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FY 2013 preliminary totals



$14 M


Civic Consulting reshapes our region by creating pro bono teams of business experts, government leaders, and our own staff.



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Dear Civic Leaders,

A year ago, the heads of the public hospital and Cook County government asked for our partnership as the County prepared for major changes in healthcare policy.


Could the business community help deliver dramatic improvements towards the health of underserved residents? Could we build a national model?


Since then, we--private sector experts from consulting, economics, healthcare analytics, architecture, media, talent development, and academia together with Civic Consulting staff--have worked pro bono alongside our public sector leaders towards this goal.   



Shruti Jayaraman
Principal at Civic Consulting Alliance


Pro bono partners:


Anne Leyden

Bain & Company

The Boston Consulting Group

Bryan Preston

Cannon Design

Global Economics Group

Gregory Kurth

Inward Strategic Consulting

McKinsey & Company

Navigant Consulting

Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy


Strategic Talent Solutions

Target GIS

Zeno Group


"One of this country's greatest traditions is the American commitment to altruistic endeavors. Chicago's Civic Consulting Alliance has brought the altruism of the private sector to our health system at a pivotal time, with extraordinary commitment and purpose," said Cook County Health and Hospitals System (CCHHS) CEO, Dr. Ram Raju. In his letter to residents, the CEO highlighted eight priorities in which Civic Consulting's pro bono partnership has played a significant role. Forty-seven individuals have contributed $3 million in services pro bono this year, with several projects ongoing. Congratulations to our partners for their contributions to these critical efforts:

  1. Senior leadership structure (Partners: Bain & Company, Inward Strategic Consulting)
  2. Plan to prepare for the Affordable Care Act, and program management office (Partners: Bain & Company, Global Economics Group, Gregory Kurth, Target GIS)
  3. Data dashboards (Partners: McKinsey & Company, Cannon Design)
  4. Reducing wait times 25% at largest primary care clinic and nearly eliminating patient complaints (Partners: McKinsey & Company, Anne Leyden)
  5. Developing clinical access and capacity (Partner: Bryan Preston)
  6. Leadership program for managers of patient-facing staff (Partners: Strategic Talent Solutions, McKinsey & Company, Northwestern School of Education and Social Policy)
  7. Media communications (Partner: Zeno Group)
  8. Collaboration for residents who will remain uninsured after the Affordable Care Act is implemented (Partners: Sg2, Bain & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Navigant Consulting)

Contact Shruti Jayaraman to learn more.



Rewarding challenge: Preparing our public hospital for the Affordable Care Act   



Keith Bevans 

Partner, Bain & Company 



Civic Consulting Alliance projects are always among the most sought-after in Bain's Chicago office. Working with such talented, passionate, and engaging people has been rewarding both for me and the people on my teams. My hope is that more companies take the opportunity to work with Civic Consulting. The work is important to our community, and it makes a difference!


Civic Consulting plays a valuable role in connecting companies that want to help and public leaders who are ready to do what it takes to improve Chicago and Cook County. In this role, Civic Consulting helps by:

  • Always knowing the top priorities to address
  • Identifying the clients that will be able to effect bold improvements
  • Collaborating with partners to navigate a complex landscape
  • Bringing the right stakeholders to every discussion
  • Integrating a longer term workplan and objectives with specific partner firms

Through pro bono teams, externs, and other advisory roles, we've worked with Civic Consulting on projects in healthcare, education, economic development, and public safety. This year, we helped CCHHS prepare for the Affordable Care Act. CCHHS is shifting its emphasis to coordinating across health providers to keep patients well, which requires enormous change at all levels of the System. We helped the System develop a plan for this change and a leadership structure to support the plan.    


As a firm, Bain & Company is committed to generating great results for our clients and having a positive impact in our community. That's why we've partnered with Civic Consulting for more than a decade.


Civic Consulting alumna, frontline managers, and CEO team up to improve patient experience 


Kelly Luckasevic,

McKinsey Civic Fellow 2012-2013 




At Civic Consulting, I learned first-hand how important collaboration between corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations is in shaping the future of our city.   


During my time as a McKinsey Civic Fellow, I supported CCHHS, which is undergoing an unprecedented transformation to better serve residents post-Affordable Care Act. I learned what incredible resources CCHHS has available--both in its tenacious leaders and in the Chicago business community.      



In particular, I worked with Anne Leyden, former JPMorgan Chase HR executive, to engage CCHHS's employees, reducing wait time in the County's largest clinic by 25%. Additionally, I worked closely with Strategic Talent Solutions and Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy to develop managers of patient-facing staff. For me, these projects evidence the powerful combination of visionary public sector leaders, insightful business experts, and focused efforts "for the good" that Civic Consulting builds.   


My fellowship was also a significant professional growth opportunity. Civic Consulting allowed me to gain perspectives from national leaders like CCHHS CEO Dr. Ram Raju and develop skills to manage projects across organizations. I look forward to sharing these insights with my classmates at Harvard Business School this fall, where I'll learn how I can continue to play a role in shaping public-private sector partnerships.


Kelly Luckasevic can be reached at



In other Civic Consulting news...  


Sustainability Plan wins Emerald Award


The City's Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda won the 2013 Emerald Award. The U.S. Green Building Council grants this award to outstanding individuals, organizations, or projects that help buildings and communities become more sustainable. The Action Agenda was developed by a pro bono team from CB&I (then Shaw Environmental), Studio V, and Civic Consulting Alliance. Contact Connie Kresge to learn more. 


National pro bono campaign reaches 500 participating companies


A Billion + Change, the national pro bono campaign, has reached 500 participating companies, pledging $2 billion worth of services. Many Civic Consulting partners participate, for benefits such as national news coverage and events with national leaders. Read more on the A Billion + Change blog. Contact Alexander Gail Sherman to learn more.   



Chicago well on its way to meeting Tourism goal


Chicago is well on the way to achieving its goal of 50 million visitors by 2020. Choose Chicago released 2012 data showing 46 million visitors, a 6% annual increase. This May, hotel occupancy reached a near-record level of 81%. Civic Consulting has worked on a number of pro bono projects aimed at increasing tourism in Chicago. Partners have included AT KearneyBain & Co., Griffin Strategic Advisors LLC, Jones Day, the Boston Consulting GroupKellogg School of Management, and McKinsey & Co. Contact Liz Coon to learn more.



CPS launches Principal Quality Initiative


Chicago Public Schools launched the Principal Quality Initiative, which aims to place a high-performing principal in every school by 2014-2015. Civic Consulting Alliance and our partners--Ernst & Young LLP and Targetcom--are supporting the critical levers of the program: Chicago Leadership Collaborative, Leadership Development and Training, Principal Eligibility, Principal Evaluations, and Principal Achievement Awards. Contact Rose Fealy to learn more.  



Corporate leaders invest in youth to reduce violence this summer

More than 3,000 youth will have access to programs to have fun while learning to make safer choices, thanks to grants from the Public Safety Action Committee.  This unique public-private-philanthropic partnership is the largest of its kind in the country.  Civic Consulting managed the Committee's formation and initial grants, based on two years of pro bono work from more than a dozen companies: Allstate Insurance Company, Bain & Company, Burrell Communications, DLA Piper LLP, Ernst & Young LLP, Frank Gihan, IBM Corporation , McDonald's Corporation, McKinsey & Company, N'DIGO, Perkins Coie LLP, Trotter Consulting Group LLC, University of Chicago Crime Lab, and Xerox Corporation. Contact Alexander Gail Sherman to learn more.