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Fall 2011

Your PMSE Newsletter is now electronic! We hope the new format will allow us to bring you timely notification of ACS / PMSE events, news and other items of interest while being green! Your PMSE election is also electronic this year - read that story below.

We want to hear from you on what you'd like to see included in these newsletters - please email the Editor with your feedback. Enjoy this first electronic issue, and don't forget to vote!

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Chair's Message
PMSE Elections are now electronic!
2011 PMSE Fellows
2011 Cooperative Research Award
2011 Distinguished Service Award
Chair's Message
Chair Todd Emrick

Dear PMSE Members,

The Division continues to transform into one that encompasses diverse aspects of polymers across multiple levels of chemistry, materials science and engineering disciplines.  Thus, in addition to traditional aspects of polymer chemistry and engineering, the PMSE Division seeks to connect with scientific communities centered on biomaterials and hybrid materials of many types, including those that integrate polymers into ceramics, natural products, implantable materials, metals, and semiconductors.  We aim for PMSE programming at National ACS meetings to reflect such a broad view of the polymer field, and we encourage and welcome your input into programming, which as always stands at the core of the Division's purpose. I would like to thank the PMSE technical programming committee, which continues to work diligently to organize the best possible programming for PMSE members, as well as all of those affiliated with the Division for continued dedicated efforts on behalf of PMSE.  If you are able to attend the upcoming national meeting, please visit the PMSE Table, as we always appreciate input from membership.  If you are interested in getting more deeply involved with PMSE, through programming or other activities, please contact me at the meeting, or by email at
ElectionStoryThe PMSE Fall Election is Now Electronic!

The PMSE elections, held every Fall to elect Councilors, Alternate Councilors and Members-at-large, will be held electronically this year. In lieu of the paper ballot typically included with the Fall edition of PMSENews,  all PMSE members in good standing should expect to receive an email from VoteNow by October 3rd with a link to the electronic ballot and a unique voter registration code. Voting instructions will be included in the email. Voting runs from October 3 to Nov 1.


Elections will be held for the positions of Councilor, Alternate Councilor and Member-at-Large.


Councilor Election: The Councilors and Alternate Councilors are voting members of the PMSE Executive Committee. They represent the Division of PMSE in the meetings and business of the Council of the ACS. Alternate Councilors substitute for absent Councilors at the ACS Council Meetings with written authorization from the PMSE Secretary.

There are 4 candidates running for Councilor - Charles Carraher, A. Jay Dias, David Lohse and Dean Webster. Click here to view their bios. 


The two candidates who receive the most votes will be elected councilor for the 2012-2014 term; the remaining two candidates will be elected alternate councilors.



Member-at-large Election: The Members-at-Large are voting members of the PMSE Executive Committee. They represent the PMSE membership in the meetings and business of the Division of PMSE. Members-at-Large also chair and/or serve on the various PMSE standing committees.


There are 15 candidates running for Member-at-Large: Lisa S. Baugh, Timothy Bunning, Kevin Cavicchi, Keyur Desai, Victoria Gelling, John Gilmer, Mike Hickner, Rajeswari Kasi, LaShanda Korley, Zhiqun Lin, Anjali Patil, Angel Romo-Uribe, Javid Rzayev, Andriy Voronov, and Shu Yang. Click here to view their bios. The eight candidates who receive the most votes will be elected members-at-large for the 2012-2013 term.




Make sure to watch your email for the ballot link and your voter registration code. Don't forget to Vote before Nov 1!

Eleventh Class of PMSE Fellows
2011 PMSE Fellows 























2011 PMSE Fellows (left to right): Prof. Patrick E. Cassidy, Dr. Richard A. Vaia, Prof. Charles Han, Prof. Rigoberto Advincula (front row), Prof. Todd Emrick (PMSE Chair) and Prof. Thomas Russell (back row). Not present: Prof. Zhenan Bao, Prof. Joseph M. DeSimone and  Prof. Douglas L. Gin


Eight distinguished PMSE members - Prof. Rigoberto Advincula of University of Houston, Prof. Zhenan Bao of Stanford University, Prof. Patrick E. Cassidy of Texas State University, Prof. Joseph M. DeSimone of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Prof. Douglas L. Gin of University of Colorado--Boulder, Prof. Charles Han of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Thomas Russell of University of Massachusetts, and Dr. Richard A. Vaia of Air Force Research Laboratory - have been named the eleventh class of PMSE Fellows. They were inducted during the PMSE Awards Luncheon at the Anaheim ACS Meeting on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. PMSE is pleased to welcome this distinguished group of polymer scientists and engineers to the ranks of Fellows.  See details. 

2011 Cooperative Research Award


DR. Timothy Long

Dr.Carl Willis 
















     Prof. Timothy Long         Dr. Carl Willis



Professor Timothy E. Long, Macromolecules and Interfaces Institute and Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech and Dr. Carl Willis, Research Fellow, Kraton Innovation Center, Kraton Polymers, LLC are the winners of the American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering's 2011 Award for Cooperative Research in Polymer Science and Engineering. This award was initiated in 1992 when it was endowed by a generous gift from the Eastman Kodak Company.   The 2011 award is based on the productive and sustained interactions of almost ten years between Prof. Long and Dr. Willis. More...


2011 ACS PMSE Distinguished Service Award


Dr. Elsa ReichmanisThe recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Service Award, given by the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering (PMSE) is Dr. Elsa Reichmanis. Elsa recently joined the faculty of the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Prior to joining Georgia Tech she was Bell Labs Fellow and Director of the Materials Research Department at Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent.  She received her Ph. D. and BS degrees in chemistry from Syracuse University.  In 1984, she was promoted to Supervisor of the Radiation Sensitive Materials and Application Group, followed by promotion to Head of the Polymer and Organic Materials Research Department in 1994. She is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and has received several awards for her work.  She has been active in professional societies, particularly the American Chemical Society.  More...

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