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June 2013


Have you ever walked by a potentially hazardous situation - like a puddle on the floor - and done nothing about it? Perhaps you assumed it was someone else's responsibility or maybe you spoke up and nothing was done. You're not alone, according to occupational health and safety expert Dr. Peter Strahlendorf. During a recent health and safety conference hosted...


WSIB heat stress awareness posterCan't stand the heat? Tips on managing heat stress 
'Beat the heat' safety meeting talk - free resource from WSN

It's summertime and the livin' is easy - but for some workplaces, hot, humid weather can be a killer. In 2001, a bakery worker in Barrie died of heat stress during a heat wave. The outdoor temperature that day was 34 C, and the temperature inside...


In May, Brian Lewis, director of strategy and integration for the new Prevention Office at the Ministry of Labour met with regional health and safety association representatives in North Bay. Lewis was in town as part of the Ministry's series of strategic...
Get to know your local health and safety consultant-trainers

Wondering who some of the new faces are? Or where your longtime consultant-trainer went to? WSN keeps you informed with six new staff members, five retirements, and the sad passing of Sudbury-based consultant trainer Nick Slywchuk....
This month, in response to client requests, WSN is implementing volume discounts on prevention services training. As of June 1, organizations that register ten or more participants for a training program are eligible for a 10 percent discount if the following...
Zombies for Workplace Safety student videoZombies for Workplace Safety

1-minute student video a winner in Winnipeg

Global News


They have infected our televisions, movie screens and even book pages. Zombies are here, and now they have crawled their way into the world of Public Service Announcements. Students at the Oak Park High School created this zombie-themed PSA for the.... 


Worker putting hose away to prevent trip hazard VIDEO OF THE MONTH
18-minute video on the Internal Responsibility System designed to complement your company's health and safety orientation  
You're Responsible Too! gives an overview of the hazards in a corrugated packaging workplace, and discusses what a company...

Tree planter walking in forest

New approach to studying silviculture injuries

Researchers interview front-line workers

OHS Canada


British Columbia's health and safety regulator is piloting a new research methodology in a study that aims to better understand why some tree planters develop musculoskeletal injuries....  

Videographer filming Alan, Paul and Mike in a sea of foam fire retardant Ontario Mine Rescue featured on Discovery channel: Alan Nursall's mine rescue experience

"Fighting" an underground fire as a mine rescue volunteer was an experience Alan Nursall wil not forget. The scientist-educator-journalist's video feature - Alan Nursall Experience - a regular segment on the Discovery Channel's flagship series Daily Planet...

Professional Engineers of Ontario Logo
Ontario repeals industrial exception for engineering work 
Changes coming to Ontario workplaces that build or modify machinery

On September 1, 2013, the Government of Ontario is scheduled to repeal section 12.(3)(a) of the Professional Engineers Act...

Paper recycling
Solid Waste & Recycling magazine

Ontario's Ministry of Labour is planning a first-time safety blitz for the waste and recycling industry. The November through...


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