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New RRS products.

April 2013: In this Issue

New Product AnnouncementsBRX1-Set for Sony RX-1
B2-FABN Strappable Mini-ClampTripods at the Beach


New Products, New Possibilitlies

We’re proud to display the all new FH-55 Fluid Head, VS-88 Video Slider, VG-02 Video Gimbal Head, and two new tripod lines — the X-Series and Series 4. We’re excited to bring the same level of quality and support to the video realm and hope to have a positive impact on the lives of all those who use our gear. If you weren’t able to make it to Vegas first hand to see the new members of the RRS family, then checkout the new additions on our blog.


BRX1-Set: Modular L-Plate and Grip for Sony RX-1

The L-Plate is a modular (2-Piece) solution and delivers rock solid performance for your RX1. The BRX1-Set includes the BRX1-G grip, significantly improving the handling performance of this small camera. This modular approach is only available from Really Right Stuff.

The BRX1-Set from RRS.
Nikon D7100 plates from RRS.

B2-FABN Strap Boss

The B2-FABN clamp has a flat bottom, 3 strap bosses and a "-20 threaded center hole. This makes it our most versatile mini-clamp, as it’s perfect for a wide array of camera straps and carriers, including your camera body’s neck strap. In stock and ready to order!


Tripods and the Beach, by Brian Matiash

One of my favorite places to use my tripod is on the beach. There is nothing quite like capturing the awesome power of the ocean and its effect on sand. To convey the grandeur of the ocean, it’s important to bring your camera to the right height so that you can fill the frame with the beach and water while also keeping enough of the horizon so that the viewer can perceive depth. Continue Reading...

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