River Forest District 90
November 5, 2013 
Upcoming Meetings

Roosevelt Middle School 


Board Meeting 
November 18, 2013
7:30 p.m.

Committee of the Whole Meeting 
December 3, 2013
7:00 p.m.
Library Learning Center
2nd Floor  
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Committee of the Whole
Meeting Highlights

Presented by:
Mr. Patrick Meyer, District 90 Board President
Dr. Edward Condon, Superintendent

The meeting was called to order by David Latham at 7:02 p.m. in the Roosevelt Middle School Library Learning Center. All members were present except Patrick Meyer.
Below is a summary of meeting highlights. Board Packets containing meeting details are posted on the District 90 website prior to each meeting. Full meeting minutes will be posted on the website once approved.
Board Action

The Board approved a revised Personnel Report, which included the appointment of two long-term substitutes and an unpaid leave of absence.

2012 Community Sustainability Report

Dr. Condon introduced Gary Cuneen, Founder and Executive Director of Seven Generations Ahead, to present the 2012 Community Sustainability Report Card. Mr. Cuneen gave the project background and discussed the sustainability goals that were established by the community in 2010-11. An important goal was to work with cooperating institutions to align their strategies with the project's strategies. The Committee discussed future relatable projects, such as solar energy and storm water management. 

Facilities Committee

Roman Ebert and Anthony Cozzi presented the District architect's recommendation resulting from the window/ventilation field survey. The architect recommended the replacement of all windows at Willard School except those in the 1997 addition, which are operable. His recommendation also included correcting inoperable windows in Room 4 of Lincoln School, as well as installing additional ventilation in the northeast wing of Roosevelt
Middle School. The entire project, which would be completed during the summer of 2014, has a current estimated cost of $418,000. 


Mr. Cozzi explained available funding sources for the project, including a $50,000 School Maintenance Grant and the remaining $280,000 in unused Life Safety funds. The remaining portion would come from District operating fund reserves. 


The Committee came to consensus and directed Mr. Cozzi to move forward with the architect's recommendation.

Education Committee

The three building principals discussed the new "At A Glance" Illinois State Report Cards results for their respective schools, as well as applicable 5Essentials survey results.

IASA Vision 20/20

Ed Condon commented on the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) Vision 20/20 Initiative, which is based upon survey responses from 611 Illinois school superintendents, with the goal of creating a roadmap for Illinois Public Education. 


Ed Condon congratulated the 7th Grade Girls Basketball team and Coach Mark Geweke for winning the conference championship.