March 2015
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2016 Play Selection Meetings

It is that time of year again! Quad City Music Guild needs to choose the five musicals that will comprise our 2016 season and would like for you to help. There will be two play selection meetings open to anyone who wishes to share ideas as to which musicals to produce. As we did last year, this year's meetings will be held this spring between the conclusion of the performances for Urinetown and the beginning of rehearsals for Young Frankenstein. The first will be held on Tuesday, April 7 and the second will be held on Thursday, April 16. Both meetings will begin at 6:30 P.M. in the Music Guild lobby.

There are no restrictions concerning who can participate because we want to make certain that our season includes both new and previously successfully produced shows. We want to make certain that we choose shows that will appeal to our audiences and we want to make certain that there are available roles for a wide variety of male and female actors/actresses from younger up to older actors/actresses. We would also like our five shows to encompass a wide variety of theatrical/historical periods and styles. If you intend to offer ideas about shows for production, please consider the following:

  • propose only new musicals for which the production rights are available.
  • suggest shows that have not been seen on the Guild stage at any time in the last ten years.
  • share with us at the meeting how many male roles, female roles, children's roles, and the chorus size that are contained in the shows that you are proposing.
  • share with us at the meeting how many settings there are and what types, i.e.interior, exterior, realistic, fantasy, etc.
  • identify shows for which you might be willing to serve in a particular capacity on the directing/production staff. 

If you do not currently know the above information it can all be found at the web sites of the companies that own the rights to the musicals. Tams-Witmark Music Library, Music Theatre International, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Steel Spring, or Samuel French, Inc. own most of the shows that you might want to propose.

 If you are unable to attend either the April 7th or the April 16th meetings and have suggestions that meet the criteria above just let Mike Schmidt know and they will be shared with the group. Mike can be contacted at or 309-737-5245. We hope that you will help us to create another memorable season!


Season Tickets Now Available!
Season ticket packages for our 2015 season are now on sale.  Three-, four- and five-show packages are available.  For more information, please visit our website, or call our box office at 309-762-6610.  A volunteer will be happy to return your call!
QCMG Alumni Gathering

The QCMG Alumni will meet for lunch on Wednesday, April 15th at 12:00 pm at the Windmills in East Moline.  All are welcome!


Call Cathie Anderson at 309-762-3259 if you plan to attend.

Interested in Volunteering at QCMG?               
Quad City Music Guild is always in need of volunteers to help throughout the year. Whether it's costumes, makeup, parking or concessions, we are always looking for volunteers to help make our shows great!  We now have an easier way for you to get information about how you can get involved.  Just email with questions or what you're interested in helping with. 
Thank You to Audition Volunteers!             

The auditions committee would like to thank everyone who shared their time to help during auditions for the Summer 2015 season!  This is always a busy & exciting time!  This group made the whole process run smoothly for all!   THANK YOU!


Sarah Ade Wallace, Cathie Anderson, Velare Anderson, Lauren Arner, Heather Beck, Beth Bernauer, Wendy Czekalski, Ben Holmes, Maureen Holmes, Anna & Quinn Kolander, Cherie Lyman, Beth Marsoun, Cathy Marsoun, Mike Millar, Sheri Olson, Heidi Pedersen, Lisa Powell Williams, Heather Roman, Dolores Sierra, Troy Stark, Jerry Taylor, Martha Taylor, Kelly Thompson, Leigh VanWinkle, Jenny Winn and Craig Woodard

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Congratulations to the Cast of Urinetown!

March 26-27-28-29, 2015


Directing Staff

Book Director - Heather Beck

Music Director- Patrick Downing

Choreographer - Kathy Schutter

Asst. Music Director - Deb Swift

Asst. Book/Stage Mgr - Kevin Pieper

Set Design- Kevin Pieper

Costume Design - Cathy Marsoun

Lighting Design -  Mike Turczynski

Sound Design - Kayla Lee

Props Chair - TBD

Make-up Design- TBD

Producer - Mike Schmidt



Officer Lockstock: John Antonin Dieter
Penelope Pennywise: Valeree Pieper
Bobby Strong: Andy Sederquist
Little Sally: Abbey Donohoe
Caldwell B. Cladwell: Mark McGinn
Hope Cladwell: Callen Brown
Mr. McQueen: David Miller
Little Becky Two Shoes: Johnna Kerres
Senator Fipp: John Weigandt
Officer Barrel: Joe Urbaitis
Hot Blades Harry: Ian Sodawasser
Tiny Tom: Adam Beck
Soupy Sue: Christianna Crosby
Josephine Strong: Kristine Oswald
Old Man Strong: Mark Reubling
Mrs. Millennium: Karen Manning
Bobby the Stockfish: Kevin Pierce
Dr. Billeaux/Billy Boy Bill: John Donald O'Shea


Ensemble: Adam Beck, Cassie Berta, Christianna Crosby, Madison Duling, Ann Keeney-Grafft, Sara Laufer, Karen Manning, John Donald O'Shea, Kevin Pierce, Mark Reubling, Yvonne Siddique
Ian Sodawasser, Haley Teel

Congratulations to the Cast of Young Frankenstein!


June 12-13-14  

18-19-20-21, 2015


Directing Staff:

Director: Michael Turczynski

Assistant Director: Colleen Houlihan

Music Director: Joe Maubach

Assistant Music Director: Randin Letendre

Choreographer: Sara Laufer

Costume Designer: Diane Turczynski

Set Designer: Michael Turczynski

Sound Designer: Kayla Lee

Light Designer: Zach Chaplain

Props: Marni Wagner

Producer: Bob Williams



Frederick Frankenstein - Ian Sodawasser
Elizabeth Benning - Beth Marsoun
Igor - Nate Karstens
Inga - Abbey Donohoe
The Monster - Nathan Bates
Frau Blucher - Nancy Teerlinck
Inspecter Kemp - Dick LaFrenz
Doctor Victor Von Frankenstein - Tom Naab
The Hermit - Tom Vaccaro
Ziggy - Tristan Tapscott 


Ensamble: Doug Alderman, Jamie Bauschka, Chelsea Crumbleholme, Mitch Diamond, Bruce Duling, Madison Duling, Jess Fah, Tyler Finley, Paul Hanson, Faith Hardacre, Lauren Larson, Tanner Mecham, Adam Sanders, Sara Shaw, Troy Stark, Jessica Tapscott, Emma VanVooren

Congratulations to the Cast of Cats!
July 10-11-12  
16-17-18-19, 2015

Directing Staff:
Book Director - Gregg Neuleib
Asst. Director - Tom Morrow
Music Director - Marcia Renaud
Choreographer - Jayne Ploehn
Costumes/Makeup - Sara Wegener
Set Designer - Mark Holmes
Producer: Bill Marsoun
Others: TBD

Jackie Blaum - Mistoffeles
Callen Brown - Siamese #2
Alyssa Castro - Jemima
Christiana Crosby - Demeter
Marie DeLessio - Victoria
Tim Dominicus - Skimbleshanks
Linell Ferguson - Jennyanydots
Anthony Greer - Muckustrap
Joel Kolander - Old Deuteronomy
Shana Kulhavy - Bombalurina
Abby Kurth  - Coricopat
Mark McGinn  - Asparargus/Gus
Carol Neuleib - Jellylorum
Hillary Pieper - Rumpelteazer
Bethany Piotter - Siamese #1
Zoe Replinger - Tantomile
Eric Reyes - Bustopher Jones
Sue Schaechter - Cassandra
Stephanie Schultz - Electra
Andy Sederquist - Rum Tum Tugger
Dolores Sierra - Grizabella
Kristin Sindelar - Etcetera
Kathryn Strause - Exotica
Jim Turilli - Mongojerrie/Macavity
Dan Williams - Alonzo/Quaxo

Congratulations to the Cast of Mary Poppins!
August 7-8-9  
13-14-15-16, 2015
Directing Staff:
Director: Harold Truitt
Music Director: Deb Swift
Asst. Music Director: Laura Crumbleholme
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Joe Miller
Choreographer: Susie Adams
Costume Designer: Cindy Monroe
Set Designer: Harold Truitt
Makeup Design: Sue Starr
Lighting Design: TBA
Sound Design: TBA
Props: TBA
Producer: Bill Marsoun
Mary Poppins - Heather Herkleman
Bert - John Whitson
George Banks - Rob Keech
Winifred Banks - Sheri Olsen
Jane Banks - Molly Ahern
Michael Banks - Brennan Hampton
Admiral Boom/Bank Chairman -Ted Brown
Mrs. Brill- Susan Granet
Robertson Ay - Michael Byrne
Birdwoman - Sandra Atkinson
Miss Andrew - Valeree Pieper
Miss Lark - Karen Manning
Katie Nanna/Mrs. Corry - Hillary Kaefring
Neleus/Valentine - Tom Vaccaro
Policeman/Von Hussler - Rich Clark
Parkkeeper /Northbrook - Mitch Diamond
Miss Smythe - Carolyn Wehr
Ensemble: (i.e. Park strollers, kite flyers, chimney sweeps, shop customers, etc.)
Joe Fiems, Colin Hepner, Mitch Diamond, Luke Vermeire, Greg O'Neill
Brad Heinrichs, Michael Byrne, Randy Stevenson, Rich Clark, Tom
Vaccaro, Valeree Pieper, Karen Manning, Hillary Kaefring, Carolyn
Wehr, Allison Condit, Jeannine Link, Sydney Crumbleholme, Kristen
Johnson, Juliet Hunt, Kathy Hougland, Lauren Hoffman

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