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Q&A: Time Management
Q: Productivity is about getting things done in a timely manner. I understand my priorities and know when I arrive at work what needs to be done but when going home at night - the list is not any shorter - nor are the things done I expected to get done. Time seems to get away from me.


- Terry, Legal Industry
A: We had hoped technology would give us more time. However; it seems to cause us to use more time. In addition to all the meetings and luncheons we attend we are constantly looking at our phones - answering and sending emails - texting - tweeting - blogging and on and on. Experts say the average businessperson receives 80 to 120 email messages each day. Yet 60% of our daily emails aren't relevant to our work. So as you can see, high tech has increased our workload - not decreased it. So what can you do? Time Management is how we succeed.


Here are a few useful time management tips:


Turn off your email alert. You waste a lot of time looking at each email as they come in. Studies show when you interrupt your work it can take up to 64 seconds to recover the pace of your workflow. That is 8.5 lost or wasted hours per week if you check emails every 5 minutes.


Set a specific time to answer emails and return phone calls. It may be first thing in the morning, just after lunch and/or just before leaving for the day. Find a time that works best for your schedule.


Color code emails so you can tell at a glance what category you have placed them in - such as red for "answer ASAP", green for "gather information" before answering - yellow for "waiting" for response etc.   


Either create a separate email address or a "Reading" folder for industry emails and educational emails you want to "read" later. Don't forget to clean it out occasionally.


Answer an email in bullet form when possible - put what you want in the subject line - and be brief in the email.  


Bottom line - Anny Cox says it best -

If you wrote yourself a mental check at the end of every day for the minutes and hours you used effectively, what would it total? If you billed yourself for the minutes and hours wasted, what would the amount be? Would you wind up with a net profit or loss for the day?  


Have a question or want to learn more about time management? - contact Jeanne Reaves Consulting and we will assist you. 
A Formula for Great Performance
Results-driven strategies for better business
Jeanne Reaves Consulting Commercial
Your Path to
Performance Solutions
As written, many recent studies have shown "Technical Skills" only represent 20% contribution into our performance. The remaining 80% comes from "Personal and Communication Skills" (decision making, assertiveness, authenticity, commitment to grow, enthusiasm, judgment, energy level, resourcefulness, honesty, integrity, optimism, persistence, initiative, how to connect with people quickly and easily).

Coaching can assist in reviewing and reframing what happens in an individual's business - and their life! Effective leadership in business requires collaboration, consensus, communicating for results, and shared leadership. For an executive to be successful which in turn provides the organization with strong operations and market presence, there are many skills a leader needs to master and communication skills is certainly the foundation.

To refine communication skills, it is important we understand ourselves and our own communication style before we attempt to understand other styles. As a certified Personalysis coach, we offer our clients a complete picture of their personality. The profile captures three productive and two negative dimensions. The result is a more accurate assessment. The profile provides greater detail, and gives a more thorough interpretation than many others.

Call or email us today to enhance your performance - or as many of our clients have done - include your entire team.

Board Room
Board of Directors Tips for 2014

Serving on a Board of Directors carries a great deal of responsibility - and liability.


As I read the article attached, I was reminded why I enjoy being on a corporate board and why I enjoyed working with a family company when they wanted to engage board members outside the family.


If your company has a Board this article is one you may want to read - if you don't have a corporate board or are thinking of forming one this article would be of value to you. Enjoy!!

Notable Nonprofits
Supporting Sacramento's Nonprofits is important to us.
I support several organizations in the Sacramento Region. One of these organizations, the Aerospace Museum of California, will be hosting Science Sundays this Spring, which will be fun for the entire family. Their BBQ On The Ramp in September is also a must to attend event. Visit the museum with the family Tuesday through Sunday and see not just the great planes but also take a ride in the simulator - an extraordinary experience. Learn more about the Aerospace Museum of California's Events.

Elica Health Centers, another organization I support in the Sacramento region, is a hidden jewel and serves the underprivileged with "free" health care. Not only do they have clinics in Sacramento and Yolo Counties but also a "Health on Wheels" program which is geared towards those who cannot afford healthcare and are not able to access affordable transportation to receive care. In addition to the "Health On Wheels" program, Elica Health Centers also holds full-day medical assistance programs in the region. During these programs, several doctors and nurses donate their time and expertise to assist children and adults in need. Medical treatment is brought to where they are - not in a hospital ER room, which keeps the cost affordable. Learn more about Elica Health Centers by visiting their website at www.elicahealth.org.

To learn more about Jeanne Reaves Consulting's community involvement and how we support nonprofit organizations, visit our website.

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