Oct. 17, 2016

I have six new goodies for you this week: three articles and three new videos. And thanks for taking the time to comment on these and past articles; when you share your thoughts, we all learn. (By the way, last week's "Secrets of the Final Cut Pro X Browser" was one of our most popular articles in the last three months.)

Last week's Buzz was really interesting. We focused on audio with a range of interviews from mixing live concerts to live events to post-production, as well as an interview with Sennheiser about their new GoPro mic. Oh!  And we also talked with the product manager of Kyno about their new media management software for Premiere and Final Cut. It was a fascinating show!

This week, The Buzz looks at Film Festivals. We'll have extended interviews with Laura Blum (FilmFestivals.com), Cirina Catania (Sundance), and Hoyt Richards (filmmaker). If one of your goals is to get your film screened at a festival, be sure to listen to this week's show.  

Thinking of events, last week's webinar - Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Final Cut Pro X - was especially interesting to me. Readers suggested topics I've not presented before. I enjoyed researching the answers, it was a fun program. This reminds me: now is a good time to become a member of our Video Training Library. This week's  webinar, like more than 200 others, are all online and ready for you for one low monthly price.

However, we're putting webinars on hold for a few weeks. We are having some major contracting work done to our offices over the next few weeks. It will be way too noisy and distracting to put together a webinar. New presentations will start the middle of November.

In the meantime, edit well.

This Week On The Buzz!

Our show was devoted to audio:

   * Achim Gleissner
* Chris Eschweiler
   * Ed Golya
   * Robert Krueger
   * Bob Alumbaugh
   * James DeRuvo

The theme for this week was audio. From picking the right microphone to mixing live events and concerts to audio post and tracking your media, this was a fascinating look behind the scenes of making audio magic.
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Last Week: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Final Cut Pro X
This week was a grab-bag of a dozen cool tips and techniques showcasing lesser-known features in Final Cut Pro X. These included:

* Collaborate between two editors
* Create a vertical project
* Masks and color correction
* Replace a blown-out background
* Improve the look of exteriors
* Position 3D text

And more.
Discover in-depth demos and lots of cool tips. Get the download here - or become a member of our Video Training Library
Webinars Are Taking A Break
Due to construction at our office, we are taking a break from webinars for a few weeks.

Based on what our contractors tell us, we should be able to resume by mid-November.

I'll keep you informed.

For now, please become a member of our Video Training Library and catch up on the webinars you've always wanted to see, but missed.

� FCP X: Hidden Timeline Keyboard Shortcuts (Tutorial)
� Virtually unknown Timeline shortcuts that can help you work faster.

� FCP X Collaboration: Transfer Files Between Editors (Video)
      This little-known technique enables two editors to quickly share logged files.

� FCP X: Save Export (Share) Presets (Tutorial)
      If you are constantly changing export settings, saving presets will help.

� FCP X: Using the Draw Mask Effect (Video)
� This flexible masking tool enables you to creatively hide parts of an image.

� FCP X: Replace an Over-Exposed ("Blown-Out") Window (Video)
       � A video demo of last week's luma key background replacement technique.

RED Tech: New Training Videos from RED (DoddleNEWS)
       � New training to help you make the most of your RED camera. 
Secrets of the FCP X Browser

EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Diction

Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

FCP X: Optimized, Proxy or Native Media

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206: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for FCP X

203: How to Make Up-Res Video Look Better

205: 3rd-Party Tools for Final Cut Pro X

202: Create Animated Titles in Motion 5

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Debbie Zipp: Self-help Guide to Marketing You

Scott Page: Build Better Marketing Relationships

Justin Thomson: Acting Balances Business & Creativity

Rachel Addington: Market Your Acting Self

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