September 14, 2015

Thanks to the hard work of Ailin Kim and Megan Paulos, and plenty of feedback from our beta testers, we have a new design for my weekly newsletter. The biggest complaint about the old version was that it was bland, corporate, repetitive, and took too long to find stuff. (Sheesh...) So, we went to work and created this version. As always, let me know what you think.

We are released two new training courses this week: Editing Skills for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Photoshop for Video Editors. The Premiere version of our Editing Skills course builds on the very successful Final Cut Pro version. We got a lot of requests to show how to use Premiere, so I created this new version.

Then, this Wednesday, I'm releasing a four-part course on Photoshop for Video Editors. This builds on my course at USC and teaches how I use Photoshop when prepping stills for video. I just finished recording it a few hours ago and I like it a lot. I'll send you an email on Wednesday when its ready.

NOTE: Both these titles will be added to our Video Training Library this week. This would be a great time to subscribe.

Finally, we have two exciting webinars coming up: this week is Color Correction Using Final Cut Pro X. Next week, is Color Correction Using Adobe Premiere. There's lots of new features to talk about. All the details are below.

Summer is ending and fall is on its way. After all this heat, I can't wait. See you next week.

The big news this past week was Adobe's unveiling new versions of all their video editing tools. What I was especially impressed with is support for high dynamic range video, along with higher resolution images.

Anita Engleman, of Adobe, has written a really nice blog showcasing their new software.

Read Anita's blog here.

Our Editing Truths Contest ends at the end of this month.

I've had a great time reading all the entries.  If you haven't had a chance to enter, NOW is the time.

Entry is free and you get to share your thoughts with the world. This week's latest winner is below.

Share your aphorisms with the world - win prizes - become wickedly famous! Or, at least have a lot of fun reading the entries! Contest ends Sept. 30, 2015.
On the Digital Production Buzz, Larry Jordan talks with guests Wes Plate, Josh Apter, as well as Micahel Horton and Randi Altman at IBC.

Automatic Duck Lives!
Techniques for Better Images
Reporting from IBC - Amsterdam
Tech Talk: Avid ISIS 1000
Watch the full episode here.
Start with a good image, then make it look even better with visual effects like fires, light leaks, or degraded film looks. All these effects require blend modes to look right.

In this webinar, I use both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X to illustrate what blend modes are, how to use them, and killer new effects from LightLeakLove and Rampant Design Tools.
This title is in our Video Training Library. Non-members can download a copy here.
There's nothing worse than getting back from a shoot to discover that all your images are blue. Or, the challenge of trying to get a compelling look that helps advance your story.

In this week's presentation, I show you how to read the video scopes, then use the built-in Color Corrector effect to make your images look great. This is one of my favorite things to teach.
Registration is FREE! (Seating limited.)
Channel EQ Makes Narration Sound GREAT! (click here)
Use this in FCP X, Premiere, or Audition to make music and voice play nice.
Using Blend Modes with Gradients (click here)
Make an interesting exterior shot look amazing; using only a gradient.
Great Effects from Rampant Design Tools (click here)
Fires, flashes, burns and other killer visual effects are illustrated here.
Great Effects from LightLeakLove (click here)
Light leaks and transitions create stunning visual looks in this demo.
FCP X: The Multicam Angle Editor (click here)
There are many differences in these two programs.
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 Caution! SSD Drives and Yosemite [u]
Apple Updates Final Cut, Compressor and Motion
Premiere Pro CC: Boost & Smooth Audio Levels
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Diction

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Editing Skills Using Final Cut Pro X
156: New Features in Apple Compressor 4.2
151: Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Stephen Nakamura: Color Grading "Oz: The Great and Powerful"
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