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March 11, 2013
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Shooting 4K Video
Working with Tapeless Media
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Larry Jordan WE'VE GOT WINNERS! 
We've got our first round of winners in our "Editing Truths" contest - see who they are below.

Also, I have more movies from my presentations at BVE posted to my YouTube Channel - one on shooting and editing 4K video and the other on working with tapeless media.

Plus, I have two new articles, two new webinars in our store, and too much to fit into one newsletter!  Whew...


Last week I mentioned we were having problems with our subscription service. This ultimately affected 15 people. I'm delighted to say that our web team came back from vacation to get everyone working again. Thank you, Sudd and Mina!

If you have any problems with our subscription playback, please let us know.  We always want the service to work reliably for you. 


Last month, the ITU created a new compression standard called HEVC, or H.265. This codec is specifically designed for 4K and 8K images. To learn more about this, I interviewed Benoit Fouchard, the Chief Strategy Officer of ATEME.

Wow!  My co-host, Mike Horton, hates codecs, yet even he was fascinated by this interview.

If you are thinking about shooting high-res images, you need to listen to Benoit's comments. We start by talking about the codec, but then branch out into how shooting needs to change as resolution increases, the need for faster frame rates with higher-resolution, and how soon, if ever, the broadcast and consumer markets will be ready for truly high-def.

We don't have his individual interview posted to the website yet;  however he is the first interview on last week's show.  We invited him back again this week to talk more about the practical implications of "Ultra High-Definition" video.

Listen to the show here


For the sixth year in a row, the Digital Production Buzz is the official podcast of the NAB Show 2013.  


Get your FREE ticket to the NAB trade show floor:  click here and use Registration Code: LV4787


Our trip to BVE in London totally destroyed my editing schedule. So, we finally have our two latest webinars posted in our Store:

# 94: Create Cool Effects in Motion 5
# 95: Create Killer Titles in Final Cut Pro X

Our web team was on vacation last week, so we will be adding these movies to the subscription service, along with all our BVE videos, early this week.

A couple of weeks ago, we started the 2013 Edition of "Editing Truths for Better Living." Those aphorisms that the real-world just slaps up the side of our head.

For the complete rules - um, it's free and no salespeople will call - click here. Winners receive their choice of one of my webinars. (Remember to include your website with your entry!)

This Week's Winners  
Matt Davis - 
Never let a computer know you're in a hurry. Ever.

Jack Dragga 
Re: billing - Time is money. If you've got the money, I've got the time.

Client: "Can I see how this sequence would look with the exterior shot that we cut from the budget?"

Matt Davis - 
Never let a cameraman see what Magic Bullet can do.

Think you can do better? Send 'em in!!


I have two articles and two longer video tutorials this week, including two of my most popular sessions at Broadcast Video Expo 2013 in London.

I've also updated my Top 3 lists. As always, the details are below.

Shooting 4K Video 
This YouTube video  is the presentation I gave at BVE about the implications of shooting 4K video.

I am not opposed to higher-resolution, but it is important to think through the implications of the format.

In this presentation, I look at Ultra-High-Definition from the perspectives of production, post-production, output, and distribution.

As always, I am interested in your comments. (My talks at BVE were sponsored by Blackmagic Design.)

Working With Tapeless Media 
This YouTube video  is the presentation I gave at BVE about the challenges of working with tapeless media.

Here, I discuss working tapeless starting with planning in pre-production, on-set, transferring and naming, ingesting, and archiving media.

(My talks at BVE were sponsored by Blackmagic Design.)

The Position Tool  

The Magnetic Timeline has come in for it's share of abuse.

However, I like it. Why? Because of the Position tool.

If the Magnetic Timeline is driving you nuts, you need to dig deeper into Final Cut's tool kit and discover the Position tool, as this article explains.

Read the article here.

The Multiband Compressor  

I've been a big fan of the Limiter filter since I first discovered it in Soundtrack Pro.

However, recently, I needed to process a clip that the Limiter filter just couldn't handle.

It was time to find something new - and I discovered the Multiband Compressor.

This is a great tool that you can use to smooth out audio levels and make them sound even better than the Limiter.

If the sound of your audio is important to you, you need to spend a few minutes reading over this article.

Read the article here.

Here are the Top 3 Lists of our most popular articles, webinars, and Buzz interviews for the last week.

Top 3 Articles

1. FCP X: Manage Events and Projects

2. FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy

3. FCP X: Compressing Video for YouTube

Click here to see a Top 10 List of popular articles for the last seven days; listed under Most Popular Articles.

Top 3 Webinars

1. #93: Still Images in Final Cut Pro X

2. #92: Using Roles in Final Cut Pro X

3. #88: Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals

The Top 3 webinars are based on the videos subscribers watched over the last seven days. To learn more about becoming a member of our video training library, click here.

Top 3 Digital Production Buzz Interviews

1. Philip Hodgetts: The Future of FCP X

2. Ross Shain: What the Heck is Mocha?

3. Michael Cioni: The "Post-Studio" World

The Top 3 Interviews are based on what visitors to the Digital Production Buzz website have listened to over the last seven days.


This is the training the pros turn to when they want to learn Final Cut Pro X.

From set-up to editing to effects to export, everything you need to know to master this new software is contained in this training.


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