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April 28, 2014
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Larry JordanSigh... We're in that anxious interregnum between the end of NAB, where all kinds of cool new products were announced, and when they actually start shipping. It's kinda like two days before Christmas. You know the presents are there, but you can't put your hands on them... yet.

In fact, just like a lot of developers, we're working hard on some new ideas that we are almost, but not quite ready to announce.

So, this week, I have both new and old articles for you: one filled with tips on how to make your text look great in video and the second on creating high-quality slow motion in Final Cut Pro X. Plus, we have a ton of interesting Short Notes, a fascinating featured interview from The Buzz, and, as always, updated Top 3 lists.

And, our webinars are back - starting Wednesday! I've got details on those in just a second.

Happy Spring, by the way. I'm looking forward to a very interesting summer.


Generic newsletter bullet I'm working on some new training and I'm looking for short (about one minute) dramatic scenes that I can use to illustrate the process of editing. These can be comedy, dramatic, or music, geared for a general audience.

If you own source footage that's good enough to show to others, and you're willing to share it, send me an email and I'll send you more details.


Now that NAB is over, we completed our evaluation and testing of webinar service providers and, this Wednesday, our webinars are back!

We've been struggling with Adobe Connect for several months. So, we decided, just before NAB, that we needed to switch providers. After looking at a variety of options, we chose GoToWebinar.

We've planned webinars from now till the end of July.  The first four are:
  • April 30: FCP X: Color Correct a Scene
  • May 7: Premiere Pro CC: Create Better Titles
  • May 14: FCP X: Better Effects with Blend Modes
  • May 21: Adobe Encore: From Hi-Def Video to Blu-Ray Disc
Here's the cool new part - ANYONE can join the live webinar for FREE! Or, if you can't make the live show, subscribers can view the video as part of their subscription, while everyone else can download a copy from our store.

We have a limit of 100 seats for each event. Webinars start at 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM every Wednesday.

Click here to learn more and register. Remember, the live shows are free!


I redid the Webinar list in the left sidebar of this newsletter. It now lists our most popular webinars - so you can see what other people are buying. This list is based on units sold in our store, as opposed to watched on our subscription site.

I'll keep this updated as we roll out new titles.


Alex Raccuglia sent me a notice about his new app: trackSlate.

"trackSlate is the fastest clapperboard app for iOS to use on movie sets because it allows you to change the values on the slate using gestures. Also, using trackSlate connect it's easy to REMOTE CONTROL one or more clapper boards to keep everything logged, organized by the production, via another advice, a Mac or a PC."

He has a nice demo and more information his website:

Dr. Marc Batschkus just published a FREE iBook  to support media professionals in their storage and data management decisions and procedures. Titled: "Data Management, Backup and Archive for Media Professionals" it talks about how to protect valuable video data in all stages of the workflow.

The book is free, and you can find it here.

Thinking about free stuff, Richard Michalak is a cinematographer who has developed a FREE online "Basics of Cinematography" tutorial. I've watched about the first ten minutes and was very impressed with how he breaks down complex subjects into easily digestible bites.

The whole thing takes less than an hour to watch and your images will be the better for it. Here's the link:

By the way, here's Richard's website.

Yosef Javed is the Head of Distribution for Remark. They've developed a review and approval tool for collaborating on a film, TV show, or any type of video. "We allow anyone to manage and share notes from any video source without having to email, phone, or meet with team members in-person to improve it frame-by-frame.
"Our point is to help everyone on the team reach the original vision of the film without anything being lost in translation."

Here's a link to see how this works. Sign in as guest, then start typing once you see something you like:

Here's the Remark website:


Sharon Steele sent me the following tip (which I've rewritten for space):

"Today I tried burning a DVD in Compressor as a Job Action after I finished compressing it.  It had a simple menu but worked well. Compressor gave me the option to "burn again", but I didn't do it as wanted to check the DVD first.  Now I want to burn a second DVD of the same thing.

"I discovered I could do this by re-opening Compressor and choosing Completed projects. Click the 'reuse' arrow on the right of the project I wanted (after I closed the initial "Burn to DVD" request), I had to resubmit the batch, but Compressor must have kept it somewhere in memory as it only took a couple minutes before it asked for the blank DVD instead of the full hour it took to make it in the first place."



This was a pretty intense week, from a new point of view. Last Tuesday, Aereo vs. ABC was heard at the Supreme Court. Then, Wednesday, the FCC proposed new rules for net neutrality that many took as striking down neutrality.

On my podcast, The Digital Production Buzz, we covered both of these in-depth and I strongly suggest you listen to both interview.

Jonathan Handel is Of Counsel at Troy/Gould in LA, and the entertainment labor reporter for The Hollywood Reporter. He's been covering Aereo for a while.

Michael Hiltzik is a business columnist for the Los Angeles Times. He's been covering net neutrality for the LA Times for a while now.

Both interviews are excellent.

Listen to Jonathan here.

Listen to Michael here.

Listen to the entire show here.

And, if you want to read, instead of listen to the interviews, click here for the written transcript. (Thanks, for making our transcripts possible.)


Generic newsletter bulletI have two new articles for your this week: the first provides tips and examples of how to make your text look good in video. Whether you are using FCP X, Premiere, or any other video editor, these tips will improve your text.

Second, is an article explaining how to use high-frame rate video to create high-quality slow motion using Final Cut Pro X. The technique isn't hard, but it sure isn't obvious.

Also, I added a reminder to the "Basics of Media Management." This is a great article to send to editors just starting out who are trying to figure out the best way to configure their systems for editing.

Plus, as usual, I've updated our Top Three lists. 

Tips to Make Your Text Look Great 
Fonts have life and energy and personality. But if your audience can't read them, what good are they?

In this article, I explain why fonts are so important, then provide Ten Tips to make your text look great.

Even better, I accompany the tips with specific examples so you can see for yourself why these tips can make a big difference in your projects.

Create High-Quality Slow-Motion Video 
Increasingly, today's cameras can shoot high-frame-rate video; video that exceeds 60 frames per second.

The main reason to do this is to create high-quality slow-motion images which are far superior to the simple slow-mo that software can create.

But, how do you get Final Cut Pro X to play every frame you shoot, rather than adjust the frame rate so that speeds look "normal?"

This article answers that question and shows you exactly how this works.

The Basics of Media Management
Media management confuses everybody. So, I decided to write a basic article that describes media management, show how it works and explain the variety of options we have when it comes to storing media.

This is a perfect article to send to someone just getting started, to bring yourself up-to-speed on the latest technology, or just help you understand what's going on "under the hood."

This article applies to any audio or video editing software.

This title contains everything you need to learn Apple's
Final Cut Pro X v.10.1!
This title includes both:

* FCP X: Workflow & Editing

* FCP X: Effects

All in one place, for one great price!

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* Need to get started in a hurry? We condensed everything you need into one chapter.

* Need to learn just the new features? We've got you covered.

* Need in-depth training on everything you need to know to become a video editing pro? Start at the beginning and work your way to the end.

You'll be amazed at how much you learn!


Over 200 movies, more than 22 hours of training! Each movie is laser-focused to get you the information you need exactly when you need it. (The average movie length is about seven minutes.)

One title - everything you need - available right now.

Here are the most popular articles, webinars, and audio interviews for the past seven days across all my websites.


We expanded this list to the Top 4 for more variety:
For an index of all our articles, visit here.



This list is based on the webinars watched most often by our monthly subscribers. For a list of all our webinars, visit here.


Digital Production Buzz Audio Interviews   

For a list of all the audio interviews we've conducted on The Buzz, visit here. 

Learn Apple Compressor 4.1
With the release of Final Cut Pro X v10.1, Apple also updated Compressor to version 4.1 An all new interface, improved compression settings and better monitoring. So much changed, in fact, that we went back and re-recorded all our training for the new version.
  • Better organized
  • More informative
  • Tighter focus on making your images look great.
These days, everything we do ends up on the web.
Which means that if we don't know how to compress our video to make it look good, all our work during production and post is wasted.

In this in-depth video training, Larry Jordan shows you how to make the most of Apple Compressor 4.1.

Whether you are a new or experienced, this training will help you make your media look and sound great!

We are committed to providing the highest quality training at the lowest possible price and distributing it as widely as possible.

From subscriptions to individual downloads to free techniques and articles -- we've got your back.  And there's lots more to come.


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