May 30, 2016

It's Memorial Day in the US, a holiday on which those who died in active military service are remembered. For many, this is a time for family, picnics and memories.
Webinars are returning this week! I figured out how to get enough bandwidth.  This week's subject is: "Creating Masks in Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC." You'll find all the details - and FREE registration info below. There's a limit of 100 guests, so sign-up today! My live shows are always free.

An emailed press release started me thinking about creativity, limits and boundaries. The result is my lead story for this week. I'm especially interested in your comments after you read it.

I spent five days in St. Louis last week, training a broadcast facility as they were switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CC. Spending an entire week working with the same students and going in-depth into an application is a lot of fun, I don't get to do that as much as I would like. And, by the way, a shout-out to Greg Wendt, with thanks for a very enjoyable dinner and conversation.

Anyway, I've been thinking nothing except Premiere for the last week and a half, so in this issue, I have three new Premiere articles that highlight a variety of cool tips you can use today.

Gen Ritter wrote a couple of days ago asking: "What happened to The Buzz? I  used to listen every week." The Buzz is not forgotten, especially by me. The show is currently on hiatus for a few more weeks as I work with the team at Thalo to plan the future for the show. Everyone is looking forward to getting it restarted, but we need to move to a new studio and then gear up a new production team. It's my hope that we'll be up and running by the end of June. I'll keep you posted as our new launch date gets nearer.

Summer may be starting, but we are working on lots of interesting stuff in the background. I should have plenty of news for you over the summer. In the meantime, take care and we'll chat again next week.

The Buzz is on production hiatus for a few weeks as we re-design the show. Not to worry, The Buzz will be back - hopefully around the middle of June.

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Create and Use Masks in
Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X
Masks allow us to hide portions of an image. While most often used in chroma (or green-screen) keys, masks have a wide variety of uses.

In this FREE webinar, watch as I illustrate how to create, modify and use masks in both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X.  During this webinar you will learn how to: 

* Create and modify a Shape Mask
* Use the Draw Mask tool
* Use masks in chroma-keys
* Use masks in color correction
* Track a mask
* And more...


* Use the built-in masking tools
* Add more than one mask
* Use masks in chroma-keys
* Use masks in color correction
* Automatic mask tracking
* Yup, more here, too... 
Webinars Require Software
Starting this week, we are moving our webinars to

In order to join this webinar, you will need to download and install a small program from the GoToWebinar website. The download and live webinar are both free.

Instructions will be included in the  confirmation email you receive after registering. Please allow a few extra minutes for the installation before you join the webinar on Wednesday.


Sign up at one of these two links:

Wednesday - 9 AM

Wednesday - 12:00 PM

All times are Los Angeles PDT. 
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Why do manufacturers tout limitless creativity? It's the last thing we need...

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Share Sequences Between Projects (Tutorial)
A hidden trick to share sequences, media and projects between projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: What the Heck Do These Options Mean? (Tutorial)
No one understands what these sequence and export options do. I explain.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Convert Stereo to Mono Audio Quickly (Tutorial)
Here's a fast way to convert between stereo and mono files in Premiere.
Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

What I Learned - El Capitan Upgrade

Premiere Pro CC: Use Two Monitors

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175: Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X

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