Oct. 24, 2016

Jack hammers, backhoes and pickaxes. The air is filled with concrete dust; and noise. I'll be glad when this construction is done. For now, I've retreated to my keyboard in hopes of avoiding the excessive pounding.

Four new articles this week, including a technique I've used for years, but never written about: creating a very flexible lower-third key in Motion that I used daily in Final Cut Pro X.

I'm looking forward with enthusiasm to Apple's announcements at the end of this week. It always feels like Christmas whenever new hardware is announced. I'm very curious to see what Apple's put under the tree.

Because of all our construction, webinars are on hold for a couple more weeks. They'll resume as soon as the noise and dust settle. Sorry for the delay, I'm looking forward to getting these restarted.

In the meantime, be sure to listen to the Digital Production Buzz. Debbie Price, our new producer for the show, is doing a great job of finding guests and creating themes for each show. Last week, we looked at film festivals and how to market a film. This week, we celebrate Halloween and horror films. We have interviews with writers, actors, set designers and makeup artists. Should be great fun, ah, in a horrible way.

Wow... Do you realize it's ten weeks till January? What happened to the year?!? I'm gonna go see if I can scotch-tape some extra days to the calendar. Chat with you next week.

In the meantime, edit well.

This Week On The Buzz!

Our show looked at film festivals:

   * Laura Blum
   * Hoyt Richards
   * Cirina Catania
   * Tara-Nicole Azarian
   * Philip Hodgetts
   * James DeRuvo

We looked at using film festivals to market your film. Cirina talked about creating Sundance, and Philip showed new technology that can automate editing. Plus a DoddleNews Update.
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Last Week: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Final Cut Pro X
This week was a grab-bag of a dozen cool tips and techniques showcasing lesser-known features in Final Cut Pro X. These included:

* Collaborate between two editors
* Create a vertical project
* Masks and color correction
* Replace a blown-out background
* Improve the look of exteriors
* Position 3D text

And more.
Discover in-depth demos and lots of cool tips. Get the download here - or become a member of our Video Training Library
Webinars Are Taking A Break
Due to construction at our office, we are taking a break from webinars for a few weeks.

Based on what our contractors tell us, we should be able to resume by mid-November.

I'll keep you informed.

In the meantime, please become a member of our Video Training Library and catch up on the webinars you've always wanted to see, but missed.

� Motion 5: Create an Adjustable Lower-Third Title (Tutorial)
� Create a title template in Motion, with controls you can adjust in Final Cut.

� FCP X: Hidden Mouse Buttons and Tricks (Tutorial)
Little-known places in Final Cut to click a mouse that can yield big returns.

� DoddleNEWS Reviews Shotput Pro 6 (DoddleNEWS)
       � An in-depth look at the latest version from Imagine Products

� Crumplepops Automated White Balance Tool (DoddleNEWS)
       � New software for FCP X and Premiere to fix color problems with video. 
EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Diction

Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

FCP X: Optimized, Proxy or Native Media

Secrets of the FCP X Browser

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206: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for FCP X

165: 3rd-Party Tools for Final Cut Pro X.

205: 3rd-Party Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Master Apple Compressor 4.2

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Robert Krueger: Creating Kyno, Media Mgr.

Scott Page: Build Better Marketing Relationships

Rachel Addington: Market Your Acting Self

Debbie Zipp: Self-help Guide to Marketing You

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