River Forest District 90
December 16, 2013 
Upcoming Meetings
Roosevelt Middle School

Library Learning Center
2nd Floor  


Committee of the Whole
January 7, 2014
7:00 p.m. 
Business Meeting
January 21, 2014
7:30 p.m.  
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Board of Education
Meeting Highlights

Presented by: 
Mr. Patrick Meyer, District 90 Board President
Dr. Edward Condon, Superintendent

The meeting was called to order by Patrick Meyer at 7:32 p.m. in the Roosevelt Middle School Multipurpose Room. All members were present. The meeting adjourned at 10:34 p.m.

Below is a summary of meeting highlights. Board Packets containing meeting details are posted on the District 90 website prior to each meeting. Full meeting minutes will be posted on the website once approved.
Freedom of Information Act Requests
  1. A FOIA request was received by the District on November 12, 2013, related to a "Developing Zoning Matter." The response was emailed on November 26, 2013.   
  2. A FOIA request was received by the District on November 20, 2013, related to a FOIA request from another party. The response was picked up on December 5, 2013.  
  3. A FOIA request was received by the District on November 20, 2013, related to an "Identical Set of the Review of Records" requested in the Developing Zoning Matter above. The response was picked up on December 5, 2013. 
  4. A FOIA request was received by the District on December 2, 2013, related to "Information for Dissemination."  The response was emailed on December 5, 2013. 
Student Presentations
Elizabeth, a 4th grade student at Lincoln School, presented information about class activities for all grade levels. Among the classroom activities she reported were 1st grade involvement in Reader's Theater and writing "How-To" books, 2nd grade science classes integrating writing into their assignments, and 4th grade studying how nature destroys and renews.

Sam, a 7th grade student at Roosevelt Middle School, thanked the Board for providing students with iPads, saying they are helpful to their work. He reported about what each grade level is studying, and that the Book Fair was successful. He also mentioned that a guest conductor will be working with the orchestra. 
Board Committees
Facilities, Roman Ebert, Chair: The Roosevelt Exterior Project subcommittee met multiple times in November and December. A more detailed report was provided later in the meeting.
Outside Organization Meetings

Youth Network Council

Liz Fischer attended a recent meeting, where members reported about their activities.   


IASB Governing Board and ED-RED  

Ralph Martire reported that both organizations are involved in discussions about changes in pensions, a change in the retirement age and capped pension salaries.

District Meetings

Teacher's Leadership Council

Teachers worked in small groups examining elements of the PARCC testing coming up in 2014 and Common Core.

Superintendent's Report
Action Items

  1. Adoption of 2013 Tax Levy: The estimated levy of $19,978,000 was approved.
  2. Resolution Authorizing Reduction of Certain Fund Levies for the 2013 Levy Year: Approved.  
  3. Semi-Annual Review of Closed Session Meeting Minutes: Approved, keeping closed session minutes closed.  
  4. School Calendar, 2014-15: Approved  
  5. Eighth Grade Lock In: Approved.
Public Comments

All public comments related to the Roosevelt Exterior Project's North Parking Lot. Those making comments were:

Al Popowits
Ellie Bourgikos
Kevin Crowell
Bonnie Marsico
Gina Voci
Mary Vanker
Becca Kaufman
Kimberly McGuire
Suzanne Morrison
Keary Cragan

Facilities Committee

Anthony Cozzi, District 90 Director of Finance and Facilities, presented updated concept drawings and cost estimates for the Roosevelt Exterior Project, which were based on the expanded subcommittee's recommendations. The subcommittee came to general consensus about plans for the east, west and south sides of the campus, while deferring to the Board of Education's judgment in deciding between two possible alternatives for the north side parking lot area.

One option included constructing 27 parking spaces in the North Parking Lot, a pedestrian speed table connecting the school's main entrance to the public library's side of the lot in order to slow traffic flow, and a stormwater management system primarily supported by permeable pavers in the lot. The second option included 20 parking spaces, a pedestrian plaza providing direct passage from the main school entrance to the public library and points north, and a stormwater management system primarily supported by a separate mitigation area.

The subcommittee recommended reserving the North Parking Lot for Roosevelt staff use during school hours for both options. They also recommended reserving the Lathrop Avenue Parking Lot for short-term and handicapped parking for school visitors and library patrons during school hours. There was extensive discussion regarding the uses and safety considerations for the two configurations.

Superintendent Ed Condon expressed appreciation on behalf of the District to the members of the subcommittee for volunteering their time and expertise.

Action Items Continued:
6.  Motion to approve the proposed Roosevelt Exterior Project        with 20 parking space configuration: Approved (5-2) 
7.  Motion to approve the Application for Building Permit  
             related to the Roosevelt Exterior Project: Approved 
Superintendent's Report
Informational Items

Dr. Condon presented options for board members to participate in the Illinois State Board of Education's mandatory training for newly- or recently-elected school board members.