Douglas Steel is proud to be part of several construction projects in the greater Lansing area. In all some 7,000 tons of structural steel will be detailed, fabricated and erected encompassing over 725,000 square feet.  


MSU Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Linac Tunnel
Linac Tunnel 2
Erection of Structural Steel for the Linac Tunnel Began in September 2014
Douglas Steel is under contract with Barton Malow Company to detail, fabricate and erect over 2,700 tons of structural steel for MSU's Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)
Slated for completion in 2022 the $730 million project located in the heart of the campus of Michigan State University will provide a new scientific accelerator that produces rare isotope beams not normally found on earth to advance knowledge of nuclear physics.
GM Lansing Delta Township
Body Shop and General Assembly Expansion
Douglas Steel is pleased to be under contract with Aristeo Construction to detail, fabricate and erect over 2,000 tons of structural steel for two Body Shop additions and one General Assembly addition.

The General Assembly addition consists of 27,000 square feet and over 300 tons of structural steel.

The South Body Shop addition is comprised of over 65,000 square feet and nearly 600 tons of structural steel.

The largest of the three additions is the North Body Shop which contains over 122,000 square feet and over 1,100 tons of structural steel.

Steel erection is scheduled to begin in December 2014.

Jackson National Life Insurance Company
JNL Office
4-Story Office Expansion
The Christman Company has contracted with Douglas Steel to detail, fabricate and erect over 2,300 tons of structural steel and miscellaneous iron for a $100 million 275,000 square feet expansion to Jackson National Life Insurance Company's Lansing Headquarters.
Conference Center
The project also includes a 50,000 square foot Conference Center and Dining Hall. With over 500 tons of structural steel the Conference Center features a green "rolling" roof supported by 16" diameter V-columns and over 70 unique Glulam beams. 

Douglas Steel was able to incorporate the Glulam beams into their 3D model including the necessary tapered shims.  Those details were used by the Glulam manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit.  

Conference Center 3D View

JNL Office ISO

Office Building 3D View 


"Douglas Steel takes 3D modeling to a whole new level"

-  Dylan Richard, P.E., Principal, Walter P Moore

Connector Bridge
The final phase of the Jackson National Life Project is a 590 linear feet elevated Connector Bridge which links the new Conference Center to the new Office Expansion. It involves nearly 17,000 square feet and over 180 tons of structural steel. Completion of the structural steel framing is scheduled for December 2014.
Cooley Law School Stadium Renovations
"The Outfield" 
The Christman Company has hired Douglas Steel to furnish and install approximately 240 tons of structural steel for the $22 million project called "The Outfield". The stadium known as Cooley Law School Stadium is home to the Lansing Lugnuts, the single A affiliate to the Toronto Blue Jays.

The renovation is to provide improved meeting space, renovated concession spaces, locker room upgrades, more box seating with less benches and a new scoreboard.
Construction began in October and needs to be complete before the Lugnuts home opener on April 9. 
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