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July 2013
Dylan Short, new CSA OHS training standard How does the new national workplace safety training standard affect you?  

Committee chair Dylan Short walks us through CSA Z1001 for planning and maintaining consistent safety training standards


Every year, Canadian businesses invest in health and safety training for their workers, but there has never been one consistent national guideline on what that training should consist of, or how training programs should be managed. With the release of a new national voluntary occupational health and safety (OHS) training standard from Canadian Standards Association (CSA), organizations now have a basic framework that businesses of all sizes can follow.  While there will always be workplace safety situations unique to specific regions...


Fact-Finding Panel Releases 2,4,5-T Report 

WSIB committed to working with Ontarians who may have been exposed to herbicides in the workplace 


The herbicide known as 2,4,5-T was used in the 1950s, 60s and 70s for weed and brush control by sectors such as forestry, transportation and agricultural sectors (for non-crop land)....


Carol Michaud WSN WSN hosts annual staff week and awards 
Colleagues recognize Carol Michaud for workplace contribution

Every June, Workplace Safety North welcomes staff from across the province - from as far south as London all the way to Timmins and Thunder Bay - to its headquarters in North Bay, Ontario. It's the one week of the year when everyone from WSN gathers together. The annual conference culminated in an awards...


Gustavo and Jardel WSN Our boys from Brazil 

Two visiting engineers learn about mine rescue in Sudbury


WSN has two new faces this summer at the Sudbury Mine Rescue Station. Both from Brazil, Jardel Norbrega dos Santos and Gustavo Souza will be with WSN as interns/co-operative placements until the end of August. They will help the mine rescue program by updating WSN provincial and district and district mine plans...


Industrial Lift Truck safety video screenshot VIDEO OF THE MONTH
Industrial Lift Truck Operation 
47-minute video is a free resource for companies to use in the continuous improvement of their health and safety systems

The video reviews lift truck types, designations and areas of use, principles of counterbalance, importance of the circle check and all of the key safe operating habits. It also covers the safe...
Forestry - Loader assisted log truck wrapping Loader-assisted cargo securement for log trucks helps reduce musculoskeletal injuries for drivers
Recent study results applicable across the country

Over the last five years, overexertion injuries sustained by truck drivers due to wrapping cargo loads have resulted in 55 claims being reported...this number includes those resulting from....


Driver view of logging road Road to recovery 
EACOM Timber's Nairn Centre focuses on recovery gains to capture the most from improving markets
Focus on recovery, and the remaining problems solve themselves. That's how EACOM Timber Corp.'s Mel Lemky summarizes the spate of recent projects and investments at  the company's...


MOL Logo MOL inspection blitz results on underground mining ventilation hazards 
High number of orders issued for failing to comply with changes to diesel-powered equipment emission requirements

Poor air quality in underground mines can lead to occupational... 


2013 Ontario mine rescue competition - Kidd Kidd Mine rescuers tops in Ontario 
7 competing teams from across Ontario evaluated on firefighting skills, first aid response, use of emergency equipment, and more

Workplace Safety North (WSN) and Ontario Mine Rescue crowned mine rescuers from Glencore Xstrata Copper, Kidd Operations, with gold hard hats as the overall winners of the...
Are you prepared for this month's MOL inspection blitz on the Internal Responsibility System?
IRS webinar presentation - free resource from WSN


This July and August, the Ministry of Labour will be blitzing Ontario's mining sector on the Internal Responsibility System (IRS). On June 11, Glenn Staskus, Provincial Mining Specialist from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and Gerry Champagne...


ALERT: Supreme Court of Canada overturns random alcohol testing policy 
OHS Insider

Drug and alcohol testing is a complex topic that raises issues relating to workplace safety, disability, discrimination, and privacy rights. Random testing, in particular, is very contentious. While there are fewer objections to testing a worker who, say,...


CME applauds province's actions to protect jobs and support manufacturing competitiveness
Ontario decides to scrap repeal of industrial exception  
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Canada's largest trade and industry association, is applauding the Ontario Government for its decision to scrap the repeal of the Industrial...


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