September 21, 2015

Thanks for all the kind words on our new newsletter format. We are continuing to evolve based on your comments.

Thinking. An Internet firestorm arose last week over Apple's release of ad blocking software for Safari. Plenty of ox being gored over this.  However, this brings to mind that, once again, the Internet wants to eat its young. More below.

Webinars. Last week's webinar covering color correction in Final Cut Pro X set a record for attendance. This week, I show how to color correct in the latest version of Adobe Premiere. Adobe's added a lot of new features - so be sure to register today. It's FREE!

Training. My newest training on Photoshop for Video Editors is proving popular. If you need to enhance your Photoshop skills or have a friend who's struggling to master the app, check out my training.

Articles. I have four new articles for you this week, covering color correction, archiving and the latest display of the Law of Unintended Consequences. And, as always, I've updated our list of most popular articles, interviews and webinars.

See you next week.
The Challenges of Drones

Since August 1 this year, the FAA has received 70 complaints from aircraft about drones intruding into airspace.

Firefighters have had to abandon wildfire aircraft operations due to interference from drones.

This week, on The Buzz we talk with two drone operators to hear their side of the story. Details below.

"Editing Truths" Contest Ends Soon

Our Editing Truths Contest ends in less than ten days.

I've had a great time reading all the entries.  If you haven't had a chance to enter, NOW is the time.

Entry is free and you get to share your thoughts with the world. This week's  winner is below. This is your chance to see your name in print....

2015 Creative Truths Contest
Share your aphorisms with the world - win prizes - become wickedly famous! Or, at least have fun reading the entries! Contest ends Sept. 30, 2015.
On the Digital Production Buzz, Larry Jordan talks with guests Carlos Grijalva, Rob Tharp, Philip Hodgetts and Kim Furst.

� Challenges of Filming With Drones
� Philip Reports on FCP Expo
� Marketing and Distribution: "Flying the Feathered Edge"
Tech Talk: Multi-channel Audio in FCP X Multicam
Watch the full episode here.
Color Correction in Final Cut Pro X
There's nothing worse than getting back from a shoot only to discover all all your images are blue, or green

In this webinar, I show how to display the video scopes, then use them to analyze your images. Next, we look at how to make gray-scale and color adjustments and end with power tools such as color and shape masks. 
� This title is in our Video Training Library. Non-members can download a copy here.
Color Correction in Premiere Pro
Last week, we looked at color correction in Final Cut. This week, we do the same thing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.

In this week's presentation, I show you how to access the brand-new video scopes in Premiere, then how to use the color corrector effect to make your images look great. Color is one of my favorite things to teach.
Registration is FREE! (Seating limited.)
Blog: Money, Technology and Content (click here)
� Reflections on ad blocking software and the ability to create content.

Article: A Primer on Media Archiving (click here)
� Archiving is neither simple nor easy. This explains what you need to know.

Video: FCP X - Adjust Exposure to Improve Image Quality (click here)
� A color correction tutorial on how to adjust gray-scale values.

Video: FCP X - Use Masks to Color Correct a Portion of an Image (click here)
� A color correction tutorial on how to use color and shape masks.
� Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite [u]
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction
Premiere Pro CC: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels
FCP X: Delete Generated Media

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Editing Skills Using Premiere Pro CC
Photoshop for Video Editors
Editing Skills Using Final Cut Pro X

� View all webinars here
Andy Maisner: 4K and New Production Gear
Stephen Nakamura: Color Grading "Oz: The Great and Powerful"
Tom Inglesby: The Future of Storage for Indie Filmmakers

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