June 27, 2016

I have seven new articles for you this week, including two videos and a new featured article from DoddleNEWS.

We are continuing to experience speed issues with our new web server. These are especially frustrating because they are inconsistent. Our web team has been looking at these all week and, while we think we found the problem, we haven't yet determined how best to fix it. I hope to get this resolved soon.

The big news this week was Adobe releasing long-awaited updates to their audio and video applications. I am already working with the new software and creating a new webinar - July 6 - to showcase the new features. Click here to register. It's free!

Before we get to next week's Adobe webinar, though, I have a very popular session coming up this week - Video Compression. For too many of us, video compression is a black art. But it doesn't need to be - in fact, it can be fun. In this week's webinar, I explain what video compression is, then how to compress your files successfully for YouTube and the Web using both Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder. As always, our live webinars are free. There are two shows: 9 AM and 12 PM - Los Angeles time. Register here!

Last week, I moderated a panel of filmmakers at the 2016 Creative Storage Conference. The Conference audience were manufacturers and developers of storage hardware, a group that tends to focus on the enterprise market because it is big and has money. All too often, though, this means that the storage needs of individual content creators gets overlooked. My goal with this panel was to share the challenges of trying to safely store and archive dozens of terabytes of data on the micro-budgets that most of us deal with. This is especially true in the area of archiving, which is the subject of two of my articles this week. We still don't have a good solution for long-term storage. (See my request below.)

Thinking of speeches, July 12 I'm at SF Cutters, speaking on techniques to get a job in the media industry (my absolute most favorite presentation.) Then, on July 13, I'll be at APA/LA at Canon talking about what still photographers need to know to transition into shooting video - its not technology, but story-telling. Both these presentations are great fun - I'd love to see you there.

 I hope your summer is going well - look forward to chatting again next week.

I Need Your Advice
I've written a lot about storage and archiving. Now, I need your opinion.

Send me an email describing how your store your media and projects for the long term - say 5 years or more.

Answer the questions on the right and include your name.  I'll assemble everyone's comments into an article and publish it next week. 
Answer These Questions
* How are you storing your media and projects now?

* What have you used in the past?

* What works?

* What doesn't work?

* What advice would you give others?


The Digital Production Buzz restarts its weekly podcast Thursday, July 7.

Cirina Catania is back producing and I'll be hosting. We are already working on the guest list and some exciting new format changes. More details as we get closer to the launch.
Watch or read the full episode here.

Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X
This webinar is one of my favorites.

Your edit is done. Now its time to make your images look "perfect." That's where color correction and grading come in.

Learn how to:
* Configure and use video scopes
* Create unique creative looks
* Use the Color Board and masks to fix problems in exposure and color.

Download your copy here.
Or, join our Video Training Library and have access to EVERYTHING! 
Video Compression for the Web
Video compression is NOT that hard!

In this session, discover what REALLY determines file size and video quality. Learn how to compress your files for the web:

* What is video compression?
* Compress files for YouTube
* Compress files for the Web
* Improve audio compression quality
* Add watermarks to video
* Automate your compression

Registration is FREE - sign up here.

How Long Should We Keep This Stuff? (Blog)
How, and how long, should we keep copies of our stuff?

What's the Lifespan of Flash or SSD? (Blog)
Can we use flash to archive our projects?

FCP X: Color Correct Orange Skin Tones (Video)
Here's a secret tip to correcting off-color skin tones, from my webinar.

Premiere Pro: Audio Mixer Sends and Buses (Tutorial)
Sends and submixes allow you to control even the largest projects.

FCP X: Configuring Video Scopes (Tutorial)
This short tutorial explains how to display and setup Final Cut's scopes.

FCP X: Color Correction Shape Masks (Video)
This is a great technique when you only need to fix a part of the frame.

Danny Elfman is Offering Scores for Your Next Film (DoddleNEWS)
Composer Danny Elfman is offering to create scores for short films.
Illustrated List of FCP X icons and symbols.

Premiere: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Caution: SSD Drives and Yosemite

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57: Introduction to Motion 5

124: Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X

176: Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC

195b: Masks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Cirina Catania: Does Cloud Collaboration Work

Guisela Moro: Casting an Indie Feature Film

Melissa Davies-Barnett: Arc 9 - Collaborate Online

George Olver: Manage Projects Online: Movidiam

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