May 25, 2015
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There's lots happening this week, from new articles to special holiday offers on all Webinars. (By the way, our Webinar special pricing ends today at midnight, LA-time. ALL webinars only $9.99!)

I had a fun time writing an article illustrating all the different icons, symbols and alerts in Final Cut Pro X.  It's quite a glossary! Also, this week, I continue comparing video compression speeds on Adobe Media Encoder, Apple Compressor, HandBrake, MPEG Streamclip, Telestream Episode and Sorenson Squeeze using a new Mac Pro and an iMac.

Thinking about learning new things, we are responding to a frequent request for small training classes. So, I'm delighted to announce a one-day "Hands-On Master Class" with me on June 15.  This is a special combination of classroom lecture and hands-on techniques working with your own projects. There's a limit of six class members, so register today.

We have a fun webinar this week: "Motion Basics." On a recent survey, the number one request for training was a session devoted to the basics of Motion. So, this week, that's exactly what we are doing. I'll start at the beginning and show you everything you need to create simple animated text and backgrounds. Attendance is free. Sign up now.

This is a holiday weekend in the US, so if you need to contact us, we will be back on Tuesday.
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This day-long session is designed to help you solve problems with your specific projects. The morning starts with a class, covering the specific subjects you want to learn. Then, in the afternoon, we go hands-on with your projects, trouble-shooting and looking for ways to make them better.
  • June 15
  • $495 (early-bird registration)
  • Our studios in Westlake Village, CA
  • Limited to 6 students

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We don't discount our webinars very often, but now, at the start of the summer, it seems a perfect time to give you a way to learn something new and save money at the same time.

Any webinar - only $9.99.

This special pricing ends tonight at midnight, Los Angeles time.

With over 150 titles to choose from, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.


This webinar was dedicated to finding ways to make Premiere Pro move faster!

This concentrated in four areas: 
  • Optimizing preferences
  • Optimizing workspaces
  • Hidden keyboard shortcuts
  • Little-known keyboard shortcuts

Working faster translates into more creative time - or just more personal time. Either way, you benefit.


If Premiere is your tool of choice, watch this webinar.


SPECIAL NOTE: Monday only, we reduced prices on all our webinars to just $9.99. This is a perfect webinar to add to your collection. 
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MAY 27

This session is devoted to helping you understand Motion and put it to work for you.
My goal is to help you understand three basic tasks:
  • How to animate text
  • How to animate a background
  • How to move effects between FCP X and Motion
Along the way, I'll explain projects, behaviors, filters and basic animation settings.

If you've always wanted to learn Motion but couldn't figure it out, join us this Wednesday.

Attendance, as always, is limited to 100 seats. And, as always, its free!

Register here.  See you Wednesday!

Digital Production Buzz

Three very interesting interviews on The Buzz this week.

Uwe Greunke is the Director of Global Brand Marketing for Sennheiser. Recently, he was charged with marketing a new microphone product launch. This week, he tells us how they used video to convey their story. Then, Jeff Stansfield, CEO of Advantage Video Systems, showcased a new portable DIT box they've invented, called the 4Kase, designed to simplify capturing media on set. Finally, editor Brady Betzel told us about how he is integrating 3D titling and effects into reality programing - very quickly and very cheap.
  • Watch last week's Show Highlights here.
  • Watch the entire show here.
  • Listen to the entire show here.
  • Read the show transcript here.

New Articles & Videos
I have four new articles and videos for you this week. The two articles span a range - the Video Compression Test took two people all week to gather results. The Illustrated List was created when a reader asked what a symbol meant and, after doing a Google search, I realized nothing like this existed. So, I created it.  Plus, I have two highlights from last week's webinar.

I've also updated our Top 3 Lists. Enjoy your holiday and I'll see you next week.


An Illustrated List of Icons, Symbols and Alerts in
Final Cut Pro X

Ever wonder what those squiggly lines or colors mean inside Final Cut Pro X?

Well, this week, I had some extra time, so I compiled an illustrated list of more than 50 of them.  Covering icons in the Library, Browser, Viewer and Timeline, this shows you what they look like, then explains what they mean.

Very cool.

Speed Test: Compare Video Compression Software
For the last four weeks, I've been looking at video compression speeds, comparing different computer systems and software.

This week, I wrap up our coverage by comparing compression speeds of six current software packages:
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Apple Compressor
  • Handbrake
  • Squared D MPEG Streamclip
  • Telestream Episode
  • Sorenson Squeeze
I test all six on a new Mac Pro and an iMac using a variety of codecs and files. There's some pretty amazing stuff here.

Read the article here.

Premiere Pro CC 2014:
The Media Browser

This is an excerpt from a recent webinar looking at "Secret Power Tips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014."

In this excerpt, I show you why the Media Browser is a MUCH better way to import media and projects into Premiere.

Premiere Pro CC 2014:
Customize Workspaces
This is an excerpt from a recent webinar looking at "Secret Power Tips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014."

Workspaces allow you to configure Premiere to work the way you want to work - with different layouts for different stages in the editing process.

Watch the video here.

Larry's Best Training: 
Final Cut Pro X: Complete
NEW for version 10.2!
We've updated our training to include all the new features in the 10.2 release of Final Cut Pro X.

Plus, we added new or revised chapters covering:
  • An Editing Quick Start
  • Learning the Interface
  • Media Management
  • Media Import
  • Keywords
  • 3D Text and Titles
  • Inspector Effects
  • Masking
  • Color Correction
  • Video Effects Cookbook
  • And more

More than 200 movies, more than 20 hours of training - all guaranteed to get you up-and-running quickly and turn you into a Final Cut Pro X expert.


There's nothing better on the market. 



Video Compression:
Apple Compressor 4.1
Apple continues to update Compressor with an all-new interface, improved compression settings and better monitoring. We created new training just for this version.
  • Better organized
  • More informative
  • Tighter focus on making your images look great.

These days, everything we do ends up on the web. Which means that if we don't know how to compress our video to make it look good, all our work during production and post is wasted.

In this in-depth video training, Larry Jordan shows you how to make the most of Apple Compressor 4.1.x. 

NOTE: We will be updating this training for the Compressor 4.2 release later in May.

Top Three + 1 Lists