Month Year Vol 1, Issue 1
Willard Garden 2012


Spring 2013    

2nd Annual  
Recycling Extravaganza 
May 4  
8 a.m. - 1 p.m. 

The Recycling Extravaganza replaces the classic recycling drives at the three schools. This giant event reaches out to the entire community to help divert recyclables from the waste stream.

There is a huge list of accepted items. Go to the G4G page on the District 90 website for more information about what we can and can't collect.

We will be collecting electronics, scrap metal, batteries, clothes, shoes, school supplies, bikes, corks, light bulbs and so much more! NEW THIS YEAR: We'll accept carpeting, carpet padding and fluorescent tubes. Also, we will be providing safe disposal for expired or unused prescription medicine. (For hazardous waste, please click here for information.) 

We'll be collecting come rain or shine at the River Forest United Methodist Church at the corner of Lake and Thatcher (enter off Lake Street). Last year, nearly 600 cars passed through the line to drop off their recyclables. This year, we're expecting more!

International Film Fest Goes Eco

The Willard Art Appreciation Committee embraced an eco theme this year, and invites the community to its International Film Festival, 5-8 p.m., April 19, at Willard Elementary School, 1250 Ashland Avenue, River Forest. Take time out as a family to enjoy films which remind us of the important role of nature in our lives. The movies are rated G.
5:00  My Neighbor Totoro (Japanese)
6:20  Short Films
7:40  Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest (Australian  
          and American)

Earth Week

The Green4Good goals for Earth Week 2013 are to support walking/biking to school, to encourage waste-free lunches and facilitate recycling. A recent Danish study found that walking or biking to school was more helpful with information retention and test taking than even such proven habits as eating a healthy breakfast or getting a good night's sleep. 

From April 22-25, help your child figure out how to get to school either wholly or partly without the car and how to pack a lunch using reusable containers.
Plan to bring recycling to the Recycling Extravaganza.
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International Film Fest
Earth Week
Willard, Roosevelt Gardens
Waste-Free Wednesdays
Bike Safety Training
Water Bottle Fountains
Des Plaines River Clean-Up
Roosevelt Service Club Loves the Planet
Be Part of G4G
About Green4Good  
April 17-24
Earth Week
5-8 p.m.
Lincoln Book Exchange

April 27
Chasing Ice - One Earth Film Festival encore presentation
10:30 a.m., Lake Theater
Des Plaines River Clean-Up
9 a.m.

May 4
Recycling Extravaganza

May 8
Bike to School Day

June 4
Roosevelt Summer Reading Book Exchange
5-7 p.m.

April Showers Bring May Flowers... and the Willard and Roosevelt Gardens

Green4Good volunteers turned over new ground and planted early crops at Willard in April, such as peas, lettuce, and chard.  
On May 18 at 8:30 a.m. at Willard, the final plants, mostly seedlings, will be put in the ground.
Everyone is welcome to come by and help!

Willard fourth grade teacher Aimee Conrad will be teaching two sections of summer school with the garden as the focus. One benefit of summer school getting out later is that more crops will be available for the kids to observe. When class gets out before the 4th of July, many of the warm weather veggies are just beginning. With the later end, July 19, some peppers and tomatoes may be ready. Returning this year is a variety of herbs. Last year, there were five different types of basil and mint. For more information on the summer school class visit the Summer School page on the District 90 website

Roosevelt Garlic Garden 
Cory Kadlec's 7th grade Biology Garden at Roosevelt is  beginning to sprout (left)! The garlic that was planted in November (below right) is coming up nicely, and will be harvested in late spring. This week, the
Planting in the fall 
science classes will add to the garden by planting nasturtiums, arugula, lettuce, carrots, and radishes - all to feed their two class tortoises. School lunch room compost, science class worm bin compost "tea" and waste water from the "Trout Team Tanks" all help nourish this garden. The 7th grade Biology class continues its hands-on approach to science and the circle of life. The garden is located by the guest parking spaces.  

Waste-Free Wednesdays at Lincoln

On an average day, Lincoln students produce 70 pounds of lunch trash. However, since January, students have been recognized on Waste-Free Wednesdays for packing lunches that produce NO trash.

Parent volunteers stamp the hands of every child who brings a waste-free lunch. To qualify, the lunch must contain reusable containers instead of plastic bags or other packaging that must be thrown away. It may also contain items that can be composted or recycled. Students (and parents!) have done a marvelous job - with some classes having 100% participation each week.

During Earth Week, students will take a Waste-Free Lunch Challenge: a friendly competition between 1st and 2nd graders, and 3rd and 4th graders, to see which lunch period can tally the most waste-free lunches during the week!

Bike Safety Training at Roosevelt

Did you know that on good weather days nearly 1/3 of Roosevelt students ride their bikes to school?  Planning is underway for bike safety training during physical education classes in May to coincide with National Bike to School Day, May 8.

The research is in - click here to read more facts about the many health benefits of biking!


Local Green News


District 90 Green4Good Committee member Julie Moller wears her passion for the environment on her...well...sleeve, head and everywhere else! She made a dramatic point at the One Earth Film Festival in March.     


The 3-day festival nearly quadrupled its attendance from the previous year. One goal of the festival was to engage audiences in thoughtful dialogue about environmental issues, ranging from the rise in genetically modified foods to climate change to water use and conservation.   


This year, too, organizers offered fest-goers a chance to join a Pledge Group to demonstrate a commitment to taking "concrete action" toward reducing their footprint over the next three to six months. Many who attended said that the festival opened their eyes to issues they don't see much in the news: water shortages, petrochemicals in the environment, and the work of young environmental activists.    




 This winter, Green4Good collected  

more than 1,040 pounds of lights,  

which were recycled by  

Acme Certified Business Recycling. 

Water Bottle Fountains Being Pilot Tested          

Many students and teachers help the environment by using refillable, reusable water containers. We're working to make it easier and more desirable to "refill" by trying new water bottle fillers that can be retrofitted to some of the school water fountains. Each school will get one bottle filler outside their gym.  

Des Plaines River Clean-Up - April 27

Volunteer for this event that benefits Thatcher Woods, the Des Plaines River and our whole community. Clean-up begins at 9 a.m. and runs North Avenue (south) to Madison Avenue (west). Everyone must pre-register by going to The Depot, 401 Thatcher Ave., or by downloading a registration form here or at Contact Karen Stille at 708-366-6660 ext. 105 or click here for more information. Free lunch will be provided 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Roosevelt Service Club Loves the Planet

The Roosevelt Service Club celebrated Valentines Day with the week-long event, "Love the Planet." The club collected 2,364 batteries, 37 printer cartridges and 64 cell phones for recycling and proper disposal. Participants earned raffle tickets based on how many recyclables they brought in, with prizes including iTunes cards, Panera cards, a Giordano's gift card, and an iPod Shuffle. 

Be Part of G4G at Your School!

Do you like living Green? Want to share Green ideas or learn how to compost? Then Green4Good is for you. Activities vary per school, but include Earth Week and Recycling Extravaganza planning. We hope you will join us!

Please contact the Green4Good Committee member at your school.

    Willard:  Judy Deogracias - [email protected]
    Lincoln:  Laura Maychruk - [email protected]
Katarina Berin - [email protected]