July 27, 2015
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Hmm... It seems like just yesterday was Memorial Day and the entire summer stretched endlessly ahead of us. Now, it seems like the days are racing past. It's hard to believe its the end of July already.  (Thinking about the rapidly approaching end of July, reminds me that our July training bundles will be ending soon. Be sure to order before our special pricing ends.)

Still, many of us were on vacation this month, so in addition to creating four new articles for this issue, I also have a summary of all the new articles I wrote this month; nineteen, I discovered as I counted them!

By the way, if you have a suggestion for something you'd like me to write about, please send me an email. Summer is slow in the tech industry which means I'm looking for things to write about. I'm also behind in my product reviews and hope to get a few more written in the coming weeks.

OH! I almost forgot, our Forum is back with a limited beta release; thanks to a lot of hard programming work from our web wizard Ailin Kim. You can access it under the Free Resources tab in our website - or just click this link. Currently, anyone can read Forum entries, however only members of our Video Training Library can post entries. This allows us to get the bugs out before we open the Forum to everyone.  Please give this a look and let me know if you'd like to see any changes.

Also, I want to thank Premium Beats for sponsoring our webinars. Bandwidth costs money and their sponsorship allows us to open attendance to 250 seats for each live event. If you, or your company, is interested in sponsoring these weekly events, please contact James Stevens.

Finally, I am having the best time reading everyone's entries for our Creative Truths Contest. Almost 100 "Truths" have been submitted and choosing winners is getting really hard. Check out the latest winning entries below - and don't forget to enter.

I hope summer is treating you well. Stay cool and I'll chat with you again next week.
Larry Jordan
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In This Issue
Editing: Techniques & Technology
The idea behind this brand-new course was the success we had with "The Craft of Editing."

Starting last Wednesday, we are offering a nine- session, seven-week class focused on how to tell stories with moving pictures.

This class is more than just technology, my goal is to help you learn how to use technology to captivate an audience and enhance our stories.

This class also builds on what I teach at USC and includes practice media you can use during the course. We release a new class every week.

Classes 1 and 2 are available today.

Here's the link to learn more.
The last time we ran this contest, in 2013, I couldn't stop laughing. And now, it's back: The 2015 Edition of our Creative Truths Contest.

Share your aphorisms with the world - win prizes - become wickedly famous! Or, at least have a lot of fun reading the entries!

Enter here.


We pick 3-4 winners each week. Merrick Dupea is one of our four winners this week:

"Merrick's Law: Murphy was an optimist. Had he ever worked in post production he would have said: "Anything that can go wrong is NOTHING compared to what the producer is going to ask for 3 hours before the deadline.""

See all our winners here.
We created a special bundle of our two most recent webinars:
  • 3D Space in Motion 5
  • Go Deeper Into 3D Space in Motion 5

These two webinars start at the beginning and illustrate how to use 3D by simply changing the position of a clip. By the time you are done, you are moving lights, cameras and sets in 3D like a pro.


Best of all, for a limited time, you can get both these webinars just for the price of one!  


Save 50%. Special pricing ends July 31. 


Click here to learn more and order. 

NEW! Master Compressor 4.2
We have a new training bundle for June:             Master Apple Compressor 4.2

High-quality video compression is critical in today's online world. So we put everything you need to know to make the most of Compressor in one place.

This complete and up-to-date training starts with the basics, then moves into every feature - new and old - inside Compressor.

Then, we added the research I've been writing about for the last two months on how to compress faster and better, along with a specific online session that covers what you need to know to compress video for the web.

Order today and SAVE 40%. Offer expires 7/31.


We started something new last week: a series of conversations about other crafts involved with production.

This week, we met LJ Stevens. She has 20 years experience as a casting director, talent agent and talent manager. The discussion focused on  on what producers, directors and actors need to know to make the most of a casting session.
  • What is the role of the casting director?
  • How do you organize a session?
  • What should you ask an actor to do that will help the director figure out if they can handle the part?
  • What should a director prepare for a session?
  • What should an actor prepare for a session?
This webinar will get your creative imagination spinning. Purchase your copy here.

P.S. I'm delighted to announce that this week's  Webinar is supported by PremiumBeat.com, providing high quality stock music for all your video & film projects.

We are continuing our series of conversations about other crafts involved with production.

This week, we meet Jeff Rack. Jeff is an Art Director for films, commercials, and ride-show vehicles, as well as a theatrical Set Designer. He worked at Disney's in-house EFX company, Dreamquest on Con-Air, Flubber, Mighty Joe Young, Kundun, and as a lead model-maker on Armageddon.  He was also a sculptor on Tim Burton's remake of The Planet of the Apes.
Jeff is an Ovation award winner for his theatrical design work, and is well known to theaters and theater patrons having designed and built over 150 productions from Santa Barbara to Edinburgh, Scotland.

This week, Larry talks with Jeff about:
  • The difference between Art Direction and Set Design
  • How Art Directors fit into the production team
  • Communication between producers, directors, art and set designers
  • Budgeting for art direction and set design
  • Communication traps that prevent good design
The live event is FREE, register today.

P.S. I'm delighted to announce that this week's  Webinar is supported by PremiumBeat.com, providing high quality stock music for all your video & film projects.

Digital Production Buzz

If you haven't watched or listened to the Digital Production Buzz recently, you're missing a lot!  We've added a new product demo segment called "Tech Talk" and a look back in time with Buzz Flashback.

In Tech Talk this week, producer Cirina Catania details what to do when your website develops a security issue and the problems she had getting her site working again.

Our guests this week started with Danny Manus. He's the CEO of No Bull Script Consulting and specialized in improving your scripts so they sell. He has great ideas to maximize your scripts. Then, Jonathan Handel explains a recent court decision that says that interns don't need to be paid, except when they do.  Finally, Sean Wycliff is the CEO/Co-founder of DealFlicks which is bringing people back to the theater at a discount.
  • Watch the entire show here.
  • Listen to the entire show here.
  • Read the show transcript here.
By the way, the Buzz website is evolving. Come visit and check out our new look!

New Articles & Videos
I have six articles and videos for you this week, including two excerpts from our Casting webinar.

I also updated our Top 3 Lists. As always, let me know what you think and I'll see you next week!


Photoshop: Prep a Still Image for Video Editing

This is a beginning-level description of how I prep images for video editing using Photoshop.

In this article, I discuss workflow, Levels, Curves, Cropping and Saving the file, along with examples of how everything works.

If Photoshop is new territory for you, this article will help you make your still images look great!

Final Cut Pro X: Create an Old-Time Sepia Effect

Sometimes, we need to make new images look like they are old. REALLY old.

This illustrated tutorial explains how to use the Sepia effect to create an old-time visual effect. And, it also explains what you shouldn't do.

Read the article here.

What Director's Need to Know

In this excerpt from our recent: "Conversations on Craft: Casting" discussion with LJ Stevens, we talk about what Producers and Directors need to know during a casting session.

There were ideas in this conversation that I had not considered before and I recommend it to you. This was a highly informative conversation.
What Actor's Need to Know
In this excerpt from our recent "Conversations on Craft: Casting" discussion with LJ Stevens, we talk about specific things that actors can do to improve their chances of being cast during a casting session.

I was especially interested in her comments on the differences between feature films and commercials.

Watch the video here.

Larry's Articles
for July 2015

So many folks are on vacation this month that I've summarized all my new July articles in one place, then organized them by subject so you can easily find what you missed.
Multicam Editing
Premiere & Final Cut Pro X
This is a compilation of articles and checklists covering multicam editing for both Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X. This also includes video tutorials.

View the compilation here.

Larry's Best Training: 
Final Cut Pro X: Complete
NEW for version 10.2!
We've updated our training to include all the new features in the 10.2 release of Final Cut Pro X.

Plus, we added new or revised chapters covering:
  • An Editing Quick Start
  • Learning the Interface
  • Media Management
  • Media Import
  • Keywords
  • 3D Text and Titles
  • Inspector Effects
  • Masking
  • Color Correction
  • Video Effects Cookbook
  • And more

More than 200 movies, more than 20 hours of training - all guaranteed to get you up-and-running quickly and turn you into a Final Cut Pro X expert.


There's nothing better on the market. 



Video Compression:
Master Apple Compressor 4.2
This Master Collection includes everything you need to know to learn Apple Compressor from the ground up.

This bundle includes our comprehensive Compressor 4.1 training, then updates it with all the new features in Compressor 4.2.

Then, we put the software to the test to see if it was any faster than previous versions - and discovered is is more than THREE TIMES faster than Compressor 4.1!


These days, everything we do ends up on the web. Which means that if we don't know how to compress our video to make it look good, all our work during production and post is wasted.

Everything you need - all in one place. 51 movies, more than six hours of training!

Top Three + 1 Lists