Douglas Steel Builds the Future for Dow/Tata

Cost Management

By utilizing

Douglas Steel's Cost Management System,

this project received the benefits of design assist, value engineering, expedited procurement and an accelerated production schedule to achieve the most economic design and earliest possible delivery of the 4-story steel frame.



New Home

The new 203,000 square foot office building is expected to house up to 1,250 employees. The alliance between Dow and India-based Tata Consultancy Services will provide a global network of services including supply chain scheduling and planning, invoice and data management and accounts receivable and payable.


Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation

is an

AISC-Certified Fabricator.  


Dow's $45M Business Services Center in Midland, Michigan

It all began...

in early spring last year when we were called in by Spence Brothers to discuss the possibility of teaming up with  Peter Shaheen to compete for the development of a new 203,000 square foot office building in the Midland area for a newly formed alliance between Dow and Tata Consultancy Services.

Planning and Budgeting

Meetings were held to discuss the project parameters and to sketch out a conceptual design. 

 Collaboration with the URS design team firmed up design assumptions and details.

We established a budget based on a RAM model generated by URS.  Within a couple of weeks the developer's proposal was submitted and the negotiations ensued.  The Peter Shaheen/Spence team succeeded in securing the contract.

Let's get to Work
Douglas Steel assisted URS with value engineering and connection design to achieve the most economical framing system possible.  Douglas then launched into material procurement and began modeling and shop drawings for the 1,215 ton structural frame.  This enabled us to secure the earliest possible mill rolling and fabrication schedule.


DOW black ISO 

Streamline the Process

Structural details were electronically submitted and reviewed using a 3D structural model with 2D details and connection calculations embedded into the model.  This greatly streamlined the approval process.

Build as Fast as You Can

A demand for accelerating the erection schedule resulted in a two-crane strategy and a 50 hour work week.  This compressed the schedule by one month.

Douglas completed detailing, fabricating and erecting the 1,215 ton steel frame five months after a contract was awarded, insuring building enclosure before winter.