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May 28, 2012
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Larry Jordan


Want to save money? Check. Something new on FCP 7? Check. FCP X? Check. Premiere Pro CS6? Check. Hardware? Double-check!!


First, though, many of you have been asking for training on Adobe's CS6 releases and, this week, I'm proud to announce we have it! Our  "Get Started with Adobe CS6" bundle -- almost ten hours of training at a super great price -- only $99!

Separately, the titles in this bundle cost more than $200. This week only, we are offering them bundled for $99 - you save more than 50%! This special pricing ends Monday, June 4.

This training covers Adobe Story, Prelude, Premiere Pro, and Audition with a combination of webinars and in-depth training. So, please order your copy today.

We are planning much more training on Adobe in the coming weeks. This is a great way to get started learning this new software - and save money at the same time!

(By they way, if you purchase now, you get a free update to the next version of both my Prelude and Audition training, when Adobe revises the software.) 


Another popular request is to write more articles for FCP 7 users. The only problem is that FCP 7 isn't changing much these days. However, I discovered that I haven't written about chroma-key in FCP 7, so you'll find an article on that below.

Then, to be fair, I figured I should write about how to do chroma-key in FCP X, so I have an article about that this week, as well.


If you are thinking about switching to Premiere Pro CS6, watch last week's webinar. We look at getting started with Premiere, along with it's new interface, workflow, and editing and trimming tools.

Then, read my extended Premiere Pro CS6 article below on trimming.  Adobe has changed this a LOT!


Last week, the folks at RAIDAGE sent me a slim-line RAID to review. I'm plus/minus on this new unit, you can read my review below and see if you agree.

Then, thinking about hardware reminds me about the very long-in-the-tooth MacPro. Lou Borella is trying to get Apple to give us a clue about their future plans for this key piece of hardware. Read my blog and decide if you want to add your voice to the list.


On a different note, if you haven't heard last week's Digital Production Buzz, take a listen. I REALLY enjoyed our first interview with Nick Dager, Editor & Publisher of the Digital Cinema Report on the challenges of providing reliable news and information in the digital age. I'd love your comments on this,  because I wrestle with it every day.


In the meantime, I have four articles and a blog for you this week. A major piece on trimming in Premiere Pro CS6, plenty of details on chroma-keying in FCP X and FCP 7, a product review of a RAIDAGE RAID, and thoughts on the MacPro. Enjoy!

Trimming in Premiere Pro CS6

One of the big new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is its new trimming tools. Adobe made them faster and simpler.

In this article, I show you different ways to trim in Premiere using the mouse, keyboard, and even the ability to trim in real-time.

All very cool, all very fast, and all new with the CS6 release.

Read the article here.

P.S. I, uh, got carried away with a story in here. If you've ever wondered about "Larry's Corollary to Walter Murch's Theorem," you'll learn the facts here.

Does the MacPro Have a Future?
Logo: Larry's Blog
Apple hasn't updated the MacPro since, um, forever.

Will it?  Should it?  Lou Borella has started a movement asking Apple for guidance. 

Read my blog and see where I stand. Then, if you want to join in, I'll give you the link.
Read my blog here.

Create a Chroma-key Using Primatte RT

The Primatte RT filter in Final Cut Pro 7 can create a very nice green-screen key.

This article gives you a step-by-step guide to making your keys look great.

Create a Chroma-key

As long as I was writing about chroma-keys, I figured I should write up how these work in FCP X as well.

Apple totally rewrote this filter for FCP X and it can do some amazing work. Then, with the new features they added in the 10.0.3 release, you can make even bad keys look good.

Read my article here.

P.S. I also added a short section explaining how garbage masks work, along with a link on where to get free plugins. 

RAIDAGE 4-bay Rack-Mount RAID

I finally have the time to get back into hardware reviews. So, this week, I look at the RAIDAGE Rack-mount RAID.

This is an example of an OEM manufacturer trying to enter the retail market.

Read my review and let me know what you think.

Read my article here.


Here are the top three most viewed articles on my website during the last week:

1. First Look:
Adobe Prelude CS6

2. FCP X: Native vs. Optimize vs Proxy Media

3. Motion 5: Make Audio Move Video

Click here to see a Top 10 list of most popular articles for the last seven days; they are listed in the "Most Popular Articles" section.

Get Started with Adobe CS6          
Get Started with CS6
Readers have been asking for more video training on Adobe software - and now, we have it!

Almost 90 movies - more than 10 hours of material - covering Adobe Story, Prelude, Premiere Pro, and Audition.

This is a combination of webinars and in-depth training that will get you up and running quickly. 

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We are committed to providing the highest quality training at the lowest possible price and distributing it as widely  as possible.

From subscriptions to individual downloads to free techniques and articles -- we've got your back.  And there's lots more to come.


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