Nov. 23, 2015

This week's issue is devoted to backups and archiving. We all know we need to create backups; and many of us do. However, the issue of preserving our files for a long time - archiving - is a HUGE problem, because technology keeps getting in the way of protecting our files.

This week, I have a blog on the current impossible state of archiving media, two videos showing how to archive a file and a product review that goes into more details on how archiving works.  Plus, last week's webinar was devoted to showing the hardware and software needed for archiving. Oh! And an article on Final Cut Pro X and render files.

The response to our 4K iPhone video for Final Cut Pro X webinar was stunning. So was the demand for a session covering 4K video and Premiere Pro CC. So, this week, we are covering 4K media in Premiere Pro. Plus, I'll show some new iPhone apps that make transferring video to your computer easier than ever and a look ahead at unreleased software from Adobe that promises even more cool things from high-res media. Register before seats are gone.

Also, John Putch had a very interesting interview on The Buzz looking at the differences in directing for television vs. film. You may not know his name, but you know his work: Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Cougar Town... to name only a few of the many series he's directed. As a director myself, I found his interview fascinating.

Thanksgiving is coming this week in the US, so we are closing our office for four days starting Thursday to allow everyone on staff to celebrate the holiday. My newsletter will be back, as usual, next Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - enjoy the holiday!


I had a long chat with Max Salit, of They provide cloud- based video processing that integrates seamlessly into any existing video workflow to automate high-speed transcoding, editing, closed captioning, DRM packaging and more. This is a popular option for customers interested in video processing as-a-service that scales to their needs.

What caught my eye is their ability to support all the different flavors of HLS that we need today.

Their prices penalize media creators that want to send high-quality master files for compression, but this still might be something that you can use.


MotionVFX Releases New Stuff

It seems like every week the folks at MotionVFX are releasing new products.

If you haven't visited recently, their new products include:
  • Digital Gallery
  • Fly-through Slideshow
  • Social Media Timeline
  • Glass Parallas
  • mTitle Retro with Vintage Typography

MotionVFX releases new titles every week, and supports Motion, After Effects and their own mObject interface.


They've also got free trials and stuff. 



Learn inside secrets on directing for film and TV.  I spoke with John Putch, James Mathers, and Nick Mattingly. Fun show.

� Directing Film vs. TV
� What's the Best 4K Workflow
� Multicam Production with iOS Devices
� Tech Talk: Blackmagic Design's Cintel Film Scanner
Watch or read the full episode here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts are now available for each show.
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Last Week: Protect Your Stuff
We all know we need to archive our projects for the long-term. But... how? This webinar illustrates how to "Protect Your Stuff," by showing the hardware and software needed for long-term archiving.

This session explains archiving to someone who is currently using hard disks and looking for something more secure. Learn:

* Why LTO is the best option for long-term archiving
* What hardware options exist and how much they cost
* How to get started archiving
* How archiving software works
* An overview of Pre-Roll Post
* An overview of BRU PE
* How to back-up and recover files, folders, even entire hard disks

Purchase your copy here.
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This Week: iPhone 4K & Premiere
The iPhone 6s now shoots 4K video!
Think of it - 4K on a phone...!

But, what do you need to know to shoot, transfer, edit and output this new format if you are using Adobe Premiere?

In this in-depth session, Larry Jordan explains everything you need to know to master this format:

* How to enable 4K video on an iPhone 6s
* How to use iApps to transfer media to your computer
* Pick the best computer for 4K video
* 4K storage and bandwidth requirements
* How to edit 4K native files
* How to edit 4K into an HD project
* How to stabilize media
Wednesday webinars are always free, but limited to only 200 attendees.

Register here.
� Preserving the Past is a Forlorn Hope (Blog)
� Technology is preventing us from archiving our precious media.

� Protect Your Stuff with BRU PE (Video)
� How to archive files using TOLIS Group's BRU PE.

� Protect Your Stuff with PreRoll Post (Video)
� How to archive files using Imagine Products' PreRoll Post.

Product Review: PreRoll Post (Article)
� Detailed product review of Imagine Products PreRoll Post.

� FCP X: Render Files, Exporting and Image Quality (Article)
� Explains how FCP X uses render files during export for best image quality.
� Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite [u]

EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

Premiere: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels

Premiere Pro: Use 2 Monitors

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182: 4K Video, iPhone 6s and Final Cut Pro X

176: Premiere Pro CC 2015: Color Correction

070: Titler Pro from NewBlue FX

Master Motion 5

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John Putch: Directing Film vs. TV

James Mathers: What's the Best 4K Workflow?

Nick Mattingly: Multicam Production with iOS Devices

Stephen Nakamura: Color Grading "Oz The Great and Powerful"

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