June 22, 2015
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Wow, I've got a ton of great stuff for you this week.

The BIG news is that, finally, we have posted the remaining eight episodes of Season 2 of the "2 Reel Guys."  This 32-part web series looks at the process of filmmaking from a creative, rather than technology, point of view. Hosted by Norman Hollyn and myself, and featuring our troupe of actors, this series provides a wealth of ideas and illustrations on how to tell stories with pictures. Original production costs were underwritten by Avid Technologies, for which I am grateful. And, finally, you get to see them as well. Click here. (The new stuff starts with Episode 24.)

Apple managed to land themselves in hot water with musicians over the launch of Apple Music. Taylor Swift wrote a really nice Open Letter to Apple, to which I added my own thoughts. I think Apple is making a mistake. You can read my blog here. (Update: Late Sunday night, Apple announced they were changing their policy. I updated my blog with the latest news.)

In addition to my blog, I have five new articles, including a product review of the new Sennheiser ClipMic digital.  All my articles, including the blog, are detailed below.

Our FCP X Master Class last week was successful, and we got a lot of great feedback to make it even better. So we are doing it again - August 8 -  reducing the price and moving it to a Saturday.  Details here. Thinking of new classes, we've scheduled four new webinars, including a major production that looks at lighting gear on July 8.  See the complete list here.  All webinars are free.

Adobe updated all their media software last week. I'm in the process of designing a new webinar to show off the highlights. Join us this week to learn more about the new stuff!

Its going to be an exciting summer. I'll have more news for you next week.
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In This Issue
Finally!  After a too-long hiatus, the last eight episodes of the "2 Reel Guys" are now posted. Each episode runs about ten minutes and looks at the creative challenges of filmmaking.

Hosted by Norman Hollyn and myself, these new episodes include:
  • Music videos
  • What makes a good character
  • How locations advance story
  • Staging a fight scene
  • Secrets from a casting director: Jane Jenkins
  • Lighting techniques
  • Changing emotion is key to storytelling
  • How editing enhances script
  • Wedding videos with John Goolsby
Very cool stuff here. Take a look. Here's the link.
There's a new section in our website that can be helpful to anyone thinking about starting their own editing business, or looking for tips on how to improve the business they already have.

Recently, I realized that students and people new to our industry have no clue on how it works. So, I created this series of answers to help explain how to start and run a creative business.

Pay special attention to:
  • How to start your editing business
  • Create a workflow that makes money
  • Calculating the rate to charge for your time and equipment
For all our "Grow Your Business" tips, visit here.
We launched a great Motion 5 bundle at the start of June - and its become a best-seller.

This contains everything you need to know to learn the latest version of Motion.

Motion is the heart of all Final Cut effects - and the more you know about Motion, the more you can do in Final Cut Pro X. Containing six different webinars, plus a special bonus covering 3D space in Motion, this starts you at the very beginning and turns you into a Motion Master.

Click here to learn more.
"The Craft of Production" is our latest "Craft" bundle. We go into the studio to illustrate:
  • Interview Techniques
  • How to use cameras to tell stories
  • How to pick the right mic and record better audio
  • A discussion of 3-point lighting
  • Plus, a BONUS of Norman Hollyn showing how to bring your production to the first edit.
The practical examples we cover here makes this one of my favorite packages. Learn more here and order your copy today! 


Last week's webinar was a free-flowing question and answer session covering lots and lots of subjects.

However, it is only available to members of our Video Training Library. Questions included: 
  • How should I archive media?
  • Should I buy a 4K TV?
  • How do I jump between keyframes?
  • How do I create effects and transitions in multicam clips?
  • How can I reduce the size of a library?
  • How can I join clips that are cut?
  • And many more

This session is ONLY in our Video Training Library. Learn more and join here.  


Last week, Adobe updated all their media applications; more than 15 in all.

This week, our webinar looks at the new features of both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC.

Premiere has had major work done to improve performance and add some exciting new collaboration features and effects.

I want to test the new version of Media Encoder to see if it is any faster and showcase its latest new features.

Space is limited, sign up here.

Digital Production Buzz

Very Exciting News: Randi Altman joins The Buzz! Randi has been covering the post-production industry for more than 20 years. Formerly the editor-in-chief of Post Magazine, now she runs her how website - PostPerspective.com. Starting last week, she joins the Buzz to provide a weekly update on key news we need to know.  Watch here premiere performance here.

We began with Philip Hodgetts. Recently, he was challenged to take everything he needed for an international shoot in one bag. Tonight, he brings the bag and shows us the gear he put it in. Then, Curtis Fritsch explains what we need to know to create an audio mix for international distribution. Finally, composer Marco Missinato explains how he creates music to add emotional power to a video.
  • Watch the Show Highlights here.
  • Watch the entire show here.
  • Listen to the entire show here.
  • Read the show transcript here.
By the way, the Buzz website is evolving. Stop by and visit!

New Articles & Videos
I have six new articles and videos for you this week!

We start with a blog about the trouble Apple is in with musicians and labels on the roll-out of Apple Music. Based on what I'm reading, I think Apple has it wrong. Read my thoughts in my blog, below. Then, a product review of a new digital mic from Sennheiser. Three different trouble-shooting videos and a detailed look at how to deinterlace video using Compressor.  Cool, cool stuff.

I've also updated our Top 3 Lists. I'll see you next week. Enjoy your summer.


Why is "Free" Such a Bad Idea? [u]

This morning, as I was writing this newsletter, musician Taylor Swift published an Open Letter to Apple on Tumblr, describing her concerns with the newly-launched Apple Music.

Based upon what I'm reading, I think she has it exactly right. Apple is heading in the wrong direction and needs to change.

Update: Late Sunday, Apple changed their policy. Better late than never.

Read my blog here. 
Product Review: Sennheiser ClipMic digital
Recently, Sennheiser released a lav microphone specifically for iOS devices: the ClipMic digital.

The team at Apogee loaned me a unit to review because they did the software interface for the microphone.

In this review, I test this new mic against two other professional lav mics: the Tram TR-50 and the Sennheister MKE-2; audio files included.

Read my review here.

What To Do When FCP X Thinks Your Hard Disk is a Camera

This short video is from my Members-only webinar called "Ask Larry Anything."

Here, I explain why Final Cut Pro X thinks your hard disk is a camera and what you need to do to fix it.
Apple Compressor: How to Deinterlace Video
This article grew out of an email exchange. I haven't written about deinterlacing for a number of years; not since Compressor 3.

In this article, I explain what interlacing is, why it's bad and how to remove it with  Compressor.

Read the article here.

FCP X: Where to Store Libraries and Media

This short video is from my Members-only webinar called "Ask Larry Anything."

Here, I explain the differences between managed and external media, when to use which and where to store libraries.
FCP X: When to Use Optimized, Proxy or Camera Media
This short video is also from my Members-only webinar called "Ask Larry Anything."

Here, I answer the question: "When should I use camera native, optimized or proxy media?"

Watch the video here.

Larry's Best Training: 
Final Cut Pro X: Complete
NEW for version 10.2!
We've updated our training to include all the new features in the 10.2 release of Final Cut Pro X.

Plus, we added new or revised chapters covering:
  • An Editing Quick Start
  • Learning the Interface
  • Media Management
  • Media Import
  • Keywords
  • 3D Text and Titles
  • Inspector Effects
  • Masking
  • Color Correction
  • Video Effects Cookbook
  • And more

More than 200 movies, more than 20 hours of training - all guaranteed to get you up-and-running quickly and turn you into a Final Cut Pro X expert.


There's nothing better on the market. 



Video Compression:
Apple Compressor 4.1
Apple continues to update Compressor with an all-new interface, improved compression settings and better monitoring. We created new training just for this version.
  • Better organized
  • More informative
  • Tighter focus on making your images look great.

These days, everything we do ends up on the web. Which means that if we don't know how to compress our video to make it look good, all our work during production and post is wasted.

In this in-depth video training, Larry Jordan shows you how to make the most of Apple Compressor 4.1.x. 

NOTE: We will be updating this training for the Compressor 4.2 release later in May.

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