August 8, 2016

Closed captions have always intimidated me. I know they are an essential part of most programs, but that didn't mean I understood them. Until, that is, two weeks ago when I was meeting with the Adobe Audition engineering team and talking with Charles Van Winkle. Charles, I learned, led the development work to add caption support to Adobe Premiere Pro. Realizing I finally had an opportunity to figure out how these things work, I met with Charles again last week specifically to learn how Adobe implemented closed captions so that I could share what I learned in this week's webinar.

Captions are very cool - now that I understand them. And, once you see my webinar on Closed Captions this week, you'll no longer be intimidated by them either. I have some very cool tips and techniques to share with you. Registration is free - and, even if you don't use Premiere, you'll learn a lot by attending this session. Sign up here.

It's the middle of the summer and our industry is pretty quiet. I have four new articles for you this week: in the first, I explain the difference between I-frame and GOP video compression. Then, I have two from DoddleNEWS: the first looks at the world's largest SSD drive, the second at new lens adapters that convert Super 35 PL lenses to work on larger-format cameras.

But the most interesting article this week came from an interview I did with Maxim Jago last week on The Buzz. Maxim is the executive producer and director of "Jolie's Garden." His feature film just finished getting financed and Maxim shares his top five tips on what it takes to fund a film. The first tip I could have guessed, but the other four took me by surprise, which is why I wrote them into an article to share with you today.

And thinking about The Buzz, we are back on the air with a new, faster-paced format and some great guests. All our shows are free and you can hear them here.

Patrick, who heads up our social media team, reminds me to invite you to follow us on Facebook. Every day, we have interesting, curated news and views on our industry. If you haven't visited our Facebook page, please visit here - - and say hello. There are lots of interesting conversations going on every day - love to have you join us.

Enjoy your summer because fall is rapidly rushing toward us. I'll chat with you again next week. Edit well.

The Buzz Is BACK!

A new, faster format, with great  guests and exciting regulars. Join us this week as we look at funding your film and running a creative company:

   * Maxim Jago
   * Chris Bross
   * James Deruvo
   * Laura Blum
   * Scott Page
   * Jonathan Handle
Watch or read each full episode here.

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The New Essential Sound Panel in Adobe Audition CC
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SSD system is fast, with lots of storage and a massive price.

 Duclos Lenses Adds Veydra Super 35 PL Adapter (DoddleNEWS)
Use Super 35 lenses on larger gear, and save money.
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