FY 2015




A message from the Chair

James T. Glerum, Jr.
Chairman, Regional Banking North America

In Chicago, public-private partnerships are part of the city's DNA. Civic Consulting Alliance, in turn, is responsible for some of the most tangible, high-impact work in our region. I work with Civic Consulting because I get the opportunity to develop the most essential elements of our community--improving our schools, making our streets safe, helping others get the healthcare they need, and reshaping our economy. These are the things that matter.

Our 2014-2015 Scorecard, and our first annual Impact Report, highlight progress over the past fiscal year, during which 43 partners provided $14 million worth of pro bono services to reshape how Chicagoland works. I am very proud of the outcomes, which include:
  • The continued success of Reinvention at the City Colleges of Chicago, where graduation rates have doubled to 14 percent, up from 7 percent four years ago
  • The establishment of Thrive Chicago, where we helped create a permanent home for one of the largest collective impact education efforts in the nation
  • Great steps in public safety to ensure that only those who pose a threat to themselves or society are detained before trail. Now, 2,000 fewer people, on average, are detained at Cook County Jail every day, the fewest since 1991
In addition, Civic Consulting Alliance was involved in several special projects of critical importance, including the development of the most comprehensive gubernatorial transition report in Illinois' history; the recruitment of a new Chief Technology Officer for the State of Illinois; and the launch of the Civic Leadership Academy, created in partnership with the University of Chicago and LISC.


None of these achievements would be possible without the generous support of the philanthropic community and the commitment of Chicago's world-class business community. To those who provide pro-bono work or funding to run Civic Consulting, we are deeply indebted-as is everyone who lives in the Chicago region. The work we do is your work. It is your people, your teams, and your talent that Civic Consulting organizes and deploys. Without your willingness to contribute and to collaborate with others--often business competitors--in the private sector, none of this happens.
Thank you for another great year of partnership and impact.

James T. Glerum, Jr.
Chairman, Civic Consulting Alliance


In other news...
  • Civic Consulting Alliance is working with the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago to launch the new Harris Policy Labs, a five-month applied learning initiative bringing together teams of Harris students and faculty to devise concrete solutions to pressing policy challenges.The Harris Policy Labs will launch in January 2016, with several distinct Labs, each addressing a different policy issue and collaborating with a different outside organization.
  • Last month, the National Summer Learning Association awarded Chicago Public Library (CPL) the inaugural Founder's Award, in recognition of CPL's Summer Learning Challenge. Civic Consulting Alliance developed the outcomes measurement protocol that has allowed CPL to track the results of the Summer Learning Challenge (and other programs), to refine and improve programming based on data.
  • Applications for the next cycle of the Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) are now open! A collaboration of the University of Chicago, Civic Consulting Alliance, and LISC, the CLA helps high-potential, emerging leaders in the nonprofit and public sectors develop diverse leadership skills via six months of classes taught by business practitioners and University of Chicago faculty. If you are interested in the program, or know someone who should apply, apply now or check out the Civic Leadership Academy website for more details.

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