The Phoenix Beakin'                                November 2016
November Events

November 5th
Springfield, VA
Question & Answer Session with an Avian Veterinarian, Laurie Hess, DVM

November 5th
Chesapeake, VA
Leigh Ann Hartsfield, The Contented Companion

November 6th
Cary, NC
Michelle Underhill,
Things I Wish I'd Known

November 6th
Rockville, MD
Jane Marlow, Principles of Positive Reinforcement

November 12th
Millersville, MD
Sharon Pfeiffer, A Parrot's Point of View

November 19th
Fairfax, VA
John Kerns, A Parrot's
Point of View

November 19th
Alexander, NC
No Place Like Home

2,322 Adopted 

109 In Foster as follows: 
African Grey [12]
Amazon [8]    
Caique [2]   
Cockatiel [14] 
Cockatoo [17]
Conure [11] 
Eclectus [2]
Lory/Lorikeet [1]
Macaw [19]
Parakeet [11]
Pionus [1]
Poicephalus [2]
Quaker [7]
Ringnectk [2] 
205 Other
2,636 TOTAL  
121 also on our wait list
and hoping for our help

Thanks to everyone who supports the parrots of Phoenix Landing through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and the United Way!  Our CFC number again this year is 31469.  The CFC allows employees from of its 200 regional campaigns to support the charities of their choice through the All-Around Giving process.
This year we are also included in the North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign
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Parrot Fossil Unearthed in Siberia.  Click here.

Labels and why they aren't useful.   Click here 

Dr. Pepperberg Dishes on Parrots and Preening.  

Night parrot conservation expanded in Queensland. Click here.
November 5th, Springfield VA
Question and Answer Session
Dr. Hess will be joining us from the Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics in Bedford Hills, New York.  She has a new book to share called Unlikely Companions, Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor.
This will also be a question and answer session where you can ask about things that might be of interest or important for the health and well-being of your bird. Bring your list of questions and concerns, and please try to join us for this special out-of-town guest!
          More information about time and place....
Jazzy's Medical Mystery
We all know that having a good avian veterinarian is paramount to our bird's well-being and good health. And as prey animals, they often don't show illness until it's potentially too late.  Even with regular high-quality health care, mysterious things can still go wrong and threaten their lives. Here's a great story about how Jazzy, who received the best possible care from her veterinarian and her family, still found her mysterious illness  to be life threatening.      Read Jazzy's Story Here ....
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Adoptable Birds 
Here are just a few of our many adoptable birds. With 100+ in foster and 100+ also waiting for our help, we will work with you to make a good match for both your family and a bird.
Mr. Sebastian is a gentleman.  Sure, he's a normal cockatoo with a need to express himself loudly upon occasion, and to hop around doing lots of challenging things; but he's also a gentle spirit who will appreciate you if you appreciate him. He likes to mumble for extended periods, we sure wish we knew what he was telling us!
Moluccan cockatoos can be busy, loud and quite 
charming! Coconut is no exception.   She was
adopted through Phoenix Landing in 2005, and is now looking for her next good home.  She's always had spotty feathers on her chest, but new growth continues.   She needs LOTS of exercise and activities, she's smart and wired for action and companionship!
We were recently able to help a group of birds from a MD shelter, to  include several parakeets, several cockatiels, a blue quaker and a canary winged
parakeet. If you are interested in helping little ones with big personalities, you can find our adoption application at HERE.
Please Consider Adoption!
The Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization. It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots through adoption, education and conservation. Almost every bird, from the smallest to the largest, from the most loved to the most neglected, will need a new home someday. Probably a succession of homes. People's lives change, often unexpectedly. One day your bird may need a good new home too!