March 2016
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2017 Play Selection Meetings
It is that time of year again! Quad City Music Guild needs to choose the five musicals that will comprise our 2017 season and we need your help. There will be two play selection meetings open to anyone who wishes to share ideas on potential musical productions. The first will be held on Tuesday, April 5th and the second will be held on Thursday, April 14th. Both meetings will begin at 7:00 P.M. in the Music Guild lobby.

There are no restrictions concerning who can participate and we want to make certain that our season includes both new and previously successful shows. Additionally, we want to choose shows that will appeal to our audiences as well as having a variety of available roles for male and female actors/actresses of all ages. We would also like our five shows to encompass a wide variety of theatrical/historical periods and styles. If you intend to offer ideas about shows for production, please consider the following:  
  • propose new musicals for which the production rights are available.
  • suggest shows that have not been seen on the Guild stage in the last ten years.
  • identify shows for which you might be willing to serve in a particular capacity on the directing/production staff. 
Information regarding shows you may recommend can be found at the web sites of the companies that own the rights to the musicals. Examples include: Tams-Witmark Music Library, Music Theatre International, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Steel Spring and Samuel French, Inc.

If you are unable to attend either the April 5th or the April 14th meetings, but have suggestions, simply let Mike Schmidt ( or Troy Stark ( know and your suggestions will be shared with the group. We hope that you will help us to create another memorable season!  

Season Tickets Now Available!
Season ticket packages for our 2016 season are now on sale.  Three-, four- and five-show packages are available.  For more information, please visit our website, or call our box office at 309-762-6610.  A volunteer will be happy to return your call!
QCMG Alumni Gathering

The QCMG Alumni will meet for lunch on Wednesday, April 20th at 12:00 pm at Montana Jacks in Moline.  All are welcome!


Call Cathie Anderson at 309-762-3259 if you plan to attend.

Interested in Volunteering at QCMG?               
Quad City Music Guild is always in need of volunteers to help throughout the year. Whether it's costumes, makeup, parking or concessions, we are always looking for volunteers to help make our shows great!  We now have an easier way for you to get information about how you can get involved.  Just email with questions or what you're interested in helping with. 
Thank You to Audition Volunteers!             
The auditions committee would like to thank everyone who shared their time to help during auditions for the Summer 2016 season!  This is always a busy & exciting time, so we hope we included everyone who helped in the list below!  This group made the whole process run smoothly for all! THANK YOU!

Jane Schmidt, Heather Beck, Adam Beck, Heidi Pedersen, Val Pieper, Troy Stark, Matt Stoefen, Jess Fah, Bob Williams, Beth Bernhauer, Deb Shippy, George Swift, Jaci Weigandt, Shana Kulhavy, Corinne Brown, Dan Pepper and Mike Turczynski
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March/April 2016

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

A Chrismas Carol:
The Musical
December 2016
Congratulations to the Cast of My Favorite Year!
March 31 & April 1-2-3
Directing Staff
 Director - John Weigandt
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Jaci Weigandt
Music Director - Joe Miller
Assistant Music Director - Amy Trimble
Choreographer - Shana Kulhavy
Costume - Deb Holmes
Props - Matt Stoefen
Sound - Alex Chaplain
Lights - Kevin Pierce
Makeup - Sue Starr
Producer - Troy Stark

Benjy Stone - Ian Sodawasser
King Kaisser - Mark McGinn
Sy Benson - Mike Schmidt
Alice Miller - Heidi Pederson
Herb Lee - James Alt
KC Downing - Jen Sondgeroth
Leo Silver - Joe Urbaitis
Alan Swann - Tom Naab
Belle Carroca - Jess Fah
Rookie Carroca - Shane Pruett
Tess - Rebecca Casilas
Uncle Morty -Mark Holmes
Aunt Sadie - Margie Martel
 Christianna Crosby
Kelsey Baker
Wendy Czekalski
Grace Ronnebeck
Susan Zelnio
Yvonne Siddique
Yasmin Korner
Joshua Simson
Randy Stevenson
Congratulations to the Cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
June 10-11-12 & 16-17-18-19

Directing Staff
Director - Kevin Pieper
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Craig Woodard
Music Director - Marcia Renaud
Assistant Music Director - Sue Williams
Choreographer - Susie Adams
Costumes - Deb Holmes
Props - Joseph Thomas
Sound - TBA
Lights - John Weigandt
Makeup - TBA
Producer - Heidi Pedersen

Caractacus Potts - Nathan Bates
Truly Scrumptious - Joanna Mills
Baroness Bomburst - Jenny Winn
Baron Bomburst - Shane Pruitt
Grandpa Potts - Harold Truitt
Jeremy Potts - Gage McCalester
Jemima Potts - Molly Ahern
Boris - James Alt
Goran - T.J. Green
Toymaker/Coggins - Steve TouVelle
Childcatcher/Junkman - Mark Holmes

Dance Ensemble
Sydney Crumbleholme, Joe Fiems, Anthony Greer, Sydney Heller, Colin Hepner,
Lauren Hoffman, Kathy Houghland

Adult Ensemble
Christine Boudro, Sydney Crumbleholme, Sara Dvorsky, Joe Fiems, Mattie Gelaude, Anthony Greer, Peggy Hamilton, Cynthia Hampton, Sydney Heller, Colin Hepner, Lauren Hoffman, Kathy Houghland, Ali Knollenberg, Karen Lasley, Oliver Ott, Luke Vermiere, Anna Winn
Childrens Ensemble
Lillian Colbert, Carter Cupp, Grace Engstrom, Brennan Hampton, Jackson Jeys, Olivia Klauer, Kailey Johnson, Jordyn Mitchell, Andrew Park, Allison Wille, Emily Winn
Congratulations to the Cast of Into the Woods!
July 8-9-10 & 14-15-16-17

Directing Staff
 Director - Colleen Houlihan
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Sean McGinn
Vocal Music Director - Maureen Holmes
Pit Orchestra Director - Rich Stodd
Assistant Music Director - Justin Lebo
Choreographer - Beth Marsoun
Costumes - Sue Woodard
Props - Deb Shippy
Set Designer - Mike Turczynski
Sound - TBA
Lights - TBA
Makeup - Sue Starr
Producer - Dan Pepper
 Narrator/Mysterious Man - Bob Manasco 
Cinderella - Sarah Lounsberry
Jack - Cole Harksen
Jack's Mother - Valeree Pieper
Baker - Ben Holmes
Baker's Wife - Kailey Ackermann
Cinderella's Step Mother - Becky Lee Hinton
Florinda - Stephanie Moeller
Lucinda - Kathryn Martin
Little Red - Noel Huntley
Witch - Rachel Vickers
Cinderella's Mother - Traci Brewster Evans
Wolf/Steward - Jonathan Schrader
Rapunzel - Chelsea Crumbleholme
Rapunzel's Prince - Jake Walker
Cinderella's Prince - Tim Dominicus
Snow White - Grace Ronnebeck
Sleeping Beauty - Faith Hardacre
Congratulations to the Cast of Children of Eden!

August 5-6-7 & 11-12-13-14

Directing Staff
 Director - Bill Marsoun
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - Tom Morrow
Music Director - Dave Blakey
Assistant Music Director - Deb Swift
Choreographer - Susie Carsell-Schaechter
Costumes - Stacy Replinger
Props - Corinne Brown
Sound - TBD
Lights - Zach Baker
Makeup - TBD
Producer - Corinne Brown
 Father - Joel Kolander
Adam - Troy Stark
Eve - Hillary Pieper
Cain - Daniel Williams
Abel - Adam Sanders
Noah - Harold Truitt
Mamma Noah - Katherine Zerull
Octet - Ted Brown
Octet - Abbey Donohoe
Octet - Tyler Finley
Octet - Dennis Harker
Octet - Heather Roman
Octet - Jennifer Sondgeroth
Octet - Kirsten Sparbel
Octet - Joe Urbaitus
Young Abel - Gabriel Lavino
Young Cain - Joseph Brune.
 Jepthah- Mitch Diamond
Yonah - Sydney Crumblehome
Ham - Josh Simpson
Aysha - Cristianna Crosby
Shem - John Erb
Aphra - Ally Zahringer
Seth - Brad Heinrichs
Snake Dancers 
Kelsey Baker, Cristianna Crosby, Lauren Hoffman,
Megan Lodico, Kate Schaechter, Haley Teel
Aidan Grafft, Anne Keeney-Grafft, Grace Peckenschneider,
Regan Tucker, Julia Remour, Payton Wilson, Anna Audrey Semjem,
Sara Laufer, Taylor Bumann, Hallie Shemak, Maya Chavez,
Morgan McCartney, Hannah Johnson
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