...

Underground miner and tram
Prepared for MOL ground control inspection blitz?

Sign up today for free Sept 18 webinar 


During October 2013, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will be conducting an inspection blitz focusing on ground control in the mining sector.  Join us for this free webinar to discuss the blitz with WSN mining consultants and representatives from MOL...


International Mines Rescue Body logoOntario to host global mine rescue conference
More than 160 delegates from 12 nations expected to attend

Ontario Mining Association


The sixth annual International Mine Rescue Body (IMRB) conference will be held at two locations in Ontario this Fall.   The symposium portion of the event will be held in Niagara Falls...
Do you use the solvent 1-bromopropane in your workplace?
Organic solvent is a potential workplace safety hazard
OHS Insider

According to a recent NIOSH hazard alert, 1-Bromopropane (1-BP), also known as n-propyl bromide (nPB), is an organic solvent that's a potential OHS hazard. It may be a component of some...

HAZARD ALERT: 1- Bromopropane
American health and safety agencies are reporting a link between 1-bromopropane and neurological and reproductive illnesses as well as cancer. It is commonly used as a degreasing agent and solvent for metals, plastics, electronics, optics and in adhesive spray applications. Controls and personal protective...


Sep 2013: WSN health and safety training schedule


Sep 18: Free webinar on MOL inspection blitz for ground control - pre-register


Sep 19: WSN Annual General Meeting and Awards, North Bay - pre-register


Sep 25: Visit WSN at Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Northwest conference


Oct 2013: WSN health and safety training schedule


Oct 2013: Health Canada - Healthy Workplace Month


Oct 2013: WSIB SCIP (Safe Communities Incentive Program) autumn sessions


Oct 6-13: International Mines Rescue Body conference, Niagara Falls + Sudbury field trip


Nov 29: Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants - Free webinar for MOL blitz


Jan-Feb 2014: MOL inspection blitz - Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants


2013-2014: MOL inspection blitz schedule

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