Oct. 12, 2015

Sad news to start the week. Last Friday marked the passing of Bruce Nazarian. I received word that Bruce died of a heart attack while editing music at his computer. For those who knew Bruce, as I was fortunate to do, I can't imagine a better way for him to go. But this is still a very sad event. Read my tribute to Bruce here.

On a far more cheerful note, our Creative Truths contest for 2015 has ended and we have a Grand Prize winner. Details below. To celebrate the contest, we created two Creative Truths movies, which are funny, fast, and far-too-true:
Thinking of other new things, I have five new articles and videos for you this week, along with a really interesting episode of the Digital Production Buzz.

Enjoy the fall, and I'll chat with you again next week.
"Creative Truths" Movies

Our contest may be over, but here are two movies to celebrate all the contest entries. Thanks to all who entered.

Creative Truths: Real Life is a funny look at an editors life, featuring members of my company. I, uh, had nothing to do with this - they wouldn't let me see it until it was done. You'll like it - it's fun.

Creative Truths: The Winners are all the winning entries set to music. This montage highlights all the different ways clients and technology can drive us all nuts.
Advice Needed on Product Reviews

One of my favorite activities, which I haven't had enough time for this year, are product reviews - that is, explaining how the newest media products work, and whether they work well enough for us to buy them.

As I plan what I'll be writing about this fall and winter, I'm interested in your suggestions on products to look at.

If you want to suggest a product to review, or "bigger picture" questions to be answered, send me an email.

I'm interested in your opinions.
A fascinating show. I talk with Mathias Omotola, Ned Soltz and Emery Wells.

Planning Trade Shows & Community
Color Grading Software Overview
How to Raise Venture Capital
Tech Talk: Avid DNxIO
Watch or read the full episode here.

SPECIAL NOTE: Written transcripts are now available for each show.
Click here to view.

2 Shows Covering Audio Basics
If audio is a mystery to you, I have two webinars for you this week. The first is Audio Basics for FCP X.

The second is Audio Basics for Premiere Pro CC.

In both events, I cover everything you need to know from key terms to how and where to set levels to how to work with multichannel clips.   
Find these titles in our Video Training Library.
Download the FCP X version here
Download Premiere version here.
Audio for Video Editors - Advanced Techniques
Last week's webinars drew hundreds of viewers, with tons of questions. This week, we continue exploring audio for video in both Final Cut and Premiere.

In this session, you'll learn how to:
  • Analyze audio clips
  • Apply and modify audio filters
  • Repair problem audio
  • Use Premiere's Audio Mixers
  • Send files to Adobe Audition
  • Examine audio export options

I'll cover both Final Cut and Premiere in the same session. 

Registration is FREE! Click the link to learn more (Seating limited.)
In Memoriam: Bruce Nazarian (Blog)
A tribute to a musician, DVD guru, record producer and good friend.

Beware the LTO-7 Marketing Hype (Blog)
LTO-7 specs are announced. Very cool, but not as great as it is hyped.

Final Cut Pro X: The Double-Sided Color Picker (Article)
There is far more lurking under the surface of the "simple" color picker

Premiere Pro CC: Multichannel Audio (Video)
Video tutorial on how to access and modify multichannel audio.

Final Cut Pro X: Multichannel Audio (Video)
Video tutorial on how to access and modify multichannel audio.
 Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite [u]
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction
Premiere Pro: Boost and Smooth Audio Levels
FCP X: Four Free and Useful Plug-ins

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175: Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X
176: Color Correction in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
174: Light Leaks, Fire and Blend Modes
159: Secret Power Tips for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Ned Soltz: Color Grading Software Overview
Larry O'Connor: What Makes OWC Successful?
Jayse Hansen: Make the Dream Real - User Interfaces for Film

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