Sept. 5, 2016

It's Labor Day weekend in the US and just about everyone is taking the weekend off. IBC starts next week and no one is pre-announcing anything. And, this may come as a surprise, but Apple has a big announcement planned for Wednesday. So if ever there was a weekend where NOTHING is happening, this is it.

Next week, the lid should blow off - with plenty to talk about. But, not today. Sigh...  

I have a new article for you, whether you prefer Premiere or Final Cut this covers both. Along with an article on how to apply for a $7,000 feature film grant.

But, first, Dr. Marc Batschkus, a good friend and long-time expert on archiving, just updated his book on "Data Management, Backup and Archive for Media Professionals." This 157 page book is FREE, is filled with great ideas, and is absolutely worth reading.

This ebook offers practical advice, information and field experience to make better decisions on how to protect media through all stages of the workflow. Relevant technologies from ingest to long-term archiving are explained. Learn more here:

The Digital Production Buzz is back into full production and we are having fun. We've expanded our coverage to include film criticism from Laura Blum and how to run a successful creative business from Scott Page. Plus, we have more experts like Ned Soltz, Philip Hodgetts and Michael Kammes on each show, along with our trademark longer interviews so you can really get inside a subject. If you haven't listened recently, now is a great time to start. Here's the link to last week's show.

I'm holding off starting webinars for one more week - I want to see what gets announced at IBC before restarting. Also, I'm grateful for everyone's ideas on subjects to cover. I'm working on my fall series now, so these helped a lot.

I hope you had a good weekend, enjoy your holiday and we'll talk again next week. Edit well.

This Week On The Buzz!

This week, we looked forward to IBC, and the IBC Supermeet, talking with:

   * Paul Babb
   * Dan Berube
* Michael Horton
* Philip Hodgetts
* Laura Blum
* Scott Page
* James DeRuvo

Laura wrapped up a 2-part series on how filmmakers are showing disability, Scott continued a five-part series on growing a creative business, and Philip had a tribute to a podcast pioneer. All, plus DoddleNEWS.
Watch or read each full episode here.

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Ideas Needed
If you didn't share your ideas last week, I'm still looking for ideas for future webinars.

We are planning the fall schedule now, so drop me an email with your thoughts.

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Webinars Return Sept. 14, 2016
Our weekly webinars are taking a break for the rest of August.

Webinars will return Wednesday, Sept. 14, with all new training covering new software and hardware.

I'll let you know what we're planning next week in my newsletter. 
Transfer Projects Between Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
A step-by-step tutorial on how, when and why to transfer projects.

FCP X: Illustrated List of Icons, Symbols, and Alerts [u] (Tutorial)
      My most popular FCP X article for August.  

Premiere Pro: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels (Tutorial)
My most popular Premiere article for August.

Filmmakers: Apply for a $7,000 Feature Film Grant (DoddleNEWS)
A script competition to write, plan and produce a film for $7K.
FCP X: Unbelievably Cool Secret Import Tip

EQ: Warm a Voice, Improve Diction

Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

Illustrated List of Icons & Alerts in FCP X

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182: 4K Video and iPhone 6s

183: Protect Your Stuff - How to Archive

200: The Essential Sound Panel in Audition

Master Apple Compressor 4.2

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Justin Thomson: Acting - Balance Business with Creativity

Philip Hodgetts: Tribute to a Podcast Pioneer - Scott Sheppard

Dana Ruzicka: Avid in the Future.

James DeRuvo: DoddleNEWS Update

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