May 2, 2016

Whew! Now that NAB is over it's time to discover what's real, what's hype and keep our eyes open for the next product release. There is a lot of interesting news on the horizon. I hope to review some of the key products as soon as they ship. (For my reactions to NAB, read this blog.)

I have three new articles for you this week: One on HDR, one on Motion and a product review of a new microphone from Shure.

Over the weekend, I finished moving offices and now have my webinar system set up. It always surprises me how discombobulated I feel when my stuff is in transition and not working.  However, things are finally functional and I feel much better. Its been too long since I last presented something.

Because my studio is now operational, I'm hoping to restart my webinars later in May - both the team at Thalo and myself are eager to get these started. (My webinars would have started sooner, but NAB can derail even the best of schedules.) If you have ideas on what you'd like me to cover, please send me an email. I'm currently looking for ideas and would appreciate your help.

Next week, on The Buzz, we'll release the final episode of "Doddle Talks Technology." For 38 episodes, our Buzz co-host James DeRuvo has interviewed filmmakers in our industry about the technology and techniques they use to make their films. In this the final episode, James talks with Stu Maschwitz, co-founder of the visual effects firm The Foundry and author of "The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap."   

We are working on plans for rejuvenating The Buzz, but it will take us a few week's to get there.  As always, stay tuned. Chat with you next week.

Last week The Buzz took a look back at the 2016 NAB Show to help us make sense of all the major announcements. During this session, Mike Horton and I spoke with:

Philip Hodgetts
Ned Soltz
Carey Dissmore
Heath McKight
Michael Kammes
Watch or read all the episodes here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts for The Buzz weekly shows are available, courtesy of Take1.TV. Read it here.

The Buzz covers the 2016 NAB Show. Hear the details here: NABShowBuzz.
An HDR Workflow for Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
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Produce Review: Shure MV51 Digital Microphone (Review)
A detailed look, with audio samples, of a new microphone from Shure.

Motion 5: Simulate Reality (Tutorial)
An illustrated tutorial on using simulations in Motion 5. 
Larry's Thoughts on NAB 2016 (Commentary)
A commentary on new technology and companies to watch in 2016.
An Illustrated List of Icons, Symbols and Alerts in FCP X

Premiere Pro: Boost, Smooth Audio Levels

What I Learned In My El Capitan Upgrade

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

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173: Final Cut Pro X: Multicam Techniques

192: FCP X: Clip Speed Effects

73: Audio Filters for Final Cut Pro X

176: Color Correction in Premiere Pro CC 2015

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Heath McKnight: Welcome to DoddleMe.

Guisela Moro: Lessons  Casting an Indie Film

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