July 11, 2016

Well, the big news this week is that we finally figured out what was causing our web server to be so slow and fixed it! Whew. Come to find out, when we moved to our new, dedicated, high-performance server, the website was transferred but the database that held all our articles and videos was left on the old server. That certainly surprised us, because we thought everything had been moved over. Once we moved this database to the new server and optimized every setting in sight, our new system is flying.  (Thanks, Sudd, for your perseverance and hard work!!)

These speed issues tended to affect playback within our Video Training Library. So, our Library should now play properly. If you are having any speed issues, please let me know. But, finally, our website is really peppy!

I have two new product reviews for you this week, as well as links to some popular article collections that I think you'll find informative. And, as always, we have a link to a popular article on our sister website:

The Buzz is Back!! We now have a launch date: Thursday, July 28, at 6 PM PDT. The show will feature two new interviews every week, plus rotating news reports from industry leaders covering cameras, workflow, technology, music and post production. I'm returning as host, and Cirina Catania returns as producer. You'll be able to listen to the show on iTunes and

As I mentioned last week, I need your help. We are expanding the training we offer on my website and I'm looking for trainers interested in creating tutorials on hardware or software related to media production or post. Please email me if you are interested and tell me what you'd like to teach. There's money in it, in case you were wondering. (If you've already contacted me, I'll be in touch this week.)

This week, I'm speaking at SF Cutters, Tuesday night in San Francisco, then at APA/LA on Wednesday night at Canon in Hollywood. If you are in the area, both of these events are worth attending - and I hope to see you there!

Until we chat again next week, edit well.

The Digital Production Buzz returns Thursday, July 28, 2016!

The Buzz returns from its hiatus with a new format, but the same dedication to being the definitive voice of the media industry.

I'll share the guest list and show rundown later this month.
Watch or read each full episode here.

Video Compression Basics
Our last webinar featured video compression basics for both Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor.

In this session, I explained what video compression is, what causes artifacts and what settings affect image quality.

Then, I shifted gears and showed how to compress files in both Adobe Media Encoder and Apple Compressor.

Here are the download links:

* Adobe Media Encoder
* Apple Compressor 

Or access to ALL my training, become a member of my Video Training Library.  
New Features in
Adobe Media Software
Last week, Adobe updated all their media software.

So, this week, I'll showcase many of their latest features and explain how they work.

During this sessions, I hope to cover:

* Adobe Premiere Pro CC
* Adobe Audition CC
* Adobe Media Encoder

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Product Review: Rampant Edit Essentials (Product Review)
Stunning visual effects that support all existing NLEs.

Product Review: Xsend Motion for Final Cut Pro X (Product Review)
Easily move projects from Final Cut Pro X to Motion 5.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Update (DoddleNEWS)
Camera 3.4 update adds new features to existing cameras

Everything You Need to Know About Hard Drives (Collection)
From single drives to RAIDs, a collection of key articles on storage.

Larry's Favorite Articles (Collection)
A collection of articles on subjects you need to know.
Illustrated List of Icons & Alerts in FCP X

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Premiere: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels

Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite

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176: Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC

197a: Adobe Media Encoder Basics

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