3rd Wellness Retreat
April 30 - May 1, Asheville NC
An opportunity to learn some new approaches for improving your parrot's life, while also having fun - what can be better than that! Join us along with many others that love parrots, as well as a remarkable array of veterinarians, scientists and teachers for another exceptional learning event. The theme of this Retreat is what it means to be a parrot naturally.
Susan Orosz, DVM, ABVP
Dr. Orosz is an avid learner and teacher! She constantly pursues new ideas and possible solutions to the variety of challenges faced by parrots. Dr, Orosz will talk with us about The Aging Parrot, as many birds today are facing their older years. She will also talk with us about The Cardiovascular Parrot - including the symptoms and treatment for heart disease. This is one of the most common causes of death for parrots of all ages in captivity. As our birds do not get the exercise they were built to have, this is the disease you need to help prevent and be prepared to fight!
Scott Stahl, DVM, ABVP
If Dr. Stahl is your veterinarian, or you've heard him speak before, you know how smart, passionate and engaging he is!  If you haven't met him, then please don't miss this rare opportunity to spend time with him. Dr. Stahl will be talking with us about The Reproductive Parrot, a natural drive that can complicate the lives of our captive parrots.  Dr. Stahl will also address The Sick Parrot, including how to deal with those common emergencies that so often put our birds at risk.
Scott Echols, DVM, ABVP
Dr. Echols established the Grey Parrot Project, which is conducting state of the art research about parrot anatomy.  This research is already shaping the future of avian medicine and knowledge in monumental ways. He will share some of his findings, including the correlations between certain problems and anatomical conditions that we did not understand until recently. Dr. Echols  will also talk with us about one of his other areas of expertise - kidney disease, which is a common problem for many parrots.
Laurel Degernes, DVM, ABVP
Sometimes we aren't aware of the unnatural things in our environment that can cause stress, illness or other problems for our susceptible parrots.  Dr. Degernes will discuss the The Sensitive and Susceptible Parrot: Common Household Toxins that may affect our bird's health.  She will also discuss the internal nature of a parrot using radiology, and share some case examples where x-rays have made a life and death difference.
Robert D. Ness, DVM
Dr. Ness is considered one of the leading authorities on integrative medicine and holistic therapies for parrots. He will talk about The Naturally Healing Parrot using a wide variety of approaches.  He also has special interest in laser therapy, and the valuable tool it offers for healing wounds, inflammation, scars and other problems. You are sure to learn some new ideas for everyday problems as well as those unexpected emergencies!
Frank Rutowski, DVM
Dr. Rutowski sees many avian patients in his practice, but one of his favorite hobbies is to visit and observe the wild parrots of central and south America. We still have a lot to learn about our captive parrots, and one of the best ways to understand them better is to watch and learn what they do in the wild.  Dr. Rutowski will share some of his many experiences, as well as tips for how to provide a more natural environment for The Naturally Wild Parrot. 
Rosemary Low
Rosemary Low is one-of-a-kind expert. She was a founder of the World Parrot Trust, former curator of Loro Parque, and a long-time researcher and author. Her life has been dedicated to her love for birds. Her most recent book, Understanding Parrots, Cues from Nature, perfectly describes the true nature of parrots. Rosemary will talk about The Hungry Parrot, Feeding the Natural Way, using her stunning crimson bellied conures as examples.
Adam Patterson and Einstein the African Grey
Maybe you saw Einstein on the Animal Planet or Pet Star? Einstein can do on cue what we all know our parrots are capable of, given their extraordinary intelligence.   Einstein is sure to enthrall and entertain us, and she will be joined by Adam Patterson, lead trainer at the Knoxville Zoo where Einstein lives. Adam will tell us about his training techniques and maybe your bird can learn to be the next superstar! Join us for this rare opportunity to see Einstein and Adam in action.  Here's a quick video of Einstein here: youtube.com/watch?v=nbrTOcUnjNY
Eb Cravens
Eb Cravens has been keeping and caring for parrots for decades. He is known best for his insightful articles about how birds eat, socialize, breed, forage and naturally thrive. He's been a staunch advocate for providing the most natural environments possible in order to ensure their quality-of-life. Eb will talk with us about The Mentally and Physically Hungry Parrot, as well as The Social Parrot - both essential areas of importance for parrots to flourish in our homes.
Deb White
If you have shopped with us, then you're familiar with the wide range of creative toys from Super Bird, a company founded by Deb White. Her team is dedicated to quality and fun, as well as promoting the mental and physical enrichment that parrots so urgently need and deserve. Deb also hosts the avianenrichment.com website, as well as makeyourownbirdtoys.com and is fiercely dedicated to an active lifestyle for our birds. She will talk with us about The Playful Parrot, and there might be some play involved for us as well!
Luiz Paiva Filho
Luiz is from Brazil and has been an extraordinary guide during our Phoenix Landing ecotours to the Patanal.  He is extremely well versed on the parrots in this region, from the hyacinth macaw to the smallest parakeets. His attendance at the Retreat this year is still tentative, but we're hoping he will be able to join us, since Luiz observes and learns from parrots at their very best - naturally!
An amazing weekend of fun and learning!  

Lunch is optional for $15 each day. Please bring your lunch if you don't include it, as there are no options immediately adjacent to the University.
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