June 13, 2016

A few hours after this newsletter is released, Apple is presenting its WWDC Keynote, at which point our industry will change - again. Change points in our industry track with the regularity of the calendar - CES, NAB, WWDC, SIGGRAPH, IBC - and at each milestone we discover new ideas, methods and technology. The burden is then on us to figure out which of these are hype and which are actually useful. It is a never-ending dance.

Macintosh websites today are filled with rumors and prognostications, breathlessly predicting what Apple will announce tomorrow. I've never been much interested in that game. Regardless of how many people predict it, until Apple ships it I can't get my hands on it. I'm much more focused on how to make the most of the gear we've got.

A couple of months ago, Mike Horton invited me to give a presentation at LACPUG comparing media management in Adobe Premiere Pro CC with Apple Final Cut Pro X. They recorded my remarks and you can find my video presentation here. (This was recorded the day after I announced that my website had been acquired by Thalo LLC.) Thanks, Mike, for the invitation; I had fun.

I have three new articles for you this week, including an update to an article I wrote a while ago on "Teaching Technology." I'm traveling to Memphis, Tennessee, this week for a day-long presentation at the ACE conference on teaching technology and Adobe Premiere. It was the preparation for this presentation that brought me to updating this article.

By the way, we haven't forgotten The Buzz. We are hoping to restart the show before the end of June. I'll let you know our plans as we get closer.

I also have two recent announcements from Smartsound and Frame.io that I think you'll be interested in. More details on both below.

In the meantime, take care, stay in touch and edit well.

FRAME.IO Now Runs on iOS

On May 31, Frame.io announced their smallest product yet: Frame.io for iOS.

"All the incredible collaboration features of Frame.io such as time based comments, annotations, and version control, and redesigned them to feel completely at home on iOS. [They] then added the latest technology from Apple such as Touch ID to keep your media secure and 3D Touch with Peek and Pop support."

Read the press release here.
See the website here.
Watch the video here.

SonicFire Pro 6 Released

Last week, SmartSound released the latest version of SonicFire Pro 6.

The latest version includes a redesigned and simplified user interface, new audio engine, an amazing "cut-video-to-music" feature that puts markers in exported audio that indicate beats in the music, improved search and an even larger music library.

I was involved in their beta process and I'm impressed with the new version. I'll be recording tutorials for it shortly.

Here's the link to their website.
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