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We hope you enjoy our Newsletter and Updates. If you ever have content you want us to consider including, please contact us!  Kentucky Equality Federation is the Commonwealth's largest all-volunteer organization with 3 Independent member organizations and an additional 5 organizations as coalition partners, including Kentucky Equal Ballot Access, the Kentucky HIV/AIDS Advocacy Campaign, and Marriage Equality Kentucky!
URGENT ACTION ALERT: Kentucky Equality Federation presses to add LGBTI people to the Kentucky Civil Rights Act
Kentucky Equality Federation's Board of Directors in addition to Administration have slammed the Kentucky Democratic Caucus as being out of sync with the national Democratic Caucus.

Read more: Special Rights for Some; Kentucky House of Representatives continues to stall Statewide Equality Law

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The moral and ethical course of action = Equality!
This has been covered by the Associated Press; some of the articles are below:
  1. Read more: Tiny Appalachian city enacts gay rights ordinance; equality bill stall in the Statehouse (Associated Press)
  2. Read more: Kentucky Equality Federation Presses To Add LGBT People To State Civil Rights Act (Huffington Post)
  3. Read more: Kentucky Equality Federation Starts Petition To Change State Civil Rights Act (Lez Get Real)

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Since 2005 Kentucky Equality Federation has served as public advocate for people discriminated against and disenfranchised.
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Jordan Palmer

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Special Assistant to the President & Newsletter Editor

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Managing Director, Kentucky HIV/AIDS Advocacy Campaign

Tom Dappas
Managing Director, Marriage Equality Kentucky

Joshua Koch
Vice President of Policy & Public Relations

Attorney Jillian Hall
Vice President of Legal

Fran Everage
Secretary of the Corporation

Dean Byrd
Assistant Secretary of the Corporation
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Urgent Action Alert! Kentucky Equality Federation presses to add LGBTI people to the Kentucky Civil Rights Act; slams Kentucky Democratic Cacus
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Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer wrote an editorial to the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader.  Both editorials have been published. (more)  
Governor Beshear, DADT, and Love is Love:

 - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear responds to Kentucky Equality Federation about the Equality Bill currently being considered by the Kentucky House and Senate. (more) 


 - Artist shares "Love is Love" music video with Marriage Equality Kentucky. (more) 

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