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August 11, 2014
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FCP 7: Move Sequences to Final Cut Pro X
FCP 7: Move Sequences to Premiere Pro
Partition a RAID for Speed
FCP X: Divide Large Libraries
FCP X: Restore a Library from Backups
Coremelt: SliceX & TrackX
Intelligent Assistance: Producer's Best Friend
FCP X (v.10.1.2): Complete!
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Compressor 4.1 Training
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Larry Jordan Whew! SEVEN new articles for you this week, including some killer demos. Plus interesting news about an alternative to KickStarter for funding media projects, two great webinars, and a fascinating Buzz interview. I don't know where all the inspiration came from for this week, but I've had a lot of fun writing.

I also had an interesting time, earlier this week, speaking at the Flash Memory Summit.  Who knew 5,000 people were interested in this stuff!?!  I had a great time and learned a lot about flash-based storage that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. (More on this when I get to The Buzz later in this issue.) Thanks to Andy Marken for creating our panel.

My two articles discussing Final Cut Pro 7 editors considering Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X generated LOTS of comments! I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts and was gratified at the response these received from literally tens of thousands of readers. Very cool - thanks!.


I had lunch with Claude Shires this week. Claude is a former student who's gone on to create some amazing things. His latest venture is an alternative to KickStarter called They've been in operation for a year and have created a website specifically designed to make it easier for media people to crowd-source project funding.

Their key benefit is that they've made management of the process a lot easier. I'm looking forward to getting Claude on The Buzz in the near future. In the meantime, if you are looking for money, check out his website:

Small notes bullet By the way, I've been comparing the compression speeds of the latest versions of Adobe Media Encoder with Apple Compressor. My testing is still in process, but the initial results are striking. If you are compressing MPEG-4 files for YouTube or the web, AME CC is more than twice as fast as Compressor 4.1. I am really surprised by the speed difference, because AME in the past was never a speed demon. I'll publish my full report shortly, but wanted to give you a quick heads-up now.

I'm presenting a free webinar for Moviola tomorrow showing how to create simple, yet eye-catching effects using Final Cut Pro X. As I was researching this presentation, I realized that change is at the heart of every effect. So, I'll show how simple changes when combined together can create some stunning effects. I've got some very cool stuff. The webinar is free - sign up here.

Small notes bullet AEScripts is a company I don't mention very much, but they are very active in supporting After Effects editors. They just released a new plug-in called "Templater" that is a very elegant and highly polished solution for versioning templates for all kinds of uses. Here's the link.


Generic newsletter bullet Last month, I upgraded all our Final Cut Pro X training to include the latest new features in the 10.1.2 FCP X update.

If you are trying to learn Final Cut, my training can save you tons of time compared to learning on your own. Discover dozens of ways to edit faster, better, with less stress and higher quality.

My training contains more than 210 movies, spanning more than 16 hours of training - and includes all the major features in Final Cut Pro X. This does more than simply show you which buttons to push - I explain what the buttons mean and why to push them.

Learn more here.


Generic newsletter bullet We had a great webinar last week looking at 3rd-party Plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X.  The show demoed a baker's dozen of plug-ins from these companies:
  • NewBlueFX
  • Stupid Raisins
  • Digital Anarchy
  • Intelligent Assistance
  • Tiffen Software
  • FXFactory
  • Red Giant
  • Coremelt
There was a lot of fun and interesting stuff in this session. Click here to download your copy.


Generic newsletter bullet Thinking of webinars, I'm doing something different this week. I'm showing how to handle double-system sound in both Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC.

Double-system sound is created when you record video on the camera, but record the audio on a separate device, like a digital audio recorder. The trick is getting the two synced up.

In this webinar, I'll look at how FCP X and Premiere do it natively, then look at the methods presented by PluralEyes, from Red Giant, and Sync N Link, from Intelligent Assistance.

Register here -- it's FREE!

We have a limit of 100 seats for each webinar. The first show for the last three weeks was sold out. So, sign up before seats are gone this week, too. There are two presentations: 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM - Los Angeles time.

Anyone can attend the live presentations FREE . Subscribers get to watch webinars at any time, its included in your membership!  Become a subscriber today. 


Buzz newsletter bullet This week's featured Buzz interview started over dinner at the Flash Memory Summit. I found myself sitting next to Tony Cacciarelli, product marketing manager for AJA Video Systems. (Tony also spoke on our panel at the Summit.)

We got to talking about the move toward higher and higher resolution video. 4K, 6K, even 8K and I wondered what AJA was doing with it.  Well, come to discover, they are doing quite a bit, especially in the shift from framing a shot using the camera to framing shots using "Regions of Interest (ROI)."  

I thought Tony's perspective was fascinating and leading edge for many of us, so we invited him on The Buzz to explain it in more detail. We called it: "The New Frontier: 4K, 6K and 8K Video."

Listen to Tony's interview here.

Listen to the entire show here.

Thanks to the folks at Take1 Transcriptions, you can read, as well as listen to each show. Read this week's show transcript here. (You'll also find show transcripts on each Buzz show page.)


Generic newsletter bullet The creative juices were running amok this week! I have seven new articles for you, including three product demos. I'm hard-pressed to figure out which to list first, so take the time to read or watch all of them.

Plus, I've updated our Top 3 lists because this week, everyone decided to read something different.

How to Move Sequences from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X 
This is a combination product demo and tutorial, squeezed into a five minute video.

I realized after my article last week that I needed to show how to move projects from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X.

I first covered this in last week's webinar, but I didn't like the presentation. So, I went back and did it again specifically for this article to show you all the steps to move projects between the two apps.

How to Move Sequences from Final Cut Pro 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC  
Then, since I was presenting this from a Final Cut Pro X perspective, I realized I also needed to write up how to move projects between FCP 7 and Premiere Pro.

What you need to know is that this process works for Premiere Pro CS6, CC, and CC (2014). Also, this article discusses what transfers and what doesn't, regardless of where you are sending your sequence.

Partition a RAID For Speed 
This article grew out of my recent RAID tests.

The secret about RAIDs that no one talks about is that they slow down as they get full.

This article provides a very simple technique you can use to keep your RAIDs running as fast as possible. Plus, it also discusses why this occurs in the first place.

Divide Large Libraries 
Most of my projects only have a few hundred clips; at most. And FCP X can handle those easily in a single library.

However, many long-form documentaries and reality shows can run to thousands of clips. And even Final Cut Pro X can hit a wall.

In this article, I explain why and how to take a large library and divide it into smaller libraries that are easier to manage.

If performance with organization are your goals, you need to read this article.

Restore a Library From Library Backup Files 
New with the 10.1 update to Final Cut is the ability to create Library Backup files.

This feature was enhanced with the 10.1.2 update.

In this article, I explain what these backup files are, where they are located and how to restore your files from them, if necessary.

The Magic of SliceX and TrackX
As part of last week's webinar, I demoed two software plug-ins from Coremelt that very closely resemble magic: SliceX and TrackX.

In this demo, I show you how to blur and automatically track a face, track text next to a moving object in the frame, and, most amazing of all, make a portion of the frame - specifically, a fighter jet - disappear.

David Copperfield, eat your heart out!

Producer's Best Friend 
Also, from last week's webinar, is a piece of software that you either can't live without, or wonder what all the excitement is about:  Producer's Best Friend.

Published by Intelligent Assistance, this utility automatically generates most of the reports you need to provide when submitting a program for broadcast, national cable, or international distribution.

This includes: music cue sheets, licensed media, audio cues, clip and transition reports and much more.

What used to take weeks, this report can create in a matter of seconds.

This title contains everything you need to learn Apple's
Final Cut Pro X v.10.1!
This title includes both:

* FCP X: Workflow & Editing

* FCP X: Effects


All in one place, for one great price!


Start with initial setup and media management to editing, effects, and output, there's no finer training on the market.

* Need to get started in a hurry? We condensed everything you need into one chapter.

* Need to learn just the new features? We've got you covered.

* Need in-depth training on everything you need to know to become a video editing pro? Start at the beginning and work your way to the end.

You'll be amazed at how much you learn!


Over 200 movies, more than 22 hours of training! Each movie is laser-focused to get you the information you need exactly when you need it. (The average movie length is about seven minutes.)

One title - everything you need - available right now.

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Learn Apple Compressor 4.1
Apple continues to update Compressor with an all new interface, improved compression settings and better monitoring. This application has some much new stuff inside that we went back and re-did all our training for the new version.
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  • More informative
  • Tighter focus on making your images look great.

These days, everything we do ends up on the web.
Which means that if we don't know how to compress our video to make it look good, all our work during production and post is wasted.

In this in-depth video training, Larry Jordan shows you how to make the most of Apple Compressor 4.1.x.

Whether you are a new or experienced, this training will help you make your media look and sound great!

We are committed to providing the highest quality training at the lowest possible price and distributing it as widely as possible.

From subscriptions to individual downloads to free techniques and articles -- we've got your back.  And there's lots more to come.


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