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Nov. 5, 2012
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Larry Jordan


Wow... what a week.

The day after Apple releases the latest version of Final Cut Pro X (10.0.6), I'm on a plane to San Antonio to speak at TATOA -- the Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors.  (It was a great conference, San Antonio is truly lovely, and I had a great time!)

During the day, I'm showing folks the latest versions of Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. At night, I'm reading everything I can about the new version of Final Cut.

Then, the day I get back to the office, I'm in the studio, writing and recording brand new training covering all the features in this new release.

The new FCP X update is amazing - without question the most feature-packed update to Final Cut since its initial release. There are dozens of significant enhancements - everything from new features to performance improvements.

I am very, very impressed with what Apple did.

After a wild week of writing, recording, and editing, we packaged up all our new training and released it this morning at dawn. More than two hours of training, spanning 23 QuickTime movies, covering all the significant features of the latest update.

Introducing: FCP X: New Features 10.0.6!


I always enjoy finding ways to share cool stuff with readers of this newsletter, so I'm delighted to offer you a 20% discount on this new training.

The retail price is $24.99. However, if you enter FCPX06 as the coupon code during checkout, you can save $5 -- making the training a ridiculously affordable $19.99. (Special pricing ends 11/13/12.)
And, if you want to see what our FCP X 10.0.6 training covers, take a look at this detailed PDF outline.


This week, my podcast,, will be broadcasting live from the Entertainment Technology Expo, in Burbank, California. We are doing two shows on Wednesday and two more shows on Thursday, plus highlights on The BuZZ Thursday night.

Most of our guests are lined up, but we are still working on a few surprises - and, like always, listening to The BuZZ is totally free. The BuZZ is the Internet's leading podcast covering digital video production, post-production, and distribution around the world.  

Join us at ETE and be a part of the audience. Can't attend? Tune in to the live show, or listen later from our website or iTunes. If you want to know what's going on in our industry, The Buzz is the place to find out.

Click here for more information about our live  coverage.


Sigh... Well, I discovered I can record new training or write lots of articles, but not do both.  I have two new articles for you this week, along with updates to all our Top 3 lists.

As always, the details are below.

Tricks Too Cool For School!

The 10.0.6 release brought a bunch of big features -- but it also brought some cool small stuff, like keyboard shortcuts and interesting places to click, that are buried in the program.

Not to worry - I spent time digging deep into the Help files and put this article together to show you some neat ways to get stuff done faster.

Read the article here.

Two Cautions

Final Cut has two different filters to create black and white effects. One looks great, the other can damage your images.

Also, there are two different blend modes that accomplish essentially the same effect. One looks great, the other will get your programs rejected by quality assurance.

Learn what these problem children are and why to avoid them in this short article.

Here are our Top 3 Lists of most popular articles, webinars, and Buzz interviews for the last week.

Top 3 Articles

1. FCP 7: Compressing Video for YouTube

2. FCP X: Improving Performance

3.  FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs. Proxy Media

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Top 3 Webinars

1. Webinar 73: FCP X: Audio Filters and Editing

2. Webinar 81: Faster Editing in Final Cut Pro X

3. Webinar 80: Motion 5: Paths, Mattes, Masking

The Top 3 webinars are based on the videos subscribers watched over the last week. To learn more about subscription, click here.

Top 3 Digital Production Buzz Interviews

1. Mark Ditmanson: Will LED Lighting Be Banned?

2. Jody Eldred: New Sony Cameras

3. Jan Crittenden-Livingston: New Panasonic Cameras

The Top 3 Interviews are based on what visitors to the Digital Production Buzz website have listened to over the last seven days.


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From subscriptions to individual downloads to free techniques and articles -- we've got your back.  And there's lots more to come.


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