Feb. 1, 2016

Happy February! (Wow, January went fast...)

Let me start with an apology. My webinar on Media Management in FCP X a couple of weeks ago had several errors in it. (Thanks to Steve Martin for pointing these out.) I always want my webinars to be accurate and I hate making mistakes, so my lead article this week describes where I went astray and provides more accurate information. I've pulled the webinar from our store and will be recording a new, corrected version later this week. This new version will be a free update to everyone that's already purchased the webinar. I hope to get this released by Friday. And I'm sorry for the errors. The good news is that all my errors except one were in the first four minutes.

I generally write this newsletter on Sunday, because its a nice, quiet day to think about technology. However, today, LA is getting hit with a major rain and high-wind storm. Both of these are so rare, its hard to concentrate on writing. Its much more fun to look out the window and watch the winds spring-clean the dead leaves from the trees.

Last week's webinar on Owning and Flying A Drone was fascinating because, not only was our guest - Zach Bloom - exceedingly knowledgeable, the session also gave me a chance to research current rules and regulations on drones. This has been a very popular title in our store, for which I'm grateful. But, if you are a subscriber to our Video Training Library, we have bonus materials that aren't available in the store: the Q&A sessions in their entirety from BOTH the 9 AM and 12 PM presentations. If you are looking for ways to save money AND get access to all our training, including bonus materials not available anywhere else, our Video Training Library is the best place to start.

We have a very cool webinar this week - Green Screen From Production To Post. I'm using two different studios to illustrate how to shoot green screen footage when you don't have a budget. Then, I'll show how to create green screen effects in both Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Registration is free - sign up here.

We are continuing to work on the speed issues with our website - it is already faster than it was. But, I've learned that WordPress is not particularly fast. At all. I guess I'm just impatient.

As a reminder, if you are based in the UK, I've been invited to present at the BVE Expo starting Feb. 23 at the Excel Centre in London. I always look forward to this show - if you are in the area, stop by and say hello.

Stay warm, um, unless you live below the equator, in which case, stay cool. And I'll chat with you again next week.


The great team at CoreMelt has created a new website: FCPXFree.com.

This is a directory that provides a single place editors can come to find any free tool they are looking for.

Although they started with templates, they've now included tutorials, LUTS and apps, with new sections and other resources coming in the future.

All of these are sorted, searchable and tagged and with a flexible user review system.  They will also be blogging new free resources as they come available.

Yay, Roger!  Nice work.
An Alternative to DVDs

Bill Celnick wrote to tell me about MediaZilla, a website that provides both hosting and optical media authoring.

Then, Jon Geddes, one of the co-founders of MediaZilla wrote to introduce their platform.

As it says on their website: "Present professional videos with online interactive menus created in minutes. Easily export projects to DVD, Blu-ray and USB/offline formats."

Note the phrase "export projects to DVD"? This has become a very popular option for them. Learn more here.
This week, better demo reels, marketing yourself and getting more performance from your storage. Larry and Mike talked with: Suzanne LaChasse, Marianne Bourg, and Larry O'Connor.

Create a Demo Reel That Gets You Noticed!
Getting Work as an Actor
Software RAID vs. Hardware RAID: What's the Difference?
Watch or read the full episode here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts are now available for each show, courtesy of Take1.TV.

Click here to read the transcript.

Everything You Need to Know about Owning and Flying a Drone
Last week we went drone flying. Well, more importantly, we also talked about everything you MUST know to own and operate a drone for commerical use.

Our special guest was Zach Bloom.
During this session, we covered:

* Why is being paid to fly a drone different from flying as a hobby?
* How do you pick the right drone?
* How do you pick the right camera for your drone?
* What are the differences between drones?
* What insurance do you need?
* What are the FAA regulations regarding flying a drone?
* What are drones NOT allowed to do?
* What licensing/permits are needed?
* How do you fly a drone?

Download this title here - or - become a member of our Video Training Library here
Green-Screen Effects:
From Production to Post
Green-screen effects, also called "chroma-key effects," allow us to easily insert an actor, or any other object, into a different background. But, how, exactly, do you do this on a budget?

We'll start in the studio and end using both Premiere and Final Cut to create finished effects. Learn how to:

* Create green screen backgrounds using monitors
* Create a green screen background using a drop cloth
* Light a green screen
* Light talent in front of a green-screen
* Create effects with Final Cut Pro X
* Create effects with Premiere Pro CC
* Use garbage mattes to control the area to be keyed

Wednesday webinars are free, but limited to the first 200 attendees.
Corrections: Media Management in Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)
My webinar went awry. Here are my errors and corrections.

FCP X: Hidden Compound Clip Technique (Tutorial)
Compound clips in FCP X have many uses - this is one you may not know.

Drone Regulation Overview (Video)
Drone regulations are complex, here's an overview to get you started.
  EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Premiere Pro: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels

What I Learned Upgrading to El Capitan

Caution: SSD Drives and Yosemite

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188: FCP X Media Management (offline being updated)

185: Edit Music and Dance Videos

186: New Features in Adobe Media Software

189: Owning and Flying a Drone

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Larry O'Connor: Software RAID vs. Hardware RAID

Suzanne LaChasse: Create a Demo Reel That Gets You Noticed!

Nick Mattingly: Live Multicam Switching Using Switcher Studio and iOS

Marianne Bourg: Getting Work as an Actor

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