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May 2013
MOL Worker Training Workbook

Government offers free workbooks and resources to help employers prepare for new legislation


Is your organization prepared to meet the new mandatory workplace health and safety training standards expected to become law in 2014? This in-depth look at the new training requirements for the province of Ontario will help your organization be well prepared before the...

MOL inspection YouTube video screenshotNew MOL presentation helps workplaces prepare for upcoming inspection blitz

Blitz results from previous year offer guidance to employers


It's May, and that means the beginning of a three-month long Ministry of Labour combined inspection blitz on occupational health and safety and employment standards for vulnerable... 


Texas fertilizer explosion by Mike Stone, Reuters Fire and explosion at Texas plant
Handling, storage, and application of anhydrous ammonia in Canada regulated by federal, provincial and territorial laws
OHS Insider
On April 18, 2013, a fertilizer plant in West, Texas caught fire. While first responders were fighting the fire, the plant exploded, damaging up to 75 houses and a nursing home within a....
WSN Speak Up! video screenshot

10-minute video designed to complement your company's health and safety orientation for new and young workers 


Speak Up! is the ideal starting point to build health and safety awareness in this most vulnerable segment of the working population. It is intended to be used in conjunction with....

Worker in forest holding chainsaw looking up at crooked tree

Experienced cutter killed by freestanding tree


An experienced cutter-skidder operator working alone in a private wood lot was killed by a freestanding tree when it fell on him as he worked nearby. He was found by another worker in a facedown position, apparently having been struck from....  

2013 Mining Health and Safety Conference

Long after the bags were packed and delegates returned home - some amid rainfall warnings - those who attended the 2013 Mining Health and Safety Conference hosted by Workplace Safety North in Sudbury last month will remember some...

WSN WE Awards
16 winners honoured at recent mining conference

This month at the annual mining health and safety conference in Sudbury, 16 mining companies were recognized for workplace excellence in health and safety. In order to qualify for a WSN...


High cancer rates in Thunder Bay has mill workers concerned 
OHS Canada
High cancer rates in Thunder Bay, ON, has both past and present mill workers concerned that there might be a connection to...

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