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August 2015

A Message from the President.....
Wow! What a great year is taking place for Quad-City Music Guild!   We have had four wonderful productions so far with Urinetown-The Musical, Young Frankenstein, Cats and Mary Poppins! Over 11,700 patrons have attended our shows this year and we are certain our December production of A Christmas Story, The Musical will be the prefect ending to a fantastic 2015 season!

Literally hundreds of 'Guilders', on and off stage, have made this season a huge success. We thank everyone involved for their time, dedication and hard work to provide such rewarding experiences for our patrons and participants.
Auditions for A Christmas Story are just around the corner, and the show will be underway before we know it.   Please consider auditioning, playing in the orchestra, working crew or volunteering for what is sure to be a wonderful holiday hit!
We are also gearing up for the 2016 season. My Favorite Year, Chitty-Chitty, Bang-Bang, Into the Woods and Children of Eden staffs will be chosen this fall, with auditions to follow in January and February. Be sure to watch the Overtones, QCMG Website, Constant Contact, Facebook and Twitter for those important dates. Also, if you are interested in applying to be considered for a directing staff position or producer, applications are due by September 15th. You may find application forms on the website under the Audition/Staff tab.
This October, we will be holding our annual meeting where board members are elected from a qualified list of candidates chosen by our nominating committee. If you are interested in running for a board seat, please contact committee chair John Weigandt or myself and we'll be happy to fill you in on the details. You must sign up as an eligible voting member, by September 15, to be considered for nomination.
So, as you can see, even in our 'off-season' things are still very active at Quad-City Music Guild. The Youth Chorus begins rehearsals August 24th, upcoming auditions, annual meeting, holiday show rehearsals.... it never really stops!
Thank you again for an outstanding year...so far...and we look forward to a fantastic finish to 2015! Have a great fall season and hope to see you all soon!
Kevin Pieper


MVRBC Moline Donor Center
3600 16th Street, Moline, IL
Saturday, August 29th.

Please eat before donating and bring Photo ID.
Group Sponsor Code: 3007

All presenting donors will be placed in a raffle for December 3rd tickets to QCMG's
Voting Member Information 
 You are eligible to be a voting member if you do one of the following during the season:
  • partcipate in our Member/Patron Program
  • participate in one of our 2015 productions (spring or summer) or our 2014 winter production
  • complete five hours of other volunteer work such as helping in the concession stand, as a bus greeter, or helping with clean up day.
To receive voting member information ahead of the Annual Meeting, you must let us know that you qualify by filling out and signing a registration form available in the box office.  Voting member notifications will only be sent to those individuals who have completed the form or are on the Member Patron List. Forms must be received by September 15, 2015. Late forms cannot be accepted. Remember, you must be at least 16 years old to be a voting member. 

A list of those currently on the 2015 Voting Member List is below. 

2015 Directing Staff Applications
Directing staff applications for our 2015 Season are available in the QCMG Box Office or on our website - www.qcmusicguild.com.
Applications for the 2016 Spring and Summer Productions are due by September 15, 2015. 
Applications for our 2016 Winter Production are due in June 2016. 
Completed applications can be emailed to boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com or submitted to the Box Office. We hope to hear from you!


Congratulations to our 2015 SAM Award winners, Pami Triebel, Deb Swift and Susie Adams.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for QCMG!

Group Ticket Sales
Your family, community group, business, or church can save on Quad City Music Guild's movie-tickets2.jpgalready-low ticket prices when you buy as a group! When you buy at least 25 tickets to the run of any one show, you can save $3 per ticket. If you buy 51 or more tickets, you can save $4 per ticket! Your group members do not have to attend the same performance dates.

For more details, click here.To have a group ticket sales order form sent to you and to coordinate your order, call or email Kelly Thompson, QCMG Board Member and Group Sales Chair. You can reach her at 309-912-5393 or kellyrosethompson@gmail.com. (Please use subject line: "QCMG GROUP TICKETS.")

December 3, 4, 5 & 6
Audition Dates
Saturday, September 19 from 1:00 - 4:30 PM
Sunday, September 20 from 1:00 - 4:30 PM


Book DirectorBob Williams
Music DirectorDave Blakey
Asst. DirectorDeb Shippy
Asst. Music DirectorSue Williams
Set DesignBob Williams
Hillary Pieper
Sound DesignerZach Baker
Lighting Designer
Mike Turczynski
Other Positions
Based on the classic 1983 holiday movie, "A Christmas Story, The Musical: follows young Ralphie Parker, a daydreamer from Indiana who spends his entire days counting down the most exciting day in any kid's life: Christmas. All he wants is an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. See Ralphie's desperate quest to ensure that his perfect gift ends up under the tree. "A Christmas Story, The Musical" captures holiday wonder with such deliciously wicked wit that it is sure to delight children and grown ups alike.

Although written to be a seasonal show on Broadway, "A Christmas Story, The Musical' was nominated for several awards including Tony Award nominations for best book of a musical, best original score and best musical. All your favorite moments from the movie are recreated on stage. Someone's tongue will get stuck to a flagpole, children will take a ride down Santa's slide, a duck will lose it's head in a restaurant and an unusual lamp will meet and untimely fate.


JEAN SHEPHERD/NARRATOR - 40's to 60's. A charismatic storyteller who has the ability to weave a spell and draw an audience into his magical world. He spends extended periods of time narrating the story, witnessing the story and even participating in the story. Although a major part of the story, this is a non-singing, non-dancing role.

THE OLD MAN - A comic character who comes across a bit blustery but is a softie deep down. The old man is also a song and dance man in the making. High Baritone/Tenor
MOTHER - a typical 1940s wife and mom, she keeps the family focused. Mezzo Soprano
RALPHIE - The protagonist of the story, Ralphie should look to be about 10 years old. He is the center of the show and carries many scenes and songs. Unchanged voice
RANDY - Ralphie's younger brother. He is involved in several scenes and songs. Unchanged voice
MISS SHIELDS - A frazzled teacher who is a lead player in Ralphie's fantasy numbers. Lead and solo dancer. Mezzo Soprano with some belter moments

SANTA - An overworked, somewhat inebriated department store Santa

ADULT ENSEMBLE - Elves, Parents, Villain, Escaped Prisoners, Dancing Lamps, Restaurant Owner, etc All Vocal Parts Required

KIDS - RALPHIE'S SCHOOLMATES. All kids should appear 10-12 years old unless otherwise stated. All should have unchanged voices
SCHWARTZ -One of Ralphie's buddies. Unchanged voice
FLICK - Blustery friend who gets his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole (and sings a song while stuck!)
SCUT FARKUS - School Bully. Appears older than the other kids 12-14 years old
GROVER DILL - Scut's crony and partner in crime
ESTHER JANE - Classmate
MARY BETH - Classmate

We hope to cast an adult ensemble of approximately 12 and 12 children (including above roles). Both the adult and kids ensemble are very active throughout the show. We will not be auditioning anyone under 8 years old for this production.

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" is a number that evolves from one of Ralphie's fantasies and is written as a tap dance number. Although tap is not mandatory, we would like to see Miss Shields candidates attempt some tap at auditions. Additionally, tapping children would be welcome. No other adults will be tapping in this number.
Please prepare 32 bars from your favorite song. A holiday song or number for the show is welcome. An accompanist will be provided so please do not bring pre-recorded accompaniment

A basic dance will be taught to everyone, so dress comfortably. Only Miss Shields candidates and some of the children
will be taught basic tap.

Please bring any scheduling conflicts with you to auditions. We know the holidays can be a busy time so we will take all conflicts into consideration, including our own!

"A Christmas Story: The Musical" is an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to build holiday memories and share the thrill of being on stage together!

Questions? Please contact Bob Williams at robt.williams@hotmail.com

Audition information forms may be downloaded from the Quad City Music Guild web site.  There will also be blank forms at the sign-in table on the days of auditions.

2015 Voting Member List as of 8/20/15
Anderson, Cathy                                
Anderson, Gary & LaDonna
Arner, Lauren
Atkinson, Sandra
Bates, Nathan & Natalie
Bauschka, Mike & Jamie
Beck, Adam & Heather
Beck, Byron & Dorothy
Beckmann, Dolores
Blakey, David
Blanc, Gene & Lynne
Bovenmyer, Dan & Helen
Brandt, Warren & Lora
Brasher, Payton
Buckrop, Brian & Susan
Carmack, Dave & Sue
Carsell-Schaechter, Susie
Collins, Susan
Cosentine, Sherry
Cox, Dallas & Gina
Czekalski, Wendy
Diamond, Mitch
Downing, Kristena
Downing, Patrick
Driscoll, James V.
Duling, Madison
Engeman, Matt & Beth
Erikson, Laura
Fah, Jess
Finley, Tyler
Gehrls, Janet
German, Ray & Clara Littig
Glass-Bailey, Sandy
Golz, Greg & Jan
Grafft, Jonathan
Granet, Susan
Greer, Anthony
Griffith, Jeff & Pam
Hall, Rolland
Hanzelka, Dick & Mylene
Harker, Dennis
Harris, Hunt & Diane
Hendren, John
Hendren, Rosemarie
Holmes, Ben & Maureen
Holmes, Deb
Holmes, Mark
Houlihan, Colleen
Hunt, Juliet
Hunt, Kathy
Jacquin, Joyce
Keech, Andrea
Keech, Rob
Keeney-Grafft. Ann
Kendall, Linda
Laufer, Sara
Leaf, Bob & Linda
Lee, Kayla
Littig, Ray German & Clara
Lyman, Cherie
Lyman, Stew, Chip & Liv
Manasco, Bob & Nicole
Mandle, Cat
Mandle, Ryan
Marsoun, Beth
Marsoun, Bill
Marsoun, Cathy
McCartney, Scott & Shayne
McGinn, Connie
McGinn, Mark
Michaelson, Joanne
Michalek, Barb
Millar, Mike & Barb
Monroe, Cindy
Morrow, Tom
O'Brien, Kay
Olson, Sheri
Osborn, Mary
Oswald, Kristine
Parmley, JoAnn
Pavinato, Gene & Stacie
Pedersen, Dave
Pedersen, Heidi
Pepper, Dan & Melissa
Peterson, Jeff & Jana
Philhower, Peter
Pieper, Bruce & Norma
Pieper, Hillary
Pieper, Kevin
Pieper, Valeree
Pierce, Kevin
Pike, Dale
Rakus, Jay
Renaud, Paul & Marcia
Riggins, Ron & Mary
Robnett, John & F. Jane
Ruebling, Mark
Schmidt, Jane
Schmidt, Michael
Schwegler, John & Nancy
Sederquist, Jimmy & Katie Casey
Shippy, Deb
Siddique, Yvonne
Sodawasser, Ian
Sondgeroth, Jennifer
Spitzfaden, Tom
Stark, Troy
Stevenson, Randy
Stoefen, Matt
Swift, Deb
Swift, George
Taylor, Gerald & Martha
Teerlinck, Alan & Nancy
Thompson, Kelly Rose
TouVelle, Stephen
Triebel, Pami
Truitt, Harold, W.
Tucker, Ladd & Sara
Turczynski, Mark & Diane
Turczynski, Mike
Turilli, James
VanSpeybroeck, John, Nora, Lauren & Clare
Weaver, Joe & Cindy
Weigandt, Jaci
Weigandt, John
Wehr, Kyle
Whitson, John
Williams, Bob
Winn, Kirby & Jenni
Wirtz, Ruth
Woodard, Craig

Questions about Overtones?  Need to change your contact information?  Please contact  Troy Stark at boxoffice@qcmusicguild.com.  Be sure to put 'Overtones' in the subject line.


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