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Summer 2012

Welcome to the Summer issue of PMSENews! The Fall National ACS Meeting is right around the corner, and PMSE has a great lineup of programming! Read on for meeting information, an important  announcement regarding PMSE preprints, meet the latest PMSE award winners, read about PMSE student chapter activities, and learn where to find useful resources for career and professional development.

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In This Issue
PMSE Preprints - Important Announcement
Student Chapters Update
2012 Applied Polymer Science Award
Spring 2012 Doolittle Award
Nominations Sought
Organize a PMSE Symposium

An Important Announcement Concerning PMSE Preprints

ACS PMSE Preprints have a long and important history within the PMSE Division and have served the Division well over the years.  However, like many things, the methods by which scientific research is published have changed dramatically over the last decade.  Due to the advent of electronic publication, "Preprints" are often published more slowly than peer-reviewed manuscripts.  Publication in certain journals (including ACS' flagship journal, J. Am. Chem. Soc.) has also been disallowed due to the prepublication of data in PMSE Preprints.  In addition, it takes much effort for symposium participants to write the preprints and for symposium organizers to edit them.  For these and many other reasons, the PMSE Executive Committee has been reviewing the value of PMSE Preprints to the Division, and serious consideration is being given to the replacement of the preprint format with a graphical abstract (a traditional abstract with one "TOC-like" figure).  Because PMSE Preprints have been an important PMSE service/benefit, the PMSE Executive Committee wishes to make our members aware of the possible change and potential elimination of the preprint format.  PMSE members can send their comments by August 15, 2012, to . During the Fall ACS meeting in Philadelphia, this item will be discussed at the PMSE Executive Committee (Sunday afternoon, August 19, 2012), where a vote will be held on the issue.   We thank PMSE members in advance for their thoughtful consideration of this item.   

-The Executive Committee of the PMSE Division

POLY/PMSE Student Chapters Update

Kevin Cavicchi, The University of Akron


This past May at the Graduate Research Polymer Conference (GRPC) at Case Western Reserve University, a student chapter symposium was held. Chapter officers from Case Western Reserve, The University of Michigan, The University of South Carolina, The University of Southern Mississippi, and the University of Texas - Dallas each presented an overview of their chapter and their current aims and activities. This was a well-attended symposium which showcased the individual personalities of the different chapters and provided a forum for the chapters to learn from each others' efforts. Recognition for this event goes to Drs. Mike and Mary Ann Meador of the POLY division, who wrote and were awarded an ACS Innovative Projects Grant to support the travel of the chapter officers to the conference and refreshments after the symposium, and Dr. Dave Schiraldi and Dr. Liming Dai of Case Western Reserve University, who, as organizers of the GRPC, nicely staged this symposium.


If you are a student interested in starting a student chapter at your school, please contact Dr. Kevin Cavicchi at In the Fall, please look for the 2nd annual student chapter call for proposals which are jointly funded by the PMSE and POLY divisions to support student chapter activities.

2012 Applied Polymer Science Award

 2012 Applied Polymer Science Award Winner


Prof. John R. Reynolds, winner of the 2012 American Chemical Society Award in Applied Polymer Science, is recognized for his long-standing work in the area of electron rich, redox active, and electrochromic polymers, developing organic and polymer chemistry, materials science and devices.


Prof. Reynolds is currently a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology with expertise in polymer chemistry, and serves as a member of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE).  His research interests have involved electrically conducting and electroactive conjugated polymers for over 30 years, with work focused towards the development of new polymers by manipulating their fundamental organic structure in order to control their optoelectronic and redox properties.


Read about Prof. Reynolds' distinguished career here.

2012 Spring Doolittle Award
The Arthur K. Doolittle Award for the Spring ACS 2012 meeting goes to Professor Takuzo Aida of The University of Tokyo for his talk titled "Tailoring nanoscale coaxial/linear semiconducting heterojuncitons by controlled assembly of molecular graphenes." The Arthur K. Doolittle Award, established by the Union Carbide Corporation, is given to the authors of an outstanding paper presented before the Division at each national meeting of the ACS. A prize in the amount of $1,000 is financed with the gift of royalties from A. K. Doolittle's book, Technology of Solvents and Plasticizers. All papers appearing in the Preprint Book are evaluated on the basis of content, with emphasis on originality and development of new concepts, and on the quality of presentation. Recipients are selected by an anonymous panel of judges appointed by the Chairman of the Doolittle Award Committee.
Nominations Sought

1. Cooperative Research Award

Nominations are invited for the PMSE Division's Cooperative Research Award in Polymer Science and Engineering Sponsored by the Eastman Kodak Company. The award, supported by a generous gift from the Eastman Kodak Company, consists of $5,000, a plaque, and a travel allowance to attend the meeting at which the award is presented. The awardee(s) is expected to give a lecture at the meeting. The 2013 award will be presented at the Spring 2013 ACS Meeting (April 7-11, 2013) in New Orleans, Louisiana at the PMSE Awards Reception.


Nominations for the 2013 award will be accepted any time before August 31, 2012 and should be sent in PDF format to Sadhan C. Jana, Department of Polymer Engineering, University of Akron. For details of the award criteria and nomination submission, see here.



2. National Chemical Technician Award


The call for nominations for the 2013 National Chemical Technician Award (NCTA) is now open.  Nominees must be currently employed as a chemical technician, and must have worked as a chemical technician for a minimum of five years.  Nominees do not need to be an ACS member. The award will consist of a trip for the winner and a guest to the Spring American Chemical Society National Meeting; April 7 -11, 2013, New Orleans, LA.  Additionally, the awardee will receive a $1000 honorarium at dinner held in their honor in New Orleans.    Nomination packets must be received by the Committee on Technician Affairs (CTA), no later than September 30, 2012


See here for nomination criteria, complete details and to download the nomination or re-nomination form. Send questions to  




3. PMSE Fellows


It is that time of the year again to nominate candidates for consideration for 2013 PMSE Fellowship. We invite you to consider nominating worthy candidates for consideration to join the current group of PMSE Fellows.   

The PMSE Fellows Program was established to honor a small percentage of PMSE members who have made significant contributions to the science and engineering of polymeric materials. The nomination package should consist of a
n up-to-date CV of the nominee, at least two support letters (and a letter of nomination), and any other supporting information.


The nomination materials (in pdf or word documents) should be sent to Keyur Desai and Eric Lin, preferably by email.
Hard copies will also be accepted if email is not possible, at the contact addresses provided here.
The deadline for nomination is October 15, 2012.  Selected candidates will be inducted at the ACS Spring Meeting in 2013. More info about the PMSE Fellows Program is availabe here

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Anyone can organize a PMSE symposium at a national ACS meeting. To propose a topic, use the one-page Interactive Proposal Form as a guide, and submit the completed form to any of the Technical Program Co-Chairs listed at the bottom. You may wish to discuss your idea with one of the Program Co-Chairs first; please do not hesitate to call or e-mail. In addition to traditional PMSE program areas, the Program Co-Chairs are especially interested in symposia devoted to new or emerging areas of polymer technology and science. For more information see here.

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