Mar. 28, 2016

I have great news!  While I'm still under non-disclosure for much of this, I want to share with you that we have a deal in principle for all of my training, memberships, websites and podcasts.  This means that, going forward, everything we have now will continue!  Whew...!  

In fact, for Video Training Library members, your membership package is about to become even better.  I'll have more details next week, but, for now, I want to share the good news.  And my newsletter will continue, as well.  

Stay tuned! Details in next week's newsletter.

Also, we've found a new home for the Digital Production Buzz. Again, I can't share the details today, but this Thursday marks a transition to a new owner. As part of the show, we've invited Steve Martin, who began The Buzz with Ron Margolis more than 15 years ago, along with Philip Hodgetts, who took the show over from Steve, to join us this Thursday for a great show. We'll look back at 15 years of The Buzz, then look ahead to NAB with previews from our resident experts, and give you a chance to meet the new owners.  I'm really excited that The Buzz will continue into the future.

If you haven't subscribed to the free, weekly Buzz Newsletter, now is a great time. Friday's issue will have all our latest announcements.

Also, this week, I have three new articles this week covering Premiere Pro, Motion and an in-depth review of a new microphone from Shure specifically designed to make recording music a LOT easier.  All the details - you guessed it - are below.

It's an exciting time. Can't wait to share more with you next week. Until then, stay in touch.

Last week's show was an overview of our industry from three different points of view: the industry, cameras and software. Mike and I talked with Kevin Bourke, James Mathers and Rick Barrett about:

An Overview of the Media Industry
Media from a Cinematographer's Perspective
Media from a Software Perspective
Tech Talk
Watch or read the full episode here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts are now available for each show, courtesy of Take1.TV.

Due to the holiday, this week's transcript will be posted Tuesday.

Premiere Pro CC: Media Management Q&A (Tutorial)
An in-depth beginner's guide to media, organization and management.

Product Review: Shure MV88 Digital Microphone (Product Review)
Brand-new, high-quality stereo mic designed for music and iOS.

Motion 5: Controlling Movement (Tutorial)
An in-depth beginner's guide to get things to MOVE in Motion.
An Illustrated List of Icons, Symbols and Alerts in FCP X

What I Learned In My El Capitan Upgrade

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Premiere Pro: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels

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The Super Bundle

Master Motion 5

Photoshop for Video Editors

191: Video Compression Basics

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Mike Woodworth: Better Software Tools for Post

Guisela Moro: Lessons from Casting an Indie Feature Film

Larry O'Connor: What Makes OWC Successful?

Kevin Bourke: Overview of Today's Media Industry

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