May 23, 2016

This week, I'm in St. Louis presenting a 5-day corporate training covering Adobe Premiere Pro. Because of this, I've been thinking about Adobe Premiere a lot, which provided the incentive for two new articles this issue. Because I'm out of town, webinars will resume next week.

Thinking of new articles, I have five for you this week; including a long-requested list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts for both Final Cut and Premiere. You'll see these two PDFs are my lead story this week.

While I've done hundreds of audio and video interviews, I don't do a lot of written ones. However, this last week, two press releases caught my eye that I wanted to share with you. Andrej Kostresevic is developing new distribution models for Internet-delivered media. Our interview looks at the impact alternate distribution is having on media creators. And Brian Atton has developed new workflow software supporting 360/VR Video for post-production and client reviews. You'll find both these interviews below.

Both Premiere and Final Cut use libraries, but in two different ways. This week, I have articles on both: one to share media and the other to create templates.

As you may know, I am fascinated by trains. I'm not really sure why; it may have something to do with my Dad's interest or the fact that I worked on the railroad in Chicago as a brakeman one summer during college. For whatever reason, I am. Recently, a good friend gave me a T-shirt with the title: "Lessons from the Train." In addition to the obligatory photo of a steam engine are a series of pithy sayings, two of which are: "Be in it for the long-haul" and "Stay on track." I now find myself wearing this T-shirt whenever I write my newsletter; I like the symbolism. In these challenging days, keeping our focus on the business at hand is always good advice, though staying on track is always harder than it looks.

I look forward to chatting next week. In the meantime, edit well.

The Buzz is on production hiatus for a few weeks as we re-design the show. Not to worry, The Buzz will be back - hopefully around the middle of June.

In the meantime, check out our past shows and discover what you missed.

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Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X
Blend modes allow us to add texture to text, change the look of clips, even create unusual and eye-catching effects. Blend modes exist in virtually every video and graphics editing application. However, blend modes can be confusing until you understand how they work. 

This session covers:

* Definitions and differences between blend modes
* Blend modes in Photoshop
* Blend modes in Premiere Pro CC
* Blend modes in Final Cut Pro X
* How to use blend modes to create textured text effects
* How to use blend modes to create unusual visual effects

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Looking for Ideas
Webinars will restart next week, once I get back from St. Louis. In the meantime, I'm always looking for ideas.

So, if you have a subject you'd like me to cover, send me an email

There's no such thing as too many good ideas.


Larry's Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts (Resource)
200 shortcuts each for both Final Cut and Premiere. Ready to download.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Understanding Libraries (Tutorial)
New ways to share common elements between apps and editors.

Final Cut Pro X: Create Library Templates (Tutorial)
An illustrated guide showing two ways to create Final Cut templates.

Which Rules - Content or Distribution? (Interview)
Interview with Andrej Kostresevic on Internet media distribution.

Media Management for 360/VR Video (Interview)
Interview with Brian Atton, on media management tools for VR Video.
Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

What I Learned - El Capitan Upgrade

Premiere Pro CC: Use Two Monitors

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Photoshop for Video Editors

194: Blend Modes in Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X

176: Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC

160: Get Started with Motion 5

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Heath McKnight: Welcome to DoddleNEWS

Stephen Nakamura: Color Grading "Oz The Great and Powerful"

Alberto Scirocco: Red Hot Chili Pepper MoGraph

Robert Jamieson: AMD High-end graphics cards

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