Douglas Steel implements 

Lean Construction methods for fabrication
In addition to the
"all-in-one" robotic plasma machine, we 

featured our new CNC controlled angle line system. 

It automates shearing, punching, notching and 

part marking, with unprecedented
 efficiency, on material up to 1" thick.

Detail pieces are then moved to the shop floor where they are welded or bolted to the main members.




Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation

is an

AISC-Certified Fabricator.  

Douglas Steel had the privilege of hosting a very special educational tour of our engineering and fabrication facilities for a group of engineers, architects, and construction professionals for the third annual Steelday on September 23, 2011.

3D Intelligent Modeling
The presentation began with a demonstration of our SDS2 detailing software, featuring 3D intelligent modeling, connection design, model review, CNC data transfer and real time erection simulation, which assists with crane placement, erection scheduling and tracking.
Shop Tour

The tour demonstrated the direct model exchange from design software to our detailing software for modeling of the complete structure. The final detail information was then transmitted to the shop for a variety of automated fabrication equipment.

CNC Data Transfer

As the tour followed the transfer of data to our shop, we demonstrated some of the most advanced automated production equipment utilized in the fabrication industry today.

Robotic Controlled Plasma Cutting 

Our robotic controlled plasma cutting machine accepts data files via direct download from SDS/2. The machine control reads the file, probes and measures the piece, then goes to work making end cuts, all shapes of hole cuts, copes, bevels and fitup marks, all in one continuous motion.  This is the first machine of it's kind in Michigan and one of only 70 operating world wide.


This single station robot combines the functions of seven conventional fabrication machines and completes the task in a mere fraction of the time while achieving the highest quality standards.