September 15, 2012

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Trip To Yosemite
Joe Jr with TVC-33 on Merced River in Yosemite

On Monday morning at 6:00 AM I woke to my father calling to say that we are going to Yosemite right away - there was snow, so pack my bags. Still groggy, I packed all the winter clothes I could find and raced to meet him at the office. After getting a few gear essentials we began the 6 hour drive. As this was my first time to Yosemite, I really had no idea what to expect. Of course I've seen the iconic photos of El Capitan, Half Dome and several waterfall shots, but none of that could have prepared me for the sheer majesty of the park. Even though most of the roads in the park were closed,  there was more than enough subject matter to keep us busy for the 24 hours we were there. Yosemite is a photographer's smorgasbord and we sampled just about everything from multi-row HDR panos to star trails to macro. And it was cold! However, even when the cold rendered my hands pretty useless, my TVC-33 and PG-02 kept trucking along without a hitch.


Tuesday morning we got up at 3:30 AM to catch El Capitan and Half Dome with some stars above them and shot up through first light before moving down into the valley. We spent the rest of the morning running from location to location in pursuit of trying to capture all the awe and wonder that is Yosemite. I found it was quite a challenge to convey the grandeur effectively, but this was a quest where the journey was as much or more of a reward as the destination.


In the words of General Douglas MacArthur, "I shall return."



New Catalog
Really Right Stuff 2013, Issue 1 Catalog
We are happy to announce the latest catalog. After a lot of hard work and many interruptions (like moving) the new catalog will land in your mailbox in late November. If you wish to view the catalog earlier than that, please check out our website under the "News" tab or simply click here. When we have the PDF uploaded the new catalog will be available for download.

New Product: MTX!
MTX with Bits and Spare Holder


We have had many requests for a really right way to hold all of the tools used with our gear. Initially we strove to find an off-the-shelf solution that could be readily modified to meet our requirements. We searched the world over and failed. Finally, we resolved to develop our own from the ground up. 


At long last we have developed the Really Right Stuff MTX Multi-Tool. 


It includes one driver handle, 22 bits selected specifically for RRS gear, and 1 Bondhus® 3/16" stubby hex key. The tool can even be stowed away inside RRS Versa Series 3/2 Quick Columns!


The MTX will be available for sale next week for $50.00. 



Tips and Tricks

While I was in Yosemite shooting along the Merced River, there were several times I had to extend the legs of my tripod into the water. A simple tip which will save a lot of cleaning time is this: If you only need the tripod to stand in a foot of water or less, extend the lowest leg section out completely to avoid submerging any of the leg joints into the water. This will prevent silt and other sediments from settling in the threads and other parts within your tripod, generally allowing you to get by with a simple wipe down on that last section. 
Of course it is good practice to thoroughly clean all your gear about twice a year and it is especially important to do so before a long stretch of inactivity. Click here for an in depth cleaning guide.

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