Nov. 30, 2015

The Thanksgiving holiday in the US marks the start of the end-of-year holiday season. For me, this time is a mixed blessing. While I enjoy taking time for the holidays, there's still a lot I want to get done before the year ends.

Thinking about new things, I enjoyed writing my lead article for this week: "Secret Tips and Tricks About Final Cut Pro X." In countless emails, I'm asked for advice on a wide variety of subjects. This article contains lots of suggestions - all boiled down into one sentence tips. And I encourage you to add your own suggestions and wisdom to the comments section, after you read it.

The other articles and video are all about 4K video; its the theme-of-the-week.

The Digital Production Buzz had a different show this last week; talking about creating family memories. Philip Hodgetts helped us structure the interview, Ned Soltz showed us low-end cameras and Achim Gleissner, from Sennheiser, explained how to mic family story-telling around the dining room table. It was a fun show. Links are below.

Today is the last day of our "Store-Wide Sale." I encourage you to take advantage of it - this will be the last big sales event for this year. And, frankly, I'm grateful for your support, which is so essential for us.

December is almost upon us, which brings us to the end of one year and the start of the next. 2016 will be filled with new ideas for all of us. I'll have more on that in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your week. I look forward to chatting next Monday.

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Today is the last day of our Thanksgiving Store-Wide Sale.

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The holidays are a great time to catch up on key software tools or techniques and now is the best time to purchase it.

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Thanks, I'm deeply grateful for your interest and support.

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An Easier Way to Subtitle

Recently, I've had several requests for instructions on how to add subtitles to video.

The obvious answer is Telestream's MacCaption; but that's expensive.

Adobe Premiere users can use the subtitling built-into Premiere.

But what about budget-challenged Final Cut Pro X users?  That's where Spherico X-Title Importer may help.

It is a unique tool which allows an easy import of WebVTT, SRT subtitle files, YouTube SBV, Spruce STL, chapterlists and FCP X chapters as individual subtitles into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.
An entire program devoted to preserving family memories -  inexpensively.  I spoke with Philip Hodgetts, Ned Soltz and Achim Gleissner.

Tips for Successful Family Interviews
Holiday Gift Guide for the Gear Head
Capturing the Sound of Family Memories
Tech Talk: 4K Video Transfer
Watch or read the full episode here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts are now available for each show.
Click here to view.

Last Week: Protect Your Stuff
The brand-new iPhone 6s now shoots 4K video! But, what do you need to know to shoot, transfer, and edit this new format? In this in-depth session, Larry Jordan explains everything you need to know to work with 4K video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

During this webinar, you will learn:

* How to enable 4K on an iPhone 6s
* How to transfer video to your computer, using 3 different techniques
* How to optimize your computer for 4K video
* Storage and bandwidth requirements for 4K
* How to edit 4K native files
* How to edit 4K into an HD project
* How to use image stabilization and re-positioning
* Upcoming features in Premiere that make 4K even more exciting

Purchase your copy here.
This Week: Editing a Music Video
Music videos are all about style over substance; with an infinite number of different ways to edit one.

This webinar is more about style and editing technique than technology.

In this webinar, Larry Jordan explores different techniques to edit music videos, featuring some lovely break-dance footage from Antics.

During this session, you'll learn:

* How to feature the performers
* How to create visual "snapshots"
* How to hide a poor performance
* How to edit to or against the music
* How to sync video to an existing audio track

I'll use FCP X, but style techniques apply to all editing software.

Wednesday webinars are always free, but limited to only 200 attendees.

Register here.
Secret Tips and Tricks Using Final Cut Pro X (Article)
Cool stuff you won't find in any book, and rarely on the web.

Compression Speeds and Settings for 4K Video (Article)
Detailed look at settings, file sizes and scaling techniques to save you time.

Estimate Storage Needs for 4K Video (Video)
Plan your next project by estimating storage needs accurately.

Transfer 4K Video from an iPhone 6s to a Mac (Video)
      Two ways to transfer 4K media without using video editing software.
 Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite [u]

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Premiere: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels

Premiere Pro: Use 2 Monitors

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Audio Secrets for Final Cut Pro X

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Editing Skills for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Philip Hodgetts: Tips for Successful Family Interviews

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