February 15, 2017
Enrollment Anniversary Date is Today

Today is The Christ School's Enrollment Anniversary date. We are excited to continue to serve your family as we march toward 8th grade graduation for each child. Please remember, all students are automatically enrolled each year with no deposit required. If you do not plan for your child(ren) to attend The Christ School in 2017-18, parents must notify the school in writing today. The terms of The Christ School enrollment contract stipulate that if a family decides not to return to TCS after February 15, 100% of the tuition for the upcoming school year must be paid. 

For families applying for financial assistance, please note that you must complete a new FACTS Grant & Aid application each year. The deadline for submitting your application for the next school year is also today, Wednesday, February 15. Assistance offers will be distributed by the end of March. FACTS Grant & Aid applicants who cannot accept their offer of assistance will have the option of being released from the terms of the Enrollment Contract. For questions, contact Bill Herlong, Director of Operations.  
Celebration Tree Chapel Tomorrow

Parents are encouraged to attend our Celebration Tree Chapel tomorrow, February 16, at 8:15 am. During this special chapel, students will honor grandparents who have passed away or who are unable to attend Grandparents Day this year by placing a decorated paper ornament on the Celebration Tree. 

Grandparents Day/Early Dismissal This Friday
We are looking forward to welcoming our grandparents and grandfriends this Friday, February 17! Remember this is an early dismissal day. If you have donated items for the Grandparents Day reception, please plan to drop them off in carpool on Friday morning. Volunteers will be available to receive your items.

What to Wear
All students should wear white shirts (long sleeved preferred) with black pants and sneakers for the program. Girls may wear black skirts with black tights or full-length black leggings. 

Grandparents Day Schedule   
Students will arrive via carpool at their regular arrival time, 7:50 - 8:10 am.
9:30 am: Program in the Sanctuary (TK-8th grades)
10:30 am: Classroom visitation
11:00 am: Reception under the Angel Wing
12:20 pm:  Early Dismissal* for Lower School
12:35 pm:  Early Dismissal* for Middle School
* Early Dismissal is for those children who do not go home with a grandparent
8th Grade Travels to the Dominican Republic
Please join us in prayer for safe travels and amazing experiences as our 8th grade students and chaperones travel to the Dominican Republic on their mission trip next week, February 20 - 24. Thirty- one students and thirty-one chaperones will be travelling including Dr. Jason Powell and Jim Vais, TCS Boys' Coach. This trip provides opportunities for the students to enhance their cultural intelligence, strengthen their commitment to being others-oriented and deepen their understanding of Christ through selfless service. 
Disney Dreamers and Doers

There is still time for your child to apply for the Disney Dreamers and Doers Program! Since 1984, Walt Disney World Resort has collaborated with local school districts to identify and recognize young people who have demonstrated excellence in their schools and communities. We are pleased to continue recognizing students for the many ways they are engaged in making their world, and our world, a better place. In an effort to encourage students to personally express the pride they feel for their positive actions, we ask that students self-nominate, and select any teacher to champion their application. The self-nomination form is due no later than February 17. 
Mane Event - Tickets and Sponsorships

Thank you to all of our families and friends who are already supporting the Green & Gold Masquerade Ball through sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales. It's going to be a great night for TCS! The deadline to become a sponsor for this year's Mane Event is this Friday, February 17. Ticket sales will continue through Friday, February 24. We are seeing some awesome auction items coming in from our families! Visit and see for yourself! The item donation deadline has been extended for a Chance to Win a pizza party and casual day for your child(ren)'s homeroom class. Please submit all donations by this Friday, February 17 to be entered in the drawing. Contact Mane Event Chairs, Jenna Dunaway and Jen Deese, with questions.
Exploring Themes

Seventh grade Language Arts students have been discussing the different motifs and themes in the novel Tangerine. They are really "peeling away at," or digging deep into the text, beyond the surface, and relating the text to their personal lives and the world around them. Their teacher, Mrs. Tracy Sheldon, says, "Parents would be thrilled to be a fly on the wall in class and listen to their child debate different ideas and concepts. I'm so impressed with their connections and thought-provoking questions to further comprehend and analyze the novel." 
Creative Challenges

What can you build with a paper cup and plate, copper wire, marshmallows, a thumb tack, paper clips, mailing labels, frilled picks, and a chocolate kiss?  Why, build a TREE - of course! Creative problem solving challenges bring out the creativity in all of us. TCS 5th grade Enrichment students were tasked to build a tree using a cup and plate as the roots and the trunk, and add the other materials in any way they wished. The students received points based on several goals, for example, each inch of length of a branch is 1 point, using the kiss instead of eating it is 10 points, each marble attached to a branch is 3 points.  Additional materials could be purchased for increments of time loss. Our winner was Tyler Peters with a whopping 27 points! 
Nature Prints Collaborative Murals

The art of our talented 2nd grade students is on display in The Christ School lobby. The Nature Prints Collaborative Mural project introduced the students to the art of printmaking. After exploring a variety of printmaking examples, each student created an original design inspired by nature. Their project included measuring, relief-making, and preparing and rolling printing ink. We invite you to stop by The Christ School lobby and enjoy their colorful creations!
TCS Lion Shows Leadership and Confidence 

Kudos to TCS 8th grade student Ashlyn MacNichol, who was showcased in Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park's 2006-2010 Best of Broadway. She performed in all 16 shows from January 20 through February 13.  Ashlyn enjoyed playing different roles, which included Claudia from Lestat, Arista from The Little Mermaid, Jane from Mary Poppins, Young Princes Fiona from Shrek The Musical and Ensemble in many other show numbers. Way to be LION Strong!
Parent Teacher Fellowship

Our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Council held a meeting this past Thursday, February 9. Please see the meeting minutes so you can be up-to-date on the many events and activities our PTF Council members have been working on and learn how you can get involved.  All TCS parents are members of PTF and are welcome to attend PTF Council meetings.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 9, at 8:15 am at TCS. Please contact PTF President, Tami Vais, for more details.
Lions' Sports Update
Middle school athletes, please remember to return your uniform to The Christ School office at the end of your season. Uniforms should be clean and in a bag marked with your name. 

Click for  Lions' Sports News.
The Christ School prayer team is happy to lift our families up in prayer.  If you would like to have them pray for you or someone in your family, please submit your prayer request.

Thank you to our Mane Event Emerald and Platinum Sponsors 
Mark Your Calendars
Lions' Den Hours
8:15 - 9:30 am
Wednesday, February 15
TCS Enrollment Anniversary

Thursday, February 16
Celebration Tree Chapel
8:15 am
Friday, February 17
Grandparents Day
9:30 am, Sanctuary 
Lower School dismissal: 12:20 pm 
Middle School dismissal: 12:35 pm
Friday, February 17
Disney Dreamers and Doers
Applications Due
Monday, February 20
Presidents Day
No School
February 20 - 24
8th Grade Students and Chaperones 
Serve in the Dominican Republic
Saturday, March 4
2017-18 Kindergarten Assessments 

Thursday, March 9
PTF Council Meeting
8:15 am
Room 217
Saturday, March 11
The Mane Event
7:00 pm
Country Club of Orlando
Tuesday, March 14
Coffee with the Head of School 
Topic: Curriculum at TCS
8:15 am
Clayton Life Center Rotunda
March 20 - 24
Spring Break

Saturday, April 29
Father Daughter Dance
7:00 - 9:00 pm